Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for fair skin and without bronzer

Have you ever desired to be like the stars with the glowing golden skins?

Despite what you may think, getting tanned is not all that difficult. People argue that it’s makeup. Yes, it is. But the large part of it are the tanning bed the best indoor tanning lotions at play.

Yes, “Indoor Tanning Lotions.” These are products that increase your melanin count, moisturize, and naturally darken your skinto give you the golden glow.

People don’t even visit the beach for it these days. All you need to do is to sort out the best from a pile of products. Get one that suits your skin and other preferences.

THIS is the hard part. The ideal one should protect you from UV rays. It should enrich your skin with vitamins and moisturizers. Yet, most people don’t even know what type of a tanning bed lotion they need. This makes finding the product all the more tricky.

Here’s where this article comes in. You’ll get to know how many types of lotions to expect, how to sort suitable ones out from them, and how to use them on your skin.

I’ve also shoved in few of my personal favorites as parts of a shortlist. You can even buy those as well. They are tried and tested by thousands of happy customers worldwide!

Our Top 5 Ind​o​or Tanning Lotion  Comparison Table

The Types of Indoor Tanning Lotion for tanning beds

Aw, choosing the right product is not so difficult. I mean, what could go wrong? They are all similar, right? Wrong! They are not similar. Rather the lotions have their own types. Each type functions differently. Depending on what your intentions are, you should buy a type. Let me go through each variant for a clear understanding.

  • Firstly, You Have the Bronzers. If you want to darken your skin beyond the normal tanning effects, this is the type to get. These things do the job. If something, people have reported getting orange skin after repeated use of these things.
  • Secondly, there are accelerators or Tanning Intensifiers. These things do a wonderful job of moisturizing your skin besides giving you the tan you need. Hydration is one of the core purposes of these products. An intensifier is tanning lotion for pale skin. But, these products have a higher price range than normal.
  • The Tingling Lotions are the third kind. They deepen the tan’s color. Experienced users should opt for these products. These things cause a tingling sensation on your skin. The goal is to make it firmer than before. I’d advise people with a sensitive skin to avoid these products.
  • There are Tan Maximizers if you want the darkest tan possible. These are often “Chemical Heavy” products. One should apply these before the session begins. These things have low moisturizer content.
  • The last type of indoor tanning lotion is the “Coolant.” It doesn’t offer you the best of results. Yet, it helps you cooling down after you step out of the tanning bed.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion – Models I Suggest to Ladies!

By now, you know tanning is not all that hard to achieve. When you are doing it indoors, make sure you get a lotion from a reputed brand for the tanning bed. To help you in this regard, here are my recommendations that’ll surely come handy.

​Top Ten Indoor Tanning Lotion Reviews

1. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Okay! I am kicking off my list with Millenium Training New Solid Black Bronzer. With the scent of Orchid blush, it is sure to catch the attention of you and the people around you. When discussing tan lotions, I couldn’t keep this one out of the contention.

First thing caught my eye is the consistency this product has. The “Silicon” based lotion spreads evenly throughout your body and skin. You won’t find any lump or stickiness when using Millenium Training.

Did I say Silicon? Yes, this tanning bed lotion uses Silicon. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find a heap of natural ingredients like banana extract, walnut seed oil, pecan seed oil, and heaps of herbal extracts. These do a great job of moisturizing the skin. You’ll have the desirable golden colored skin in no time!

What you get is a 13.5-ounce bottle that is BEAUTIFUL! Also, a small amount of this lotion does the trick. Also, the smell is perfect for the ladies. The “Pleasant” smell will charm anyone that uses this Black Bronzer.

This tanning bed lotion is quick to act. Your skin absorbs it in no time. The result? Well, you get an evenly tanned skin. Don’t worry about the lotion ruining your clothes. It won’t.

This one is a “No Tingling Product.” That means, you won’t feel anything rubbing against your skin. Also, there won’t be any irritations. It works the magic slowly but surely.

I Liked

  • This product utilizes natural ingredients that don’t pose any risk to your skin or body as a whole.
  • The lotion spreads evenly to the whole body without sticking on to clothes or on hands.
  • Consistency of Mellenium Training is one to die for. It is non-sticky and has a smooth texture.
  • Orchid Scent is pleasant and mild at the same time which is attractive considering all the factors
  • This lotion takes some time to work but does the job really well compared to most of its competitions.

