Best Glue for Plastic to Plastic In 2021

Welcome to our today’s exclusive guideline to help you choosing the best glue for plastic items. Many of us have a question that- does super glue work on plastic? Well, we will tell you.

Broken plastic utensils are just another daily chore that take place in our home, kitchen, office and where not? But to fix them with a promise of long term joint is not the tea of everyone’s cup. What we do is, go to the super shop, buy any glue around, and end up with a bad and weak plastic joint.

In this article, we have a string intention to put a stop on this. Our research team has found out top glue for plastic in the market and reviewed them in an ascending order.

What we’ve considered throughout the review is, chemical formula and ingredient, real user’s reviews, and of course the brand value.

Finally, at the end of this article, we’re confident you to provide the plastic bonding. This would definitely provide a better and longer lasting bond.

Top Five Glue for Plastic to Plastic – Comparison Table

Why you need super glue especially for plastic materials?

Well, before proceeding to the core of this article, let’s talk some basics. As you’ve got in need of a plastic glue, we guess your feet it’s importance now and then.

There are two types of glues available that can join plastics. One is usual waterproof glues, and another is super glue. So, no matter you’re looking for a best glue for glass and metal, let’s have a look at the differences-

  • Usual glues are for small surface areas, where super glues are for larger surface areas.
  • Super glues contain a way higher adhesive strength than waterproof glues. So, if you think that a powerful join is necessary for your necessity, for a super glue.
  • Apart from the regular glues, super glues have a stronger cover of matarials. As thare are numerous types of plastics, each of them may require different adhesives. A super glue is a smarter pick in that sense.
  • Another perk that comes up with super glue is it’s no-mixing nature. What I mean is, you don’t need to put anything in mixture with super glue. It’s enough to create adhesive bond, no matter how hard the crack is.
  • Last of all, super glues are cheap in price.

Top 10 Glue For Plastic To Plastic Reviews

1. Gorilla Super Glue

best glue for plastic

Along with perfect bonding and impact resistance, this one delivers a stable repairing. Again, it not only lasts long but also provides a durable bonding between parts. To make a stable bonding, you can choose this without any doubt.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides Ultimate Strength with Impact ResistanceThis glue offers you great strength along with its construction. In fact, the identical particles of rubber deliver incredible security against heavy load and pressure as well. Apart from that, the rubber particles contribute to the resistance against impact loads. Therefore, you will get this pretty efficient glue from plastic to plastic bonding.
  • Anti-Clog Cap Ensures No Drying OutIf you want to have a glue that doesn’t dry out, you can rely on this one. As a matter of fact, you can use it for a long time. The frame containing the glue comes with an anti-clogging head. Needless to say, the anti-clogging cap prevents the air from getting intruded in the frame.
  • Offers Pretty Quick Settling without Any EffortFor some sophisticated equipment, you obviously need a fast and immediate settlement. To provide you this facility, it comes with a quick setting time of about 10 – 30 seconds. Along with absorbed moisture over the bonding surface, you will find the setting time very fast. And with that, you can fix anything without the slightest difficulty.


  • Delivers good work ability with high-quality material.
  • Offers long-lasting repairing to plastic in the first instance.
  • Comes with impact resistance against drops and handle bumps.
  • Features an additional pin to reuse if the upper layer dries out.
  • Provides a great bonding to plastic, wood and ceramic products.


  • Not very suitable for bonding polyethylene and polypropylene.

2. Gorilla Epoxy, .85 oz., Clear

best glue for glass

This great glue offers you an incredible experience of epoxy with ultimate bonding capacity. This water resisting glue delivers you a long lasting, enduring and strong bond to fill any gaps or bond broken parts.

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers Permanent Bonding with Gap-FillingAlong with this one, you can fill any gap or deformation that took place in plastic good or wooden furniture. Needless to say, this one is capable of providing a sturdy as well as a permanent filling for such gaps. Again, the filling and bonding with this high-quality glue last much longer for the products.
  • Enables You to Apply over Good with Multiple SurfacesThis identical glue can give a strong as well as durable bonding for things having numerous surfaces. In fact, you will get the ligament as good as the one that can take place on the top surface. In addition, you can apply this glue to repair the things that are in need of a serious and tough pair.
  • Very Easy to Apply and Maintain with The SyringeThe syringe with the glue allows you to use this for easy gap-filling or applying over multiple surfaced goods. Again, it provides evenly dispense and thus can settle down very quickly at the right place of repair. Furthermore, it also contributes to preventing the glue surface in the frame from hardening.


