Best AR 15 Cleaning Kits Review

No matter if you’re a professional shooter or just getting started, you’ve maybe seen your generation before to use a lot of stuff to clean their firearms. So, we’re granting that you are already familiar with the AR 15 family.

Now see where the problem occurs-

It’s easy to clean a gun with a right set of AR-15 cleaning kits. You’ll find someone to give you a hand who’d done it before.

For this purpose, me and my editor team worked hard to come out with the best AR 15 cleaning kits of this market. Finally, today I’m here with top 7  AR 15 cleaning kits and their correspondent features. Thus, this Ar-15 cleaning kit reviews will help you to get the perfect cleaning kit for your rifle. Let’s go through the reviews.

Take a cup of coffee and start rolling in-

Top 7 AR 15 Cleaning Kit Comparison Table

Product nameDimensionsWeightsTypes & rangesDetails
1. Otis Modern Sporting Rifle10.5”x10.2”x2”6.8 poundsFull cleaning kit, .223/5.56 mm
2. Real Avid AR 15 Pro Pack1.1 poundsFull cleaning kit,.223/5.56 mm
3.Hoppe’s BoreSnake Rifle Bore Cleaner5”x4”x8”7.8 ouncesBoresnake only.
4. AR15 / M16 /M4 Gun Cleaning Kit10.1”x4.7”x1.4”8.8 ouncesFull package..223 cal. And 5.56
5. PS Products AR15/M16 – Gun1”x6”x9”8 ouncesFull packages.
6. Militaria M16 and AR-15 Field8.7 ouncesFull size
7. TAC SHIELD Universal9.6 ouncesFull size

Why Do You Need An AR 15 Cleaning Kit?

Why should you waste your money on such cleaning kit that is not specially made for AR 15? Of course, you are here for the top ar 15 cleaning kit reviews and guidelines. An a-ar cleaning kit will take special care for your rifles of the AR series. This gun cleaning kit includes all the necessary tools and cleaner for cleaning such products. Let’s know the reasons:

    • Manufactured for ar-15
      Not to mention, the ar-15 cleaning kit is specially manufactured for the ar-15 series. Thus, it includes all the necessary component that is needed for cleaning the ar-15 rifle. From bore cleaner to lubricate container, you’ll get most everything in just one kit with a pouch.
    • No extra cost:
      As you are just getting the tools only for the ar-15 families, you don’t need to buy any additional component. So, you’re getting rid of purchasing a full package of gun cleaning kits. You just pay here what you actually need. No additional cost and no additional tools.
    • No handling problem:
      A full-size universal cleaning can create the problem during carrying and managing. It may split during an opening. Again, a heavy box is not always comfortable to carry. Also, you face problems when you need to store it.

For all of these, an ar-15 cleaning kit is really needed for the 1r professionals.

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Top 7 AR 15 Cleaning Kits Review

1. Otis Modern Sporting Rifle

Best AR 15 Cleaning Kit Reviews

The Otis gun cleaning kits are showing their quality in the gun cleaning kits field for a long time. For boosting up the maintenance of your AR 15, we bring the Otis modern sporting rifle and cleaning system. Let’s check it’s important features:

Features and Benefits

The Otis ar 15 cleaning kit is particularly designed for the 5.56 mm and 223 caliber rifles. So, you can use this for removing debris from your ar 15 rifles. Even it can be used for the MSR too.

The kit comes with the cute round shaped bag as a package of tools and equipment. Further, the portable cleaning kit is perfect for carrying and very easy to store. Thus, the B.O.N.E technology is capable of cleaning the bolt carrier.

The kit includes the copper bore brush, the cleaning rods, and the lubricants. Thus, the lubricant is very useful for keeping the rifles more active and free. Again, for effective cleaning, a cable is there for breech to muzzle cleaning.


  • Removes deposits and fouling effectively.
  • Comes with a lightweight and cute bag.
  • Provides almost everything for ar 15.
  • The tools are capable of cleaning the hard reach regions.
  • Provide lubricates for giving a professional finishing.


  • Doesn’t include bore snake.

Overall, with this price, it’s an excellent rifle cleaning kit. Hence, you can have the Otis ar cleaning system for quick cleaning.

2. Real Avid AR 15 Pro Pack

Best AR 15 Cleaning Kits

Here goes the Real Avid, another renowned brand of cleaning tools. We kept the Real Avid AR Pro Pack for the AR professionals. This could be used for the MSR and the air altogether. Main features are given below:

Features and Benefits

The real avid ar15 cleaning kit is portable and handy that can easily fit in your palm. However, the product comes with a combo of three products like the Scraper, MSR Boss cleaning kit. Further, the cleaning kit is suitable for .223/5.56 Ar.