I Didn't Liked

  • It is a Non-Tingling lotion. These are not particularly appreciated and are slow to work their magic.

2. Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

best cheap indoor tanning lotion

Want a suitable indoor tanning bed lotion for the money? My second choice for the list will easily make your shortlist too! The best thing is, its performance is equally good when used on outdoor tanning beds.

The L.E.D. Complex does a great job capturing the glow in your skin and tan it to perfection. Now, you might think a “Thick” lotion is not as effective as others. But, I beg to differ! The product spreads evenly on your skin. It comes with a smooth texture. It is sure to sway you into liking this thing for long-term use.

It’s not oily. Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer won’t stick on to your clothes, bikini, and the tanning chair itself. How? Well, it dries quicker than most of the lotions one might have used.

Another ingredient that I must mention is the “Solar Silicone.” This magic ingredient tans your skin quickly. Thanks to this, you can do away with the tanning bed. This is effectively a “Sunless Tanning Lotion” as you don’t need to stay beneath the scorching sun as well.

Celestial Stardust in this formula works well. This thing gives your skin a shimmer. Ladies’ skins will have a golden glow that they always deserved!

As far as the smell of this thing goes, it is a soft yet mesmerizing Champagne flavored scent. This will linger with you hours after using this lotion. Yes, hours after your skin is done absorbing this magic formula. The scent is not at all aggressive.

As an added bonus, you get this product in a silver bottle. Catchy thing is, it comes with an LED logo. It glows whenever you touch the logo.

I Like

  • The packaging impressed me greatly. Specially, the glowing LED Logo at the front.
  • The lotion saves anyone the trouble of staying under the sun or on a tanning bed for hours.
  • Champagne-flavored scent is subtle and not aggravating. It stays with you for hours.
  • Much desired golden glow comes from Stardust. This ingredient is quick to work and leaves a lasting impact.
  • This thing is not oily at all. It won’t stick on your clothes or hands. It dries pretty quickly as well.

I Don't Like

  • Many of the users mentioned concerns about the UV factor being low. Consult a dermatologist about what’s the range for you before using this.

3. Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

best bronzing tanning lotion

What’s better than a tanning lotion that comes with bronzers by default? Such is the Case of Australian Gold Cheeky Brown lotion. In addition to great lotion, it also comes with bronzers that act as a good foundation. The result? You get tanned skin in quick time.

Now, before you guys lash at me, I know there are products that use bronzers and are bad. Primarily, other ingredients are at fault in most cases. Not the bronzer. Here too, the bronzer contains natural ingredients. Your skin won’t be at risk of exposure to harmful ingredients.

This is one of the most favorite indoor tanning lotions with bronzer for me. Why? Well, you have to spend only 10 minutes on a tanning bed to find out. Honestly, other lotions take up hours beneath the sun to give you patchy tan. Yet, this one does the job indoors in only 10 minutes!

That doesn’t mean you don’t have the option to use it while under the sun. Use it while on a beach and you’ll get a nice golden tan within one hour.

The formula contains vitamin A and E. These two vitamins contribute to nourishing and moisturizing the skin respectively. It spreads nicely on the skin. Though somewhat thick, it doesn’t feel oily or too liquidly for my liking.

People might frown over the fact it contains a bit of alcohol. But on the other hand, the bronzer lotion contains native Australian oils. Subtle cocoa fragrance will charm you and stay with you long after using this lotion.

I Like

  • Vitamin A and E in this lotion help to nourish and moisturize the skin while working on tanning.
  • I like the cocoa scent of this lotion for women. It grants women charm that lasts long after using it.
  • It takes you under an hour to work outdoors and just over 10 minutes in a tanning bed indoors.
  • Natural tanning lotion like this features Australian indigenous oils for nutrition and boosting the skin
  • It is not too thick or too thin in consistency. It has just the right consistency to go well with the skin.

I Don't Like

  • CHEEKY BROWN comes with alcohol in the mix. It can rob the moisture and leave the skin dry.
  • You need to continuously apply this thing after every two or three days to keep your tan from fading away.

4. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

best tanning lotion for pale skin

Coconut Kisses is not a fancy name just for show. This lotion is equal part performance as well. Now, most suntan lotion brands do the tanning. Some even moisturize the skin to some extent. But Coconut Kisses goes one step further. This thing softens your skin.

