Golf is a wealthy sport which consists of the club, hole, and ball. A golfer has to hit balls into holes for several times and he/she has to strike it as few as possible. It needs a wide ranged grassy area. Golf is not only about hitting a ball. It takes a proper and good body physic. Many golfers have experienced severe pain after playing golf for the first time or after playing a long time. If you don’t exercise enough for playing golf, you will most likely suffer a lot. Your swing will not be good and your flexibility of playing golf will be weakened. To prevent that there are 5 exercises which will keep your body fit for playing golf.

1. Medicine Ball Parallel Throw

The goal of this workout is to avoid injury during playing golf and building strength and power of your body. You will need a medicine ball to practice this exercise. Before attempting any of these types of exercise make sure that you’ve gone through progressions of flexibility, mobility and stability strength. That will enable you to get more out of the exercise and not get injured. You will need a Dynomax medicine ball. You will find several different kinds of medicine balls that will work for a drill. You should start with softer one because in several cases of golfers they injure their fingers when they throw a medicine ball against the wall. Dynomax medicine ball should be your main and first preference for these kinds of drills. The side facing ball throw is a power exercise. First of all, you will need to throw the ball against the wall in slow motion. After tossing it you will catch it in eccentric motion. After doing it multiple time you will get the pace of catching and throwing the medicine ball. Now you have to do it on your other side of your body. You have to do it only six to eight reps. These reps are short duration but they are very much effective. After that, you have to stand against the wall. Throw the ball on the wall with 89% of your weight on your backside. The ball comes back and you will catch it. You have to do it like 4-6 reps daily to enhance your golfing ability.

2. Standing Y’s

You have to make sure that the arms are in a good wide tight position. Due to the orientation of the low trap on the scapula to the t spine’s diagonal orientation. You have to make your arms longer and reach to e centrally. Load that lower trap and then you have to externally rotate your back from the shoulders to facilitate the rotator cuff and lat. Depressed your back into that low trap to create that good low trapped contraction. At this point here you have to try to maintain this position present load by lifting the hands and maintain the position by firing through the loaded trap the lat. Hold that position and then release after three or five seconds. The benefit of this workout is your scapula and humerus will lat and low trap so that you will maintain a great balance while hitting your ball with the club. It will reduce the pain of your backbone also. You can do it with your club also. Just hold the club in your hand then follow the following procedure.

3. Dumbbell Bench Press One Arm

In this workout, you will need a dumbbell about 3kg or as you prefer and a bench and your one hand of course. You will need to lie on a flat surface like a bench with only one hand on the top of thigh. With the help of using thigh to get the dumbbell up, you will need to clear the dumbbell up so that you will be able to hold it. You have to hold it in front of your shoulder width. Maintain the position of your dumbbell with the other hand which one you are not using for lifting dumbbell. If you do not maintain the correct position then the exercise will not affect your muscle and all the effort will go in vain. After that rotate your wrist on your forward so that your palm is facing away from your shoulder. This is your starting position of doing one arm bench press. Now bring down the dumbbell on your shoulder slowly and breathe in while doing it. You have to keep control of your dumbbell weight otherwise you might get harmed. You can use your other hand if you are unable to do it with your one hand. While breathing out, push your dumbbell up at the starting position. Squeeze your chest and then do the second one while releasing your breath. Switch arm when you are done with your rep then use other arm and do the same thing as described. Do not drop a dumbbell on your face.

4. Glute Bridge

This might be an awkward exercise and you might wonder what will it do to your body. But believe me, it is an effective exercise for your uppercut of the body. First of all, you need to tighten up the rear and build some muscle in the glue. Bring your hills to your butt as close as you can. Then lie on a flat surface. Push your waist up to do this exercise. You have to push your glutes up to the ceiling as far as possible. Your heels and shoulder must remain at the same spot of the ground.

5. Lateral Pillar Bridge

This will enhance your stability. To perform this exercise you have to lie on the flat surface. Lie on the one side of your body balancing on your elbow and heels. You have to maintain a straight line. After that pushed hip off the ground. Creating a straight line hold your pose for 3 to 4 seconds. Do this 9-10 reps for one side and repeat it.


If you want your golfing good, you must keep your body in balance. Without it, you can not hit the balls straight. This exercise will make you stronger and you will definitely see the difference by your self.

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