Best Fabric Glue For Clothes In 2019

Pissed of with hectic and time killing sewing jobs each you have a torn fabric? Well, the wait is over.

Fabric glues are like life saver for many of us at crucial moments. It helps fabrics to get along if they are torn and it works just like magic. These glues can take place of sewing in certain terms. You can depend on fabric glue instead of sewing in certain situations. If you are following this, I bet you are in need of the best fabric glue for clothes among all other glues in the market. There are many glue manufacturer companies. But not all of them are worthy of your money.

The Best Fabric Glue for Patches Instead of Sewing- Does it Worth it?

We know that sewing had been the ancient ways to join up fabrics and clothes. But not always you can manage enough time for it, right?

If you’re one busy person with hundreds of day-to-day chores, then fabric glue can be an exception of sewing your clothes. If you want to replace pins you can depend on fabric glues. There is some washable fabric glue that you can use in any emergency situation. For pocket placement you can take help from fabric glues.

Moreover, for temporary hems and patches you need a fabric glue. For attaching small pieces for jewelry, you can use permanent fabric glue. You can call this a temporary or permanent fabric glue reviews as we are talking about both of them. Some manufacturer produces glue for automotive plastic.Therefore, we have to depend on fabric glue by any means.

Top Three Permanent Glue For Fabric Comparison Table

Product NameImageGlue typeWeightPrice
3. Aleene’s Fabric Tacky Packbest fabric glueWashable3.5 ounces
2. UPHOLSTERY SPRAY CANbest fabric glue for clothesSpray4 ounces
1. Tear Mender TG-2best permanent glue for fabricPermanent2.56 ounces
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Top 10 Fabric Glue Review List For you

1. Aleene’s Fabric Tacky Pack Review

best fabric glue

Enter your text Our first choice in this fabric glue list is Aleene’s fabric tacky pack. The reason of our love for this pick lies in its certified chemical ingredients in a well-mounted handy container. Moving forward, we are going to talk about its various features in the following section-here…

Features and Benefits

    • This fabric glue comes with a perfect size that will fit in your hand easily. You can use this glue pack getting maximum comfort.
    • You can get the awesome result from this glue. It is tested and certified by the manufacturer and engineers.
    • It comes with five different miniature bottles. These bottles has 0.66 fluid oz. so it is perfect and suitable for any users to carry and use.
    • This is a washable fabric glue. So, you can wash the glue out when you are ready to fix it by sewing.


  • Perfect size as fabric glue
  • Get a good result from this glue
  • Versatility in usage
  • Washable fabric glue
  • Don’t leave any mark after washing


  • As a temporary glue it can’t take excessive tension that can result in holding off the clothes

2. Upholstery Spray Can Glue Adhesive For Fabric & Foam Review

best fabric glue for clothes

This adhesive is one of the good spray glue section. It is dependable because of its long-term adhesive formula. Also, it comes in a good price comparing to the features it offers. Let’s dive deep into this product features.

Features and Benefits

    • This fabric glue is manufactured to use in foams and fabrics. So, its specialty is it can hold your fabric strongly.
    • It is optimized and designed for making high-stress bond with any fabrics. Therefore, you can depend on this product after buying it.
    • You can use this adhesive at home in any type of fabrics you want. It is also a good choice for professionals and industrial usage as well.
    • This glue offers fast bonding. It takes 15-20 seconds around to make a strong bond. So, you can depend on this even if you are in hurry.


  • Designed and engineered for using in foams and fabrics
  • Optimized for foam bonding
  • Professional choice
  • Fast and aggressive tack to assemble
  • Takes only 15-20 seconds only to bind a bond


  • It may not work in headliner

3. Tear Mender TG-2 Bish’s Original Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive Review

best permanent glue for fabric

This is an original product from Bish. Bish’s products are famous in adhesive market. They produce one of the strongest fabric glues in the market. We are here to talk about its features here.

