Best Glock Triggers – My Omnipotent Guide

The thing about Glock is, it is easy to get around. The footprint of the pistol and overall comfort level of handling it are awesome, to say the least. When it’s in your hand, you rarely feel the weight lessening your experience. This is especially true for Glock Mini and Generation 4 pistols.

These are great! Now, I am not saying these things can’t be better. Of course, they can. Swap some parts, maintain the firearm well enough and you’ve got yourselves a competent companion.

So, which one should we swap? I’d advise you to change the stock trigger that comes with your pistol.

No, the stock trigger isn’t bad at all! People who make a fuss about it should train themselves well.

What I am trying to say is, the trigger causes too much “Over Travel” and is a bit too stiff at times. Another negative aspect of the Glock Triggers is the “Trigger Pull” and its weight.

Glock’s official trigger pull is somewhere in the region of 5.5lbs. But trust me, some models go up to 7lbs. This is too much! Fortunately, Aftermarket products are at hand to reduce the weight.

The Best Glock Triggers available on the market can make your shooting experience comfortable. These upgrades won’t pull you down.

In this piece, I’ve discussed five such models. If you want, you can research on your own using the buying guide. I’ve thrown in a section discussing maintenance of the trigger too. Enjoy yourselves!

Top Three Glock Triggers In The Market – Editor’s Pick:

How Does a Glock Trigger Work?

I thought it would be better to clear the concept first before going to anything else. A layman won’t find any difference between a stock trigger and an aftermarket product. But when you have a close look, everything checks out. The stark differences are as clear as daylight itself. Let us understand the mechanism of a Glock Trigger in this section.

Compared to other guns, trigger mechanism in Glock is simpler. You just need to push it. To put it simply, the trigger then cocks the striker and releases the safety pin.

With the user pushing the trigger, the “Trigger Safety” disengages. The little tool pushes “Safety Pin” of the gun upwards. The trigger travels back as it hits the disconnector. While doing that, it pushes the striker back also.

However, this is not the end of things. Trigger bar hitting the “Disconnector” causes it to drop. Remember the “Striker?” Well, it leaps forward and you see the weapon firing bullets.

So… What’s Wrong with The Stock Trigger and How an Upgrade will Fix Things?

With the stock trigger at the helm, we frequently experience a force known as the trigger pull. It’s affected by the activities we mentioned above. For instance, when you pull the trigger, the safety plunger moves up. That creates somewhat of a pressure on the trigger itself.

On the other hand, every disconnector has an angle. The greater the angle, the greater the trigger weight you’ll have. Also, stock triggers aren’t that well-shaped. The shape and feel of the trigger affect your comfort level while handling the gun.

The shape of the trigger and the weight can bear an impact on “Over Travel” and “Pre-Travel” ratio too! You can fix all these issues with the better Glock trigger kit choices I have for you in the next section.

Aftermarket triggers come as a set of safety spring, the disconnector, necessary screws, trigger bar, and a lot more depending on the model. The designs of these parts are better than the stock product you have. While improving accuracy, feel, speed, and quality, they don’t compromise on the materials.

Our Top 5 Best Glock Triggers – What are My Choices in 2018

Best Aftermarket Glock Triggers can improve the pistol’s performance by a considerable margin. You just need to point your finger in the right direction and buy a suitable drop-in product for yourselves. This list of mine should help you in that regard. It comes with some of the best models from reputed brands.

1. Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger

Many of us choose Glock for its looks and the ease of handling this sidearm. When pairing an aftermarket trigger with this handgun, I consider how it “Feels” in between my fingers. Overwatch Precision Tactical Trigger fits the bill. Besides improved “Feel,” Overwatch reduces the Pre-travel rate.

It certainly doesn’t feel like a “Cheap” trigger. For all of you who don’ know, Overwatch TAC Trigger comes is made of Aluminum 7075-T6. This makes the trigger durable and resistant to rust.

I like this one because it serves people with short stature. You can aim and shoot better with this thing. Unlike the stock triggers, this one allows you to have better control and leverage while shooting a target. The “Brake” is quick to step in when you need it. It is clean, unlike most alternatives.

When you move the trigger, it will feel crisp in your fingers. The trigger bar is sleek as well! There are no rough edges. This trigger will not harm your fingers in any way. Trust me, the performance is much better than the factory trigger you get with your Glock.

I will outright admit the fact that I have issues with the width of Glock triggers. Too much width can spoil your timing and feel if you are a middle-fingerprint person. If you are using Glock Mini, the width plays a much important part. I was cautious with Overwatch TAC Trigger. The width turned out to be JUST right.

