Best Backpacks Under 100 – Reviews in 2021

Heading out to College? Going for a meeting? Traveling to a “Much Deserved” vacation? Make sure you are prepared for the surprises that lay ahead. Part of the preparation lies in selecting the perfect backpack for the occasion. Awesome review best backpacks under $100.

Some might rule in favor of briefcases, messenger bags, or duffle bags. I don’t have a problem with any of them. They suit different occasions and purposes. Plus, be prepared to shed quite a lot of money to get the “Premium” ones that people long for.

Backpacks are different. These things fit the bill for every occasion. They go with “Almost” every outfit you wear. These things are no less in functionality, capacity, and organization of different stuff.

Why a Product Within 100 Bucks?

Budget, mostly!

I think you’ll agree that sometimes budget limits us to what we can and cannot get out of the products we buy. While a pricey product is good in so many aspects, if you don’t have the bucks you need to buy it, make some compromises.

At the same time, you might not need a pricey product. Backpacks within 100 bucks can be functional, well-made, and rugged too. So, you don’t need a fancy bag for what you do.

These things are perfect for day-to-day jobs, traveling, college trips, and camping. If you put your heart into it, you can find fantastic hunting backpack.

Top 10 Best Backpack Under 100 Dollars – Models You Can Get!

Who has the time and luxury to do hours’ worth of research on these things? Right? That is why I’ve gone on to compile a list of the top models that people can buy within 100 bucks. Yup, I’ve done your research for you. Let’s have a look!

1. Targus Drifter II Backpack

Best Backpacks Under 100

Despite having a price under 100 dollars, Targus Drifter holds first place on my list and for good reasons! Manufacturers didn’t compromise on “Space” while designing this piece of wonder.

In fact, Targus Drifter II can take in laptops with various screen sizes quite comfortably. Armed with zippered pockets and compartments, there are very few things that it can’t carry.

The product takes in your smartphones, chargers, tabs, and clothes. There’s room for a digital camera and your delicate sunglasses too!

Thanks to the large compartments, you can even embark on a cross-country adventure. Targus Drifter II comes with its trademark security measures! Each pocket has microfiber linings that protect what’s inside. The zipper tracks are well-made. They are behaving smoothly when zippers run on them.

Besides the standard pockets for large and small things, you get two water bottle carriers on the sides.

Targus Drifters II uses Nylon for construction. This is a “Water Resistant” Material. Then you have the metal “Zipper Pulls” that are symbols of durability. I must mention the back padding while I have the chance. It doesn’t let you feel fatigued from long journeys at all!

With the padded shoulder straps, there’s an extra layer of protection at the back. Lastly, you have the plastic handle. Don’t want to carry the load on your back for the entire journey? Now you can carry the bag using your hands.

What I like about Targus Drifters II is that the backpack doesn’t compromise on “Style” while making room for convenience. With the lifetime warranty from Targus, it is undoubtedly awesome laptop backpack.


  • You have nylon as the constructing material of this product making it waterproof and sturdy.
  • Targus’ SafePort air cushioning technology makes this one a pleasure to carry.
  • It comes with a big laptop compartment; good for laptops with 16” and 17” screens.
  • External pockets and huge compartments make it a roomy companion for long distance traveling.
  • Drifter II is well protected with cushions and zippers guarding all the compartments.


  • Wear and tear shows up if you continuously use it for two to three years.

2. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

Best Backpacks Under $100

Who doesn’t know about SwissGear? But did you know that SwissGear manufactures sturdy backpacks too? Yes, now you can have most stylish backpacks around that lasts the test of time.

The credit for the longevity goes to 1200D Ballistic Polyester that makes the bag up. The material is waterproof as well as being durable. Make no mistake, The SwissGear 1900 ScanSmart is here to stay!

Besides the “Already Tough” fabric, you have the rugged design and oversized zippers that protect various compartments from harm’s way. Then you have the compression straps that increase or decrease the space inside the pockets depending on what you need.

Speaking of pockets, we have an extensive laptop pocket that’s also padded (more on this later). The main compartment opens up easily to provide more space to the user. The product houses laptops as well! SwissGear 1900 has a dedicated space for them. It can house up to 13-inch laptops.

It is “Lay-Flat” technology. TSA laptop in-casing allows you to quickly open the pocket and take the machine out for few hours of work. Don’t think for a second that you are not protected! The laptop pocket is cushioned. SwissGear uses protective sleeves to guard the space.