Features and Benefits

    • It makes instant permanent bond. This bond takes only 3 minutes to take place and lasts long.
    • This glue makes a wash proof bond that is strong enough to withstand washing. The bond is also flexible and you can use the fabric without facing any problem.
    • You can use this glue easily even if you are a first user. So, this is an advantage for the nobodies.
    • After using this glue, you can easily wash your hands out. So, it is easy to clean up.
    • It is a non-toxic glue. Therefore, it is safe to use in any of our fabrics. This glue is UV resistant and acid-free so that, you can depend on it.


  • High speed bonding
  • Wash proof strong bond
  • Fabric remains flexible after using the glue
  • Easy to wash your hand out
  • Safe to use this glue


  • It can melt very soft or old fabrics

4. Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Glue 4oz Review

strongest fabric glue

Aleene offers their permanent fabric glue with maximum performance. It is a famous manufacturer that offers quality products. Let’s know more about its features.

Features and Benefits

    • This comes with a non-toxic glue formula. So, it is safe to use in your fabrics of any types.
    • It is a tested glue that ensures better result in any conditions. So that, you can rely on it.
    • This glue is available in bottle of 4 fluid oz. It is a perfect size for any fabric glue in the market.
    • It is a permanent glue that offers maximum efficiency for the users. The bond is strong enough to withstand washing.


  • Non-Toxic glue
  • Comes with 4 Ozbottles.
  • Light weight makes it portable
  • Strong bond makes it wash proof


  • It may not work if you don’t follow steps of using attached with the package

5. Sobo Premium Craft & Fabric Glue-4 Ounce Review

permanent fabric glue reviews

Sobo premium offers their glue for crafts and fabrics. It is in our list because of its great quality. We are here to talk about its features.

Features and Benefits

    • It is a non-toxic glue. Therefore, it is safe to use in the fabric you always use in your daily life.
    • This glue is odorless and it dries out clearly. So, it leaves no mark when you finished using this glue.
    • For porous materials and semi porous materials it is a recommended glue by any pro users.
    • This glue has versatile usage in our daily work. Therefore, it is dependable in any situation.
    • It makes your project of crafts easier. As it is mess free an easy to clean up your projects becomes lot easier.


  • Harmless non-toxic glue
  • Best choice for semi-porous materials and porous materials
  • Usable in crafts
  • Odorless and dries fast
  • Creates strong bond


  • Complex crafts are hard to deal with the help of this adhesive

6. Elmer’s Glue-All Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue Review

best glue for automotive plastic

This is the last product in our picks. This has taken its place by the help of the quality of this product.Lets’ know more about its features.

Features and Benefits

    • This glue is most choice for paper, fabric, leather or woods. You can make bond with these things easily and the bond is strong too.
    • It has safe and non-toxic formula is present. So, you can depend on this glue in any time.
    • This glue stick is suitable in kitchen using, workshop or garage usage. So, you can use this in many sectors in our day to day life.
    • You can create slime and this glue will help you there. It is also appropriate for using it in classrooms or office sectors.


  • Safe and non-toxic glue
  • Offers extra strong bond
  • Washable glue
  • Fits in hand perfectly
  • Versatile usage besides fabrics
  • Comfortable to use


  • It dries fast after using this in your fabric

Best fabric glue Buying Guideline for Money

Before you go make your buying decision, it’s mandatory that you have ample idea on what is fabric glue and how to get a good one. Here we are going to talk about what you should consider before buying it.

You have to check if this glue is permanent or temporary. Then we have to be careful while using these glues. Look for the strength of the bond. This is an important issue that will help you to choose the best one for you. If you need to be secured, you can get those glues that offers maximum comfort.

These are some tips that may act as major role behind buying a fabric glue.

Final Verdict

Finally, if you follow the instructions you may end up using fabric glue perfectly. These glues are used in various purpose. You can use them to bind clothes that needs to be sewed. So, they are dependable in many terms in our day to day life. Permanent glues are very strong. They may end up melting two clothes to create strong bond between them. Follow our fabric glue for patches review to choose the best glue in the market. These six products represent all the glues and its features and benefits. So, you can know everything you want to know before buying a fabric glue.

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