However, you need to have proper training before you operate with this product. Otherwise, you won’t see any difference.


  • Shooting with this TAC trigger is easier because it’s already halfway towards the “Pushing Zone.”
  • Aluminum construction makes this thing durable and lightweight at the same time.
  • I liked how sleek it is. There aren’t any rough edges to cut your fingers or to push them hard.
  • I liked the width of this thing as it is just right for people who depend on the middle part of the trigger finger.
  • I like how it performs in training in a gun range after 250 shots with the Glock.


  • I don’t think Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger is for beginners or for people without any training.

2. Ghost 3.5 Pound Trigger Kit

You’ll like Ghost 3.5. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to go back to the factory trigger. Why? Well, it gives you a sleek look. The look matches your persona and style. Moreover, Ghost 3.5 comes with a 3.5 Pound force. It makes pulling the trigger easy on you.

People are fearful when doing a Glock Trigger Upgrade. The newer triggers aren’t that easy to set up. Luckily for you, setting up Ghost Trigger Kit is a breeze. Just unpack it, take out your old trigger, set it in, and you are done. Seriously! You won’t have to customize your Glock!

This thing comes with the firing pin and the safety spring. You get a stainless steel trigger connector. The connector is impervious to rust. You won’t notice a performance drop. However, people need to follow some procedure to install this connector. But it’s not a biggie.

Do you know that this connector has a “Self-Cleaning” channel? Well, yes! It comes with a “Self-Cleaning” channel. It bypasses all the debris out of the machine safely. You don’t need to spend an hour or two cleaning your Glock.

It goes well with a Wolff 6lb. and a .45 Caliber Glock. Yet, it won’t fit Glock 42 or 43 for the matter.


  • This thing is pretty well made with a stainless steel trigger connector and a sleek trigger.
  • You’ll find pulling the trigger easy with a 3.5 force at work with the product.
  • As with the other trigger, this one lessens Pre-Travel time too!
  • As it turns out, setting up the upgraded product is not a biggie.
  • The safety spring is enough powerful to prevent any unwanted accidents that you may face.


  • It doesn’t go well with older models like Glock 42 or 43.

3. Apex Tactical Glock Enhancement Trigger

Liked the previous ones on my list of Best Glock Triggers? You’re going to LOVE this one. Apex pretty much comes with all the perks of the products above. Minus the price tag of course. This is in many ways the best drop in Glock trigger kit. It allows you flexibility and options like no other model.

So, how much flexibility are we talking about here? Well, for starters, it fits perfectly with 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, and 31 – 35 caliber Glock pistols. For all you Gen 3 and Gen 4 fans, the trigger works for them perfectly too!

Apex does justice to the brand in every way. For example, you have a shorter pre-travel distance to work with. The trigger reset is clean. For all of you who don’t know, this aids the owner in repeated shots.

I am a big fan of the safety plunger of Apex Tactical Trigger. It enhances the safety options for the user with the center mounted pivoting technology. Not only that, Apex comes with a “Performance Connector. This little thing reduces the weight of the “Pull” force by one pound. Pulling the trigger is easier now.

However, these things come as an “Additional Purchases.” You can purchase these with the “Black” drop-in model. It is also available with the purple model for you guys.

Minus the upgrades, this is still a fancy trigger. I am a fan of a “Flat-face” trigger. Apex is one! This is incredibly accurate! It rests your fingers in such a position that you feel comfortable.


  • Installing Apex Tactical Trigger is a moment’s job; assembling it shouldn’t be a big fuss.
  • The performance is really smooth, experience policemen or military people won’t feel a thing!
  • It has a short reset time for a trigger. This means you’ll have a chance to make quick shots.
  • Quick shots doesn’t mean less accuracy. People with training can be extremely accurate with it.
  • The center mounted pivoting system protects your finger. You won’t be harmed by APEX TAC Trigger.


  • The materials are lighter than any other on my list and they risk damage over time.

4. Lone Wolf Adjustable Trigger for Big Bore Glocks

If you like a lightweight trigger, you’ll love this! The Lone Wolf Ultimate Adjustable trigger comes with an aluminum body. The default trigger connector weighs around 3.5lbs. Lone Wolf’s connector weighs lighter than that as well. This benefits your trigger finger with less pull force.

The trigger bar and the shoe are polished. They give you a nice feel while you work The trigger shoe is well-rounded. This allows users to have a smooth trigger finger and shoot faster by eliminating friction that might happen.