  • Provides sturdy as well as long-lasting bond for surfaces.
  • Withstands against solvent and impact loads or pressure.
  • Highly suitable for tough and sensitive gap-filling works.
  • Delivers clean along with easy finishing for goods or furniture.
  • Reposition facility through 5 minutes setting.


  • Not suitable for very light and soft plastic material.

3. Super Glue 15187 Super Glue,12-Pack

best glue for ceramic

You can repair almost everything with this two 12 grams of tubes package. As a matter of fact, it is ones according to permanent and strong bonding. You may think of this one to repair your goods with porous surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers Impact Resistance with Strong BondingThis glue offers you ultimate bonding along with its construction. Again, the rubber-like particles can deliver an outstanding strength against various loads as well as pressure. In addition, the identical particles offer high resistance to sudden and impact loads. Thus, you will get this one pretty satisfactory to bond metal or plastic.
  • Provides Strength and Permanency for Porous SurfacesThis can produce very efficient bonding over porous and similar surfaces. Although it holds good for other material surfaces as well, this is probably the best for porous ones. From casting to lasting, this has got almost everything you need to have a perfect epoxy bonding for upper surfaces.
  • Delivers Faster and Immediate Setting for SurfacesSome sophisticated things require fast as well as an immediate settlement to produce bonding.  Apart from that, you will find the setting time even faster with little moist absorbance for the surface.


  • Comes with the original formula of super glue production.
  • Delivers instant setting for suitable surfaces and parts.
  • Features a storage case that enables reusing for hardened glue.
  • Allows greater amount of repairing with dual tube package.
  • Provides great resistance against fallouts as well as impacts.


  • The amount of glue in each tube is a bit little.

4. Bob Smith Industries BSI-157H Maxi Cure/Insta-Set Combo Pack

best glue for metal

The combination of wonderful appearance along with isolated operation, it is a smart one to choose. Being compatible with all surfaces, this is something universal to use without much effort. And with the superb fast setting, this is just a perfect one to repair things.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides Tensile Resistance Up to 6400 lb/in2This one is unique in its action and permanency which is greater than most others in the market. Furthermore, it provides a marvelous tensile strength of about 6400 pounds per inch square. Needless to say, this much tensile strength is pretty enough to resist most of the common loads.
  • Offers Universal Compatibility with Extra AcceleratorAlong with the super glue, you will get an extra accelerator to speed up the setting time. Apart from that, it allows you to apply this to any sort of broken or separated surface. Thus the glue is compatible with almost all sorts of surfaces without any major setting delay.
  • Comes with Superfast Setting within 10 – 25 SecondsApart from all other unique features, this glue for leather enables the quickest possible setting. In fact, the incredibly fast settling glue provides full cure time of about just 10 – 25 seconds. Depending on the thickness of glue, this one can deliver you a perfect bonding on the instant.


  • Suitable for all separated or broken material surfaces.
  • Compatible with glass, rubber, wood, metal and more.
  • Comes with an extra but reasonable thickness of the applied glue.
  • Offers strong and durable bond with premium adhesion of particles.
  • Provides quicker cure for the glue along with the accelerator.


  • The spray nozzle may get damaged over frequent usage.

5. Bob Smith Industries BSI-135H Maxi Cure Super Glue

best glue for leather

Bob Smith Industries BSI-135H Maxi Cure Super Glue, 1,500 cps, 1 oz will be a fantastic option for you to join any material in the quickest time. It is not only glue for glass but also for the metal. Especially this glue is outstanding as the glue for plastic to plastic bonding. For hard plastic, this glue takes only 10-25 seconds to join. you can simply put your trust on it.