Furthermore, the cleaning system provides the brass made cleaning rod that is capable of removing the debris from the bores and barrels. Also, you’ll get some brushes, cleaning pads and patches in one package.

The bag weather resistant and made with durable nylon fabric. Even the case includes zipper system. So, there is no chance of getting the stuff out of it while closing it in hurry. Again, the MSR scrap is very useful for boosting up the cleaning process. Except all of these, you’ll get a user guide with it which will tell you how to clean an ar 15 barrel.


  • Comes with three wonderful kits.
  • Provides tactical and awesome cleaning service.
  • Compact designed and portable.
  • Best for ar and MSR.
  • Brass components ensure durability.


  • Not good for rough use.

The Real Avid AR 15 Pro Pack comes with all the necessary kits that are essential for cleaning up an ar 15 cleaning kit. So, you can go for this product, if the features meet your needs.

3. Hoppe’s BoreSnake Rifle Bore Cleaner

ar 15 cleaning kit review

This one is different from another kit as it is a single bore snake. Let’s know about its functions:

Features and Benefits

Though Hoppe’s are popular for their cleaner and cleaning kit packages, here comes the only single cleaning tool, a bore snake. Thus, you can use it for cleaning the rifle bores in the fast possible times.

Again, the bore snake is very convenient to use and quickly packable in any situation. The bore snake is very active and you will get about half of the debris out from the barrels and bore in just one single pass.

After every use, you can pack this without facing any additional problems. After the bore snake, you can use the brushes for final cleaning. In those areas, where the brushes are hard to reach, a bore snake can perfectly make the job done.


  • Comes with the patented and unique design.
  • Capable of removing debris from any kind of the bore.
  • Can be cleaned easily with the machine.
  • Includes a brass handlebar with specified size.
  • Best for bore cleaning.


  • Only suitable for Ar- rifles.

If you are looking for just a good quality Boresnake, you are on the right track. The Hoppe’s Boresnake is an amazing bore cleaner. Just go online for customers opinion, if you tend to buy it.

4. AR15 / M16 /M4 Gun Cleaning Kit Pistol Cleaning Kit /M16 Field Cleaning Kit

best ar 15 cleaner and lube

When you are traveling or on the road or on any mission with you favorite ar-15, you must need some cleaning tools that are easy to carry and can be stored in a pocket. Considering this we kept this product in our ar -15 cleaning kit reviews.

Features and Benefits

Look, this is a mini cleaning kit that comes with ar 15 cleaner and lube in one package. Thus, the kit includes all the important tools that will be necessary for cleaning ar 15 for first time professionally.

Again, the product comes with some cleaning rods and two bronze and nylon brushes for cleaning the residues from the barrels. Also, you’ll get a lube tube with this cleaning kit. Even the kit provides the adapters.

It is very rare to get a small package for such low price. Most importantly all of these products are kept in a small pocket bag. Furthermore, all of the items are made with high-quality materials and comes to its customer of long time warranty. The bag is made of polyester, so it is durable.


  • Very much durable and portable.
  • Comes with high-quality tools and fabric.
  • Can be carried due to traveling.
  • Very lightweight and affordable.


  • The rods may fail to fit in some machines.

5. PS Products AR15/M16 – Gun Cleaning Kit

Best AR 15 Cleaning Kit

Our next product is the PS Products AR15 /M16 Gun Cleaning Kit. As a home cleaning kit, it’s perfect for the Ar family and the M16. Especially, for carrying to your workplace daily, none could be best. Follow the features to know more:

Features and Benefits

Like our previous product, the product comes with all of the important components. The product includes utility brushes for cleaning the surfaces of your ar-15 rifles. Besides, there is two bore brush for removing residues from bores.

Additionally, you’ll get the five separate cleaning rods and two bottles for storing the cleaners and lube in it. The cleaning rod can be used for separate size bores and the barrels. Furthermore, for keeping your machine free, you must apply lubricants after every use.

Now, you’ll get all of these items in a nylon bags. Thus, the bag is handy and strong enough for rough use. The pouch includes two separate compartments for storing the utensils.


  • Comes with strong nylon pouch.
  • Portable and handy.
  • Provides a good quality tool.
  • Can be carried to workplace daily.
  • Inexpensive and quality kits.
  • Provides G.I style brush.