Assembly might be something of a hassle for many. But as always, Lone Wolf has included a manual on how to go about setting up this thing properly. Read the instructions and believe me, assembly happens in quick time compared to some of the best aftermarket. The process involves fine-tuning just the one screw.

Lone Wolf trigger replacement decreases the pre-travel rate to a significant margin. However, I’d advise you to run a check on the pre-travel time and distance properly. If the trigger isn’t assembled properly, the safety mechanism won’t fall into place.

If you are not a fan of Pre-Travel, you can adjust the pre-travel and over-travel rate. It is fully customizable. Add this to the shape of the trigger and there’s no real competition that can beat this baby. The best thing is, one can use this with his Glock mini as well as various hunting rifles.


  • 6061 Billet Aluminum Alloy construction makes it lightweight and easily maneuverable.
  • The trigger bar has no edges; it gives user’s hands a comfortable feeling without frictions when operating.
  • With Lone Wolf UAT, you have control over how much pre-travel or over travel you want.
  • As a user, you can adjust the Over-Travel or Pre-Travel of the trigger allowing yourself greater control.
  • Assembling it requires people to insert just the one screw.


  • Only complaint that I can muster up is that this thing can take forever to assemble if one is not trained in aftermarket Glock Triggers.

5. Zev Fulcrum Trigger for Gen 4 9mm Glocks

If you don’t mind me going into specifics, Zev Fulcrum Trigger deals in Generation 4 of Glock Pistols.

As with the other trigger shoes, ZevTech also went for aluminum in the construction. This gives you far better weight ratio than the standard stock trigger shoe of Glock. You’ll notice the difference in performance in case of Polymer vs. Aluminum.

The trigger connector and the Trigger bar are made of stainless steel. You want stability and sturdiness? Get the best of both worlds with the Steel and Aluminum combo in these parts. Hail ZevTech!

Assembling the parts into a Glock is rather easy. Well, for the most part. You just need to take your stock trigger out by unscrewing three screws. Put the new trigger in place and screw it with those three fasteners. However, the safety plunger and striker are tough cookies. You need trained hands for those.

Like the previous ace on my list, this one has two separate screws to fine-tune over travel and pre-travel distance.

One thing I liked about this trigger is the fact that it didn’t malfunction a single time during the testing period of six months. Every shot you take is reliable. You know you are in your comfort zone. You know you’ll hit the sweet spot every time you pull the trigger.


  • ZevTech fulcrum Trigger is a sweet mixture of aluminum and steel to ensure durability and sturdiness.
  • Assembly literally took five minutes for me! For the safety plunger, you need a bit of tinkering.
  • The trigger spot feels nice on fingers; you’ll be able to find your own sweet spot in quick time.
  • Fine tuning Over Travel or Pre-Travel grants you greater control over your shooting performance.
  • I didn’t see any issues with malfunction or the trigger stopping altogether mid practice.


  • Safety plunger needs some “Extra Attention” when you are about to assemble this thing.

Which Things to Look for in an Aftermarket Glock Trigger?

It is totally possible that you guys don’t like a single product on my list. You want to do your own thing and research on these from scratch? Fair enough. Let me give you a heads up in which factors to consider when scouting through “Top Glock Triggers” and finding one for yourselves.

Look at the Material It’s Made of

I’ll not lie to you, many of us outright ignore this aspect of a trigger. A Glock is the best friend of a policeman. It may be the favorite sidearm of an infantry. Whatever the case, it has to endure harsh environment as part of missions and critical operations.

Many say the muzzle and the barrel of the gun take the majority of the punishment. While this is true, the trigger is also important. Especially, when it comes to the weight of that thing. Make sure your product lasts the long haul by purchasing one with sturdy construction.

Getting a lightweight trigger is crucial I’d advise you guys to choose aluminum triggers with steel trigger bar to manage the weight while being durable. Remember, the Glock trigger withstands lots of impacts while traveling back and forth. It is imperative to choose one that gives you a smooth feeling.

How Flexible is The Trigger?

Ask yourselves this question when out to buy a trigger such as this. Flexibility is important when you consider an aftermarket product for a long time. It needs to withstand the impacts, wear, and tear over time.

Also, you need to check the trigger’s compatibility. It helps to have a trigger that fits in with multiple models of Glock pistols. You don’t want to go around changing triggers every time you switch a model, do you? Fortunately, I’ve enlisted products that go well with multiple generations of handguns.

Does the Trigger Give You Good Pre-Travel Performance?

We are delving into technical stuff here. A “Good” Glock trigger needs to travel forward and back quickly when pulled. To make this easier, aftermarket triggers come with a screw that is set on the trigger. Due to this, the trigger gets early into position for you to shoot effectively. We say the trigger has “Pre-Traveled.”