Features and Benefits

  • Faster Setting Time will Save Your TimeThis glue is a master of joining faster. Taking only 10-25 minutes for joining hard plastic is really a gorgeous performance. Very few glues will take such a smaller time to join materials like hard plastic.
  • Works Like Putting to Fill the VoidYou can use this glue as a nice alternative to putting. Actually, ordinary putting can’t fill all the voids of a matter. Hence, artificial putting might be a great alternative to you. In that sense, you can easily put your faith on this glue. This glue will nicely fill up all of the glues within a very short time.
  • Multi-using Capability to Bond Different Types of MaterialsYou’ve already learned, But the performance of this glue isn’t reserved only metal. This glue is equally regarded for hard plastic. You can also use it successfully to make a bond between leather, ceramic and cloth. In a word, the bond formatting capability of this glue is really versatile and outstanding.


  • Takes only 10-25 minutes to create a hard plastic bond.
  • This glue can use as a nice example of artificial putty.
  • Although the bond is sufficiently strong to joint metal, you can separate the bond using only a blade or razor also.
  • An excellent glue for joining hard plastic.


  • Need to pay some extra care while working with it.

6.Cement Glue Value Pack “ 2-7/8 floz tubes

best glue for hard plastic

As a sophisticated but nicely working cementing agent for polystyrene and wood, you can take Cement Glue Value Pack Testors 2-7/8 floz tubes. It’s such a cementing agent that does work super glue on plastic products especially. Though there are some subjects to caution, this glue is really an outstanding one to create super glue plastic fusion.

Features and Benefits

  • Plastic to Plastic CementationYou can especially trust on this product for plastic to plastic cementation. If the plastic is polystyrene or ABS, then the accession will be great. Especially this glue is mainly produced from polystyrene to polystyrene cementation.
  • Plastic to wood cementationThis glue will be a nice option while you are looking for a cementation material to join plastic to wood. You know, the plastic-wood joining system is one of the sophisticated joining systems in the world. Very few glue has the ability to perform such kind of joint. In that sense, this glue is an outstanding one.
  • Quick cementation saves your timeIt is such kind of glue which takes very little time to join plastic or even wooden materials. Hence, you can get a very rapid cementation if you use it. In addition, the comparatively larger amount of glues will ensure a better stock for you to use for a longer period of time.


  • The glue is especially outstanding to join ABS plastic material.
  • Polystyrene to wood joining capability has given this glue special excellency
  • A comparatively large volume of product (25.4 ml) you’ll receive here.
  • The 7/8 oz. is quite satisfactory for all of the users.
  • You can successfully use it to join your household items.
  • Very quick cementation will occur.


  • Using the adequate ventilation is very necessary while using it.
  • There is a minimum age limit of 8 years to use this glue.

7. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4-Gram

best glue for ceramic

If so, Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4-Gram will be a reliable option for you, no doubt. You are getting here rubber toughened formula to build the most flexible bond on the class and ceramic materials. Along with this, you’ll find some excellent benefits also while you’ll use it. Let’s see what are they.

Features and Benefits

  • Moisture and freezing temperature resistance facility will prevent brittlenessThis glue has an outstanding moisture resistance capability. Hence, you can use it underwater condition also. Moreover, water doesn’t affect the setting time of this glue. Therefore, this glue can equally work to fill the air void of your joining material even under the water. Again, the freezing temperature resistance capability provides the same flexibility over the joint of the glue in all sorts of temperature in.
  • Rubber tough formula ensures alignment in the outdoorHere you’ll find the application of special rubber tough formula. This formula will be especially beneficial to maintain the joint in the intact state while you’ll transport it. Moreover, the joint of the glue will also be secured with the perfect alignment because of this feature.
  • The side-squeeze design provides the maximum controlThe glue is also blessed with the size-squeezed designed system. This design system is the ultimate design system that specially used for the maximum control against the partial impact. Hence, the product that you’ll use as the subject of joining with this glue will receive the maximum control against side-wise stress applied.


  • The setting occurs without any clamping.
  • You can use it for joining almost all of your necessaries on the daily basis.
  • The rubber toughed formula will also give the ultimate safety of your product against extreme tension.
  • The proper air-tight situation will be reserved for the blessing of side-squeeze design.
  • You can equally use it in both freezing and moisturized temperature.


  • The extreme tight joint it makes demands some extra care while using.


glue for plastic to plastic bonding

Want to joint extremely smaller particles finely? Then TAMIYA EXTRA THIN CEMENT 40ML will be one of the best choices for you. This glue is actually regarded as one of the top branded glue for plastic particles (small pieces). Very few glues will work such keenly like this product in case of connecting small plastic particles.