That’s not all! I noticed a pocket for Tablet users as well. Traveling abroad for a meeting? You can take an accordion file with you. They didn’t forget the Organizer Pocket as well.

Let’s look at rest of the surprises! You have a “Padded” media pocket for chargers, mp3 players, and small things. SwissGear Scansmart even added a “Headphone Port” in the mix.

Not satisfied yet? You have other accessory pockets for anything you need to pack in. Then there are the water bottle pockets on the sides. And we are done!

So, how will you carry it? Worry not! SwissGear 1900 comes with a padded back panel and shoulder straps to take away the stress. There is a reflective material in place on the shoulders. Just to help you get through pitch black night.


  • You get ample space in the “Laptop Pocket” of this backpack.
  • A number of additional pockets help you organize your stuff.
  • The ScanSmart keeps your back and shoulders cushioned and stiff-free for long journeys.
  • The one also keeps inside of the pockets cushioned for safekeeping of your stuff.
  • The 1200D Polyester fabric is sturdy and waterproof.


  • The size of this thing can be overwhelming for people with short to medium height

3. Swiss Gear 17″ inch Notebook Mac Book iPad Outdoor Backpack

best quality backpacks

Swiss Gear is so good that I couldn’t resist putting second product from the same brand in the mix. The 17” Laptop, Notebook, MacBook, and Tablet holder fit your bill perfectly if you are a travel freak and a workaholic.

This one uses Ballistic Weave Fabric. The fabric is sturdy and scratch-proof. Thanks to this, you can move out when the rain is pouring. The inside contents will be totally fine.

I am a computer geek. I take my stuff along when traveling. Thanks to the “Open Viewing” compartment of this backpack, I can pack in 17-inch laptop perfectly. It can even securely hold a MacBook. Not to mention Apple’s iPads are also secure in the space.

You don’t have to open up the whole bag to pack the laptop in or take it out. Just open up the compartment and that’s it!

Besides this, the bag comes with an “Organizer” pocket as well. You can count on it for safekeeping keys. The detachable Key fob does the job. Also, inside the large compartment, there are divider pockets. I could put pens, pencils, CDs, and other stuff in there.

Hold on, I’m not finished yet!

There’s an “Audio Pocket” in there too! Feel free to keep the mp3 player here. There’s a “Headphone Port” for the pesky thing that always gets tangled.

Sunglasses are our constant companions. And the SwissGear brand acknowledges that. You have an eyeglass holder on the straps. Not to mention the product has a padded back panel. The shoulder straps are padded to ensure comfort as well.


  • Avid travelers can pack in laptops with up to 17-inch screens within this product.
  • The Organizer compartment is a blessing to have as a part of the luggage.
  • People can even keep their sunglasses safe with this traveling companion.
  • I liked the padded shoulder straps and the back panel to relieve stress due to long journeys.


  • This product can do no wrong in my eyes.

4. Speedo Large Teamster Backpack, 35-Liter

best everyday backpacks

Speedo Teamster is meant for the athletes. Yet, the Speedo 35L bag is good casual backpacks around. It has got all the perks and advantages you want from your purchase. For example, the shape. It’s not overwhelming for people. Speedo Teamster fits on any back quite perfectly.

You are wondering what surprises could Speedo hold, right? This model has a tough exterior shell. It does what its meant to do. And that is, to protect the inside contents from wears, tears, and water. The shell is abrasion resistant too!

As usual, Speedo 35-Liter Backpack has a large main compartment. Inside, you’ll find an organizer too. Numerous side pockets keep your valuables secure.

There is a pouch for tiny things like cell phones and keychains too.

I like the laptop chamber. It’s raised. This way, laptops, and tablets remain cushioned and protected. There’s even a dirt bag inside. It is sort of a separator. The dirt bag keeps your wet accessories isolated from things like clothes, cellphones, keychains, and others.

Did I mention the bottom of the bag?

Well, you can remove it if you like. The bottom part is sturdy and is meant for cold and hard surfaces.

Thanks to multifaceted design, Speedo Teamster is a good fit for sports, meetings, day-to-day item carrying, and even for adventure trips.


  • This one bag is suitable for multiple occasions.
  • Speedo Teamster has a raised laptop and tablet pocket that protects them from outside threats.
  • The bag has multiple pockets that secure wide range of things.
  • This is a waterproof and dirt-proof bag that you can use in extreme cold situations.
  • The dirt-bag inside works well to separate wet stuff from the dry ones.
  • There is a bleacher seat in there to help you sit on wet and cold platforms.