Make sure you get one that does exactly that. Just how much you want your trigger to travel is up to you. Perfect Glock Triggers come with the option to set the pre-travel distance. One can customize the distance to his/her liking and comfort.

Finding the perfect balance is key. You don’t want to end up shooting early. You don’t want to shoot when the action is over either. The trigger needs to be smooth but not “Too” smooth.

Pay Attention To The Assembly and Maintenance

When one buys an aftermarket trigger, he needs to dismantle the stock product and put the newly-bought piece in place quickly. It is crucial to have an assembly instruction nearby.

With small parts like triggers, things quickly go sideways. You won’t have a gunsmith around to save yourselves. A manual is your savior.

As I said, clear instructions on how to assemble and pick the trigger apart can save you time and the hassle of hiring a gunsmith. These instructions often include steps on how to clean a Glock trigger.

If you have some extra bucks on you, go for slightly expensive models. These triggers have a “Self Cleaning” mechanism. It discards dirt and remnants so that you don’t have to bother with cleaning.

How Comfortable Are You with the Trigger of Your Choice?

Frankly, comfort plays a bigger part than all these things combined when it comes to triggers. For me, my hands and fingers need to be on the spot and stress-free when I’m calling the shots.

Buying a trigger with spacious middle area lets your finger comfortably sit on top. Triggers should also have a slip-resistant surface. A slippery surface may lead your fingers to slide down. Trust me, the last thing you need is a misfire.

The product of your choice must have a nice length to it. It should react quickly to the force you apply. Stiff triggers may make shooting the guns problematic. Adjusting over travel and pre-travel to a good ratio is a good solution to make the product just perfect for your fingers to latch on.

How to Clean a Glock Trigger?

I strongly advise you to buy a self-cleaning Glock trigger. It takes the hassle of cleaning away. Yet, for those of you who prefer to do the job yourselves, here’s a quick guide on Glock Trigger Maintenance. In here, you’ll find tips on how to clean the key parts of the product.

Get a Polishing Wheel, Polish, and a Glock Tool Ready

While cleaning a Glock Trigger (or shining it) is no fuss, it involves some preparation. For instance, you need a Glock tool at hand. This allows you to pick apart screws and parts of the pistol that keep the trigger in place. You’ll find a cheap Glock Tool on online marketplaces or physical stores.

The next thing you need is a small polishing wheel. This tool allows you to clean and polish the edges of the entire trigger system. Use this efficiently with a polishing agent and it’ll clear out any stain or layer of metal and powder your trigger may accumulate.

Decide Which Parts You Want to Polish or Clean

Most people pick apart the entire pistol and clean each and every part of it. I am totally onboard with the idea. You should clean your Glock from top to bottom whenever you have the chance.

However, when in a hurry, I recommend you to clean up the key sections of a trigger bar, safety pin, firing pin, safety spring, the connector, and the trigger itself.

There are specific areas that come into contact with each other when the trigger mechanism is connected with screws. I’m talking about the inside part of the connector (do the lip), the trigger bar (the top, inside part and the upper area), and the safety spring that moves when you pull the trigger.

Cleaning The Kit

Polishing or cleaning the golf trigger kit is very easy! It involves three steps that I can explain in small sentences for you. So, here it goes:

  • Get some polishing agent from online or a physical shop. I use Mother’s Polish.
  • Get a small polishing wheel. German Polishing Wheels are about the perfect size and they rotate smoothly.
  • Take some polishing agent and apply it on the wheel.
  • Wear a safety glass and get the polishing machine running on the trigger parts. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot. Run it in short bursts.
  • As soon as you are done cleaning one part, wipe the excess polishing agent using a tissue or a piece of cloth. If you are not happy with the level of cleanliness, go again.

You can refer to this video for a clear demonstration of the process.

In The End

If you are into Glock pistols and know your way around them, getting the excellent glock triggers is the thing you should do right away. Hesitating will only hold you back. Stock triggers aren’t that good when it comes to critical situations involving quick wit.

A Glock Trigger Upgrade helps people better the performance. Out of hundreds, very few meet the standards when it comes to quick, comfortable, and clean shooting. My products’ list will surely help.

If you are worried about swapping parts, these are simple machines. Picking them apart is a 5-minute-job with a Glock tool. Maintaining an aftermarket product is a child’s play. The only things you need are a few bucks and a to-the-point research.

While you take care of the first part, for everything else, this guide will suffice.

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