  • Should use carefully on heavy duty.

Like the features? If it is, order online for your firearms such as Ar-15.

6. Militaria M16 and AR-15 Field Cleaning Kit

Best AR 15 Cleaning Kits

If you are a professional AR-15 and M16 user, our sixth ar-15 cleaning kit is for you. The Militaria M16 and Ar-15 field is a complete cleaning kit for the ar family. Just go through its features.

Features and Benefits

The product provides stainless steel cleaning rods which are tough and fits perfectly to the bores. By the help of it, you can get all the debris out of it. Again, the kit includes some cleaning patches with the package for further cleaning in the sensitive area.

Furthermore, you’ll get both the bore brush and the utility brush with a nylon pouch. The bag is made of high-quality nylon. So, you can use it for heavy duty without any tension of tearing.

Yes, this product includes an adapter also. Besides, there is an empty bottle for storing the lubricants or the oil that is necessary for you ar-15 rifle. The pouch could be carried in any bag, or in the pocket easily. So, wherever you go for your professions, you can have them with you.


  • Good quality brushes for removing residues.
  • Complete kit with high quality.
  • Good for heavy duty.
  • Reasonable and portable.
  • Comes with nice looking pouch.


  • The wrong assembly may fail the rods sometimes.

The product includes all the basic features that are sufficient for cleaning the 1r 15 first time. If you don’t have any major issues with the cleaning rod, you can surely go for this kit.

7. TAC SHIELD Universal M16/Ar15 Butt Stock Cleaning Kit

best gun cleaning kit for ar-15

Now, we are in the last product of our top 7 list. As you tried our best for picking up the best possible things and gadgets for you, I hope our last product won’t disappoint you. Let’s check what is in it:

Features and Benefits

The TAC SHIELD Universal M16/Ar 15 not only suitable for the Ar 15 but also for the M16. The cleaning kit could be your best companion at the workplace when you’re tired of cleaning your rifles with other ordinary kits.

The product provides two bore brushes as well as one utility brush. Thus, the bore brushes are for removing fouling from the bores. The utility brush is for cleaning the surface of the firearms.

In fact, it includes cleaning rods, adapters, patches and a plastic bottle. The unique item of this product is T- handle. A large nylon bag is also included with the kit. In fact, all of the product perfectly fits in it. For, comfortable carry the military can rely on it for better performance of their rifles.


  • Comes with large pouch.
  • Provides all components.
  • Can be used for professional applications.
  • Nice with the price.
  • Durable steel rods for anti-rust.


  • The cleaning rods should be improved.

 AR 15 Kits Buying Guideline

A clear and accurate concept about the Ar 15 cleaning kit can help you to buy the top  Ar cleaning kit among the large collections. Just go through the following things before purchasing any cleaning kit:


If you are thinking of purchasing any cleaning kit for your favorite firearm, any from ar-15 family, you must check whether that particular product is compatible with your machines or not. Also, you need to check whether all the tools are compatible with your device or not. It is because it happens very often that all of the cleaning tools don’t come to use.

Materials and using purposes

Enter your text her You must avoid the cheap products but not the reasonable product. For this, before taking any attempt of purchasing, double check the materials if it goes with your using purposes. If you are tending to use it for heavy use, you must look for the brass or steel component. Then, you shouldn’t rely on plastics.e…

Carrying bag

Ensure that all of the tools are coming with a pouch. Otherwise, you may miss any tools while carrying. In this case, look for good quality nylon pouch with the cleaning kit.

Quality of products

If it happens that you have to exceed your budget little more for to have a better quality product. Please don’t compromise with that. It had better purchase a quality product than regret on purchasing the cheaper one.


If you are with a fixed budget, look for the highest quality product within that budget. Sometimes it happens that you are not getting your desired product, increase your budget. Be careful if the cleaning kit is capable of meeting needs.

Final Verdict

Well, we reached the conclusion. Thanks ! for stay with us to the end. I really appreciate your patience. Here, we tried to keep the pleasant ar 15 cleaning kit reviews and guideline. You’ll get both the higher price and the lower price product on the list. As we tried to enlist the top quality products, the chances of getting wrong one tend to zero. In the meantime, you must have selected your favorite one or made a shortlist of two or three. And you won’t get ay wrong or be misled if you have been gone through the entire review carefully. Don’t forget to thank me and leave a comment here, if the reviews have helped you to choose to select ar 15 gun cleaning kits. Happy shopping!

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