  • Some of the reviewers wanted more storage to go with the awesome look and functionality.

5. Kopack Slim Business Anti thief Tear / water Resistant Travel Bag

best hunting backpack under 100

Want something that suits your purpose AND style? Get Kopack slim backpack for business. When I say business, 13-inch MacBook Pro is my favorite companion. This gray bag carries that perfectly. Plus, it syncs perfectly with any casual outfit you wear!

The rucksack backpack uses nylon as the material. Nylon allows it to be waterproof. Also, Nylon is scratchproof. Now don’t go slashing it with a knife. It is scratchproof, NOT slash-proof.

The Kopack slim is ergonomically designed. The “S” shaped product has a padding at the backside to relieve your stress. Shoulder straps are padded as well. Now you won’t have to take the load off your back every thirty minutes for fatigue.

I like how easy it is to access the laptop pocket. It is at the back. Besides 13-inch MacBook, standard 15-inch laptops fit in nicely. You can carry clothes and towels inside a large compartment.

There are 12 compartments in total. It is the perfect storage for your sunglasses and earphones as well. You have invisible earphone holes that keep them secure.

The organizer at the front is handy in keeping track of your valuables.

The thing is safe. I could lock the dual-layer zippers with luggage lock system

Kopack didn’t undermine the ease of carrying as well. You have a top loop handle. It is a blessing when you don’t want to keep the heavy backpack hanging by your shoulders for too long.


  • Kopack Slim is lightweight and waterproof; perfectly suitable for any occasion.
  • 12 compartments give it ample room to store all the little things and clothes at the same time.
  • This one is pretty secure with rugged material, great zippers, and locking system.
  • The laptop compartment is well cushioned and can be accessed separately.
  • Kopack Slim backpack is an ergonomic product with padded straps and cushioned back panel.


  • It is not exactly a negative thing but “Laptop Pocket Zipper” faces the opposite side compared to other zippers on this product. A bit annoying.

6. Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag

This Best backpacks under 200

Best Backpacks Under 200 reviews

The next member on my list of best backpacks under 150 dollars comes from Osprey Porter. It is a traveler’s friend. With a sturdy material at work, this thing can carry an enormous amount of load.

From the outset, it looks a sturdy product. Manufacturers have used 420D and 420HD Nylon in tandem to make this duffle bag a tough one. Thanks to the construction, the bag won’t rip apart even when it is packed to the rafters.

You have a roomy main compartment. This allows you to keep all your essentials at an arm’s length. Inside, you have a mesh organizer pocket. This pocket keeps all the tiny but critical accessories secured.

Then the makers put in a large compartment for clothes and other hygiene-related essentials. No matter how much you pack in these pockets, there is the StraightJacket compression system which prevents the product from going out of shape.

Zippers of these pockets work wonderfully well to grant you access. One can easily open up the front zippers and take a look at the whole thing. This grants you easier accessibility.

I haven’t yet got to the USP of this product yet. You have a shoulder harness that can be detached. Also, there’s a sternum strap and a rescue whistle strap. This secures the bag so that you don’t feel the stress while carrying this thing.

People get reinforced cord loops at the front. They are four in total. Using these, anyone can pair this bag up with Osprey Daylite pack. This helps you in case you have a bit extra luggage to carry.

You can buy the Osprey Daylite separately. This addition makes Osprey Porter is camping backpack and It is under 100 dollars right now.


  • This little thing gives you a lot of room to pack your stuff for a distant journey.
  • Thanks to the material, the product is sturdy and waterproof. This is a thing for all seasons.
  • Zippers are oversized; whatever you keep inside is safe from harm’s way.
  • The shoulder straps and the back panel are padded. These ensure you are comfortable.
  • One can pair up another Osprey product with this backpack to increase the storage capacity it has.


  • This is good products of its kind with little to no disadvantages.

7. Adidas Prime Backpack

best everyday backpacks

Sometimes, when you need classy stuff, you just need to turn to one of the top companies in the business. In my case, it was Adidas. Yup, they bring out backpacks too, and good ones!

You get what you pay for with this product. Within a 100 dollars, you get a polyester-made bag that is both sturdy and waterproof. So much so that even the base of the bag is waterproof. Now, you can take it out whenever you need to carry your luggage.

This thing is a perfect fit for 17-inch laptops that you may have. Also, the pocket opens up easily for accessibility. Take out and put in the laptop whenever you need to work or put it to rest.

