The Best Guideline to Tan Quickly

Do you know the best way to look great with a skin color? If you have guessed a tanned skin, then you are absolutely right. A little tan could come up with a smart reflection on your skin as well as personality. You also could get a tanned skin following the advised rules. A tanned skin is best for all colors of clothes. And girls are impressed through the tanned skin. So why too late, just grab all these following suggestions to get a handsome and healthy slighted tanned skin, in just some days.

Now it’s time for the prescribed rules. You may not be the one who will follow all of these rules. I, myself applied those rules to me and came over to you for providing the solution.

Top 9 Step Guideline to Tan Quickly your skin

  • Maintenance of UV source
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Suntans source
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Go naked or undressed
  • Find the right place
  • Move and move roundly
  • Use of moisturizer
  • Your eyes must be safe

Okay, now you can come up with these help sorts that will help you to get tanned in a quick time.

So let’s get back to our points.

Maintain the UV source

Sun plays a lot with us. Sometimes it doesn’t let us see its face. So that time it’s obvious not to get the sun ray. So we need to get the source of UV rays. It is the main source of tanning. But if the weather doesn’t cope up, use the tanning bed. It will help you to get a perfect shine in your skin. Though I never got that chance to use a tanning bed, it must be good. Be aware, tanning bed may not convert in an oven. Be careful about the golden tone of your skin.

Skin exfoliation

Dry skin is of no use. You cannot do anything with such skin. So you need to prepare your skin for the total makeover. A tanned skin needs to be moisture. So just exfoliate the dead cells from your skin. It may come up with the best results. You may have seen that, whenever you do makeup, you take moisture before applying it. And if you are male, reading this article, then we man do not need anything. Jokes apart, all your skin need is moister. So before doing anything on your skin, you need to remove the dry cells, and then do the other works. Your skin will get the tannish color, whenever it gets in touch with the sun. And your ready skin will easily match with the sun. So let your skin be moisture. And get the gorgeous look.


This part is my personal favorite part. I love the smell of my sunscreen. You may like the smell also. But this article is not about mine. It’s about your fav skin tone. You have to and have to wear sunscreen. Because, if you think that, the sun will only tan your skin, then you are in a dream world. It has the most dangerous rays that can easily cause cancer also. You may think that it contains vitamin D, but no. It provides so many harmful rays also. We may not get the chance to see those. Use the sunscreen with SPF 5 -15; it could quickly be done with tanning. But it totally depends on your skin tone. How much it needs to be tanned.

UVA and UVB rays could be resisted only if you use sunscreen. If you think that your skin is not burned,  and that doesn’t mean you have not gone through these harmful rays. So your sunscreen will help you as a protector. Apply the sunscreen before 15-20 minutes. It will help to suit your skin. And if you see red rashes on your skin, you must consult with your doctor.

Go undressed or naked

Sounds kinda weird, right? I haven’t talked about the whole nakedness. Ladies wear your swimsuits, or bikini for the perfect shot. And man will be the man. I always prefer to be undressed. I advised about the whole thing because it will create a tan line. If you could to avoid the entire dress, you may be found a great buttery, silky tan, without any tan line on your body. You may be dreaming of your perfect body, right through. So stop waiting and grab the perfect moment for the flawless tanned skin.

The right place

Here I mentioned “The,” because a perfect place will give you perfect tone. Ain’t I, right? If you to go to a beach and it seems to be crowded, you will not get the chance to get the whole sun. Because those are the places for public gathering. And think, you have gone to a jungle and trying to get tanned than my friend you are at the wrong place. A perfect place must be a beach, but not on holiday. You could come up on a working day. And another option you can try is your backyard. Yes, you could effectively use your backyard for the tanning position. You may have used the sunscreen, and jump to the hammock bed, and just relax. But don’t forget to get your favorite drink with you.

Protect your eyes

Our eyes are our most delicate part of our body. So we need to protect them first. Our first work must be a wearing a sunglass for protecting our eyes. Then it comes about the hat. You could quickly get a hat over your head, without having trouble. And sunglass may get a suntan on your eyes. You could not get a tan line on your eyes if you wear a hat. So try to avoid sunglass for the tan line. And try to wear a hat. Sun rays could damage the eyesight of your eyes. Or it may cause minimal damage to your eyes. So try to maintain this advice.

Move – Rotate

While you are tanning your skin, you can’t just lie on one side. Otherwise, it may tan in only on one side. So the thing you need to do is, move round and round, like a merry-go-round. It will make your skin correctly a tanned one. The thing I do is, I just get myself busy in playing volleyball. You may come up with your new idea. And could share with us also. So the thing you have to do is all about a perfect moving body, for a perfect texture.These things are to do with the practical one. But nature makes remedies. But if you don’t have time, then just go for the advanced remedies. You can use

  • Sunbed
  • Lotions
  • Sprays
  • Salon

Okay, these are the artificial way to get tanned. You can use varieties of lotions. You may get it from Victoria’s secret, lO’real, or many more companies for the perfect lotion. Use those lotions and sprays on your body directly, to get an utterly perfect tanned skin. Or you may visit the salon to get the perfect tan on your body.

Now I want to sum up my advice here. Don’t get disheartened, will come back to you soon with such great pieces of advice. And yes, keep following all these advice to get the buttery, and creamy texture of tanned skin and fall in love with your skin. Keep protecting your skin from the villain rays. And keep yourself happy..

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