Features and Benefits

  • Small pieces of plastic material joining capacityThis glue offers you a fantastic benefit while joining finer plastic material. Especially this product is very special one if the plastic is polystyrene.
  • A combo package of fineness brush seeks extra attentionWhen buying this product, you’ll receive a brush with your glue. The combination of this glue and brush will make a complete set. This set can be used perfectly to ensure the proper amount glue to make the perfect connection and to reduce the wastage of glue.


  • The extra thin formula gives a special benefit to connecting small pieces of particles.
  • You’ll get a fine brush with the glue.
  • This glue is very well-known to join plastic materials.
  • Fantastic for joining polystyrene plastic.


  • This glue doesn’t work well for PVC plastic.

9. Loctite 234790 4 Grams Super Glue Gel Control™

super glue plastic fusion

Loctite 234790 4 Grams Super Glue Gel Control™ has appeared to you than the superior adhesive character than most other ordinary glues. No matter, there is porous or non-porous surface. Even whether you’ve applied the glue vertically or not, is not also important. In all case, you’ll get a very fast result for having only 15 to 30 seconds setting time.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-surface workability allows several numbers of joints at a timeThis glue has a special characteristic to work on more than one surface at a time. This feature allows joining several bigger or small parts simultaneously. Hence, your work will be easier.
  • Multiple using facilityYou may use this glue to join different types of materials. The variation of the material starts from cork, leather, paper and this type of soft materials and end in wood, metal or many more hard materials.
  • Very small cementation times saves your timeThe glue takes very smaller time to perform the cementation process. The average cementation time is only 15 to 30 minutes. This cementation time saves your time from wastage.


  • Only 15 to 30 seconds of setting time are required to make a perfect cementation through this glue.
  • It possesses extraordinary performance than other ordinary glues.
  • You’ll be got a special type of formula called gel formula which makes this glue capable of working on porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Almost all types of plastic like polystyrene, PVC or polypropylene are eligible to go through the cementation process of this glue.
  • It’s ideal glue for use on the vertical surface.
  • You’ll also find the patented side-squeezed design here to get the protection against moisture and freezing condition.


  • You need to apply it in an area of good ventilation.
  • Wearing a glove is an important precondition for using it.

10. Krazy Glue KG92548R Instant Krazy Glue 0.18-Ounce All Purpose Brush

does super glue work on plastic

If you need to join two successive parts in an artistic way, brush on applicator technology will be really a blessing for you. I that case, Krazy Glue KG92548R Instant Krazy Glue 0.18-Ounce All Purpose Brush will be one of the best options in your hand. You can use this glue widely in metal, rubber, and wood, ceramic or even in leather. In all cases, you’ll get the best performance if the surface is hard a bit.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-purpose usable glueYou can use this glue to make a joint on a good variety of materials. Metal, rubber, ceramic or even plastic might be the object of yours’ in this case. The time of joining is quite small and will give you the ultimate stronger bond.
  • Fantastic for the application on hard to reach surfaceThis glue will be a nice one if you use it on the hard to reach the surface. In those type of surface, the brushing system gets sufficient support to spread the glue properly.
  • You can see and use it easilyThis glue offers you purple color in the general and clear dry state. As the color isn’t transparent, there is less possibility to waste the glue. You can see and detect the glue easily for making the best use.


  • Brush applicator system, you’ll find here is helpful to all-out use.
  • You’ll get an excellent coverage of the surface in the intact state.
  • It is widely applicable for the cementation of wood, metal, ceramic.
  • This glue is regarded especially leather products.


  • You need to place it out of the reach of the child
  • The eye irritant compound of this glue allows you to be careful a bit while using this glue.

Final Verdict

Many thanks for being with us till the very end of the article. If you’re in some serious trouble with broken plastics, we think you’ve already found the right pick of best glue for plastic. One last buying recommendation we’d like to mention. While buying a plastic glue, think about the possible surface area and plastic type that you’d be using the glue in. Because not every super glue is for every type of plastics.

Finally, a right investment on a plastic glue would save a lot of bucks from your pocket.

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