You get as many as five pockets to work with outside the bag. I use them to put in all my stuff. There’s an “Organizer” compartment inside too. I use it for smaller things that I pack in.

Now, carrying all that load might make you feel uncomfortable. Adidas takes care of that too! You have mesh-padded back panel that comforts your back muscles. Also, the spring-loaded shoulder straps take the weight of luggage away from your shoulder blades.

Going somewhere in the middle of the night? Addidas Prime comes with reflective panels. These things keep you visible even when there is no light around. Suitable for both school and casual trips everyday backpacks out there.


  • This is a sturdy and waterproof bag thanks to polyester being used in the making.
  • The manufacturers have provided people with lifetime warranty to protect them from damages.
  • You have as many as five small pockets, one big laptop compartment, and organizer in this thing.
  • The padded back panel and shoulder straps reduce the load’s weight that you carry.
  • The reflective panel keeps you and your backpack visible at night.


  • This thing might be too big for some people.

8. Dakine – Campus Backpack

best camping backpack under 100

Want something colorful for your campus? Dakine is excellent  backpacks that never misses the mark when it comes to style and functionality! You can pick one from a range of colors and sizes.

This thing comes with a padded laptop sleeve. It protects the laptops with up to 15” screens from any harm. The sleeve is separate from the main compartment.

Students get an insulated compartment inside. This is perfect when you are packing lunch for the interval between classes. You also get an organizer pocket. This is for the things you need in college for your studies.

Plus, people have two pockets at the side. These are for carrying water bottles. Do put your cellphones in there too to ensure quick access.

You get a sternum strap that you can adjust. Along with that, you get padded shoulder straps. These things allow you to keep things secure and carry without putting too much of an effort.


  • Wide number of options when you want to choose the ideal bag for your college adventures.
  • This thing has got a padded shoulder straps that help you ease your shoulders while carrying load.
  • You get padded back panel to ensure you don’t get back spasm.
  • The insulated pocket helps you a great deal when you are in for a long class or session.


  • With this Dakine Product, you get limited facilities and functionalities.

9. Backpack Urban Commuter by EXOS

complex backpacks

The penultimate product as part of my list is by EXOS. People call it an Urban Commuter. This one comes with a capacity of 29 Liters. You can comfortably put in your clothes and other necessary stuff needed for your college or day trip.

The back wall is rigid giving you perfect protection against wear and tear. The outer most pocket is designed for laptop or tablet mounting. A “Tech” zipper protects the pocket from outside intervention. When you need, you can unzip the closure and take the things out. After you are done, put the thing back in again.

The main compartment is fairly wide at 12 inches. With the depth of 4 inches, it holds books or clothes of your liking. There’s another compartment an inch less wide than the previous one.

I used it for additional stuff that was just as important as clothes or books. If you have both, just put them in these different pockets.

At the front, people can utilize two smaller pockets. They are each 11 inches wide. The first one is great for all the toilet stuff that you need to pack. The second one has no less than 7 pockets. Each one is good for different stuff. You have a detachable key fob as well.

You have a 7-inch pocket to store the water bottles. Put umbrellas in there too if you like. The elastic opening makes storing a bottle or an umbrella easier. Mesh padded back panel and shoulder straps tend to do a great job when you want to cover for unexpected weight shifts.


  • It is a perfect backpack for a day job or college day that kids go through.
  • The pockets take care of the essentials seamlessly well.
  • The main pockets are deep and wide; the supporting pockets are great for small things.
  • You have padded back support and shoulder straps to effortlessly carry the bag.
  • A “Tech” zipper protects the laptop pocket from outside harm.


  • This is a bit small product for some of the reviewers out there.

10. Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack with Tablet

best casual backpacks

On my last list Backpack for twins is the one from VictoriaTourist. It allows you to carry a laptop that comes with a 16-inch screen. This thing opens up like a book. You’ll have no troubles in getting through Airport security as the design is airport-friendly.

The laptop chamber is fairly big with the capacity to hold 16-inch laptops and notebooks. You have the large pocket acting as a storage for your papers and books. The pocket at the front divides into two organizer pockets. There’s also a discreet pocket at the back to keep your things hidden should you need them.

The internal pockets are securely locked with harnesses and zippers. The zippers are oversized. So, anyone can securely close them and open them up when they want.

The sturdiness and the room could only be matched by the comfort that this bag provides you. The entire bag is designed to be breathable. Especially, if you look at the back panel, you’ll see paddings and breathable mesh. These allow the bag to remain fresh after long day’s use. It won’t sweat.

People can use the padded shoulder straps to transport this bag without any stress. Then you have the looped handle if you want to carry it with hand. Like all the other bags, this one too features a special pocket for your sunglasses.


  • The laptop chamber is well-padded for safety and security.
  • You can count on the secret back pocket to store your valuable things for safety.
  • It opens up like a book which aids you in “Airport Security” counters when you are traveling.
  • Padded shoulder straps and a looped handle make this product easy to carry around.
  • The side pockets can hold a big enough water bottle for one of your long journeys on the road.


  • The bag weighs a bit too much according to some reviewers who’ve used this thing.

How to Buy These Products?

In case you want to further the research and choose a product of your own, this section will help you a lot. Here, I’ve gone into a detailed outline of how to go about selecting the ideal backpack for your purpose. Just keep a keen eye on the factors below:

  • What Will You Use It For?

Any product should be suiting your purpose. It should satisfy the need you are buying it for. Backpacks are no different. Before you head off to online or a store to buy one, consider what you’ll be using it for.

For example, college students need a product that opens up easily. It should provide an easy access to the papers and the laptop. The zippers should be smooth.

Travelers need one that is roomy. You need a lot of things while on vacation. So, the organizing pockets should be top-notch. The main compartment should be large enough to pack clothes.

An additional pocket for laptops will be the cherry on the cake.You DO get backpacks that have more than 10 pockets at this price.

  • Do A Raincheck on the Fabric

Even within 100 dollars, you get backpacks that are rugged and feature great fabric quality. Personally, if you go for cheaper products (even within the range of 100 dollars), I suggest polyester.

Polyester allows it to be waterproof and lightweight. With quality zippers, you have a complete package in your hands. Go beyond 50 or 60 bucks and you’ll find 1200D Ballistic Nylon. This fabric is sturdy and rugged. Also, Nylon weaving makes a bag lightweight.

In addition to being waterproof, nylon usually is scratch-proof as well. I have three nylon backpacks that are tough as hell. They are resisting wear and tear for the last three years or so.

  • Carrying Capacity?

Besides the fabric, you need to consider the capacity of the product as well. It depends on your purpose that we discussed earlier. College kids generally need a medium bag for all the books and a laptop (possibly). The travelers need it big. They pack in a lot of accessories even for a day trip. That is why big boys (ones with 29L capacity or more) are necessary.

For casual business meetings, you should be fine with a medium-size model as well.

But for those of you who want the better of multiple worlds, should go for complex backpacks. These are good for carrying laptops, clothes, and accessories.

Of course, you can buy separate ones for specific purposes. But if you can get a big one that fits all the bills, why not?

  • Ease of Use Should be a Factor to Consider

You need to be able to use the backpack without straining yourselves too much. Everything from organizing the insides and carrying the bag should be easy on your hands.

The bag should be easy to open and close. It should be lightweight too. You don’t want something heavy on your back or in your hands for a long time.

Buy ones that have padded handle and shoulder straps. That makes carrying super easy and less straining. I am a bit greedier. I prefer my model to be padded towards the back panel.

This really helps if you are carrying it for a long time. The pad rests your back on a comfortable position. As a result, you don’t feel fatigued, strained, and back pain. My personal preference is an ergonomic backpack that keeps my spinal cord perfectly aligned.

  • Additional Features to Look Into

I’d like to point out just a couple of features that are “Beneficial” for the users. For one, the product should have the capacity to be stored when it is not in use. That way, it won’t be lying around when you are not using it.

The second thing is “Pairing.” You might not believe it but even at 100 dollars or below some backpacks can be paired with smaller ones from the same manufacturers. If you need additional supplies for camping, these are useful. Even when you don’t need to carry “Large” bags, the smaller one will do just fine.

Let Me Just Say This!

You might just get yourself excellent backpacks under 100 dollars. Sure! But be wary. You don’t want to buy a product that you end up changing in six to eight months’ time.

My advice for the readers is to find a “Go To” brand that people trust. These brands have customer satisfaction in mind. You’ll rarely find a product that’s a bummer.

Plus, make sure your brand and model satisfies your needs. It should be top notch as far as security, usability, space, comfort, and weight is concerned. While a higher price doesn’t guarantee a better product, a low price can put you in a hole. Be careful.

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