Yes, besides tanning, this lotion is perfect for softening the skin with coconut milk and oil. Coconut butter acts as the perfect moisturizer. It doesn’t have artificial bronzers. Those of you who are against using artificial bronzers for tanning, do check this product out!

So, what takes up the place of bronzers? Well, you have “Tanning Intensifiers” to thank for that. These are very much effective. So much so that you get the same dark tan that bronzers would have given you.

So, how does it happen? You have Quad Tyrosine and MelanoBronze to thank for that. These two ingredients help to accelerates the tanning process of your skin. How? Well, they simply increase melanin count.

Then you have Melactiva. This thing is a melanin synthesizer. At the end of the process, people have a darkened skin to show for it. Also, this little ingredient makes the tan last longer. Yes, all these things happen inside your house, on a tanning bed.

A component called BodyFit reduces Cellulite appearance on your skin. This, in turn, makes your skin firm. Coconut Kisses is good tanning lotion for tattoos. Along with the tanning, it prolongs the tattoos as well. Some would say this lotion enhances the color of the tattoos

I Like

  • Coconut Kisses comes without the artificial bronzers that people hate so much.
  • If you have tattoos, this tanning lotion will guard them and intensify their colors as well.
  • Heap of natural ingredients soften, moisturize, and darken your skin without any nutrition loss.
  • The soothing scent of coconut is not too dominating. It lingers on for hours after applying.
  • BodyFit keeps your body firm after tanning to show it off to your peers.

I Don't Like

  • Some users consider the smell to be weirder than other tanning substances.

5. Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer

 sunless tanning lotion

Why did I put another Designer Skin product on my list of Best lotions, you ask? For starters, it arrives packed in a compact bottle. It gives you the desired level of tanning, and quickly. Besides the added benefits, it smells just right!

First up, the retro-style bottle impresses me. You get it in 13.5oz size. I’d call the consistency “Medium.” I’ve seen people covering their body with just a little bit of this lotion. It won’t be greasy. It is not watery either. With a creamy texture, it spreads smoothly all over the region you want to tan.

This thing is a tingling lotion. So you know the product works from the second you apply it on your body. Plus, you get the extract of white tea, soy and CoQ-10. These three form “Ultra-extreme Sizzle” formula. The result is unparalleled performance as far as tanning is concerned.

Additionally, antioxidants in this lotion revitalize your body. They make you look young. Then you have the smell I talked about. Designer Skin Bombshell smells like kiwi watermelon. Unlike most sunless tanning lotion models, the smell remains the same after the process.

The results show up pretty fast. Applying this lotion for 10 – 15 minutes gives you a quick tan. Bombshell browns the skin. It may cost you few extra bucks but this product is worth the money. I recommend Designer Skin BombShell for people who have done some tanning in the past

I Like

  • Ingredients like White Tea Extract, Soy, CoQ coenzyme, and walnut oil make this product good
  • You have the smell of kiwi watermelon that stays the same even after the tanning process.
  • The antioxidants in this lotion revitalize your skin to make you look young.
  • This 100XX Bronzer has a medium thickness and creamy texture that will surely interest you.
  • The lotion tingles. So, you know it is a quality product from the manufacturers.

I Don't Like

  • I wouldn’t call it a product for the beginners.
  • This product is not exactly cheap.

6. Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion

best indoor tanning lotion for tattoos

Let’s face it, some people have a thing for black tanning lotion. Since I’m shortlisting products, I thought of including one brand that tans your skin, nourishes it, gives it the natural glow, and smells great in the process. Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer is packed with herbs that give you the darkest skin tone.

You don’t need sun to make this lotion work. One make good of the indoor tanning bed just fine. You have ingredients like water, sunflower oil, Glycerin, Kukui oil from Hawaii, and vitamins. These ingredients are responsible for the smooth texture of the product. Also, they wonderfully nourish the skin.

Remember I spoke about dark tan? Well, you can get the tan you want. With Hemp seed and currant oil, Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer helps to increase the melanin count. You won’t have to sit under the sun for long hours anymore.

If you need hydration and a bit of softness on your skin, this thing has got you covered. The vitamins and necessary oils will soften your skin when tanning. The thing smells like tropical Baillin’ Berries. This smell appeals to a wide number of people.

This thing is a great facial tan lotion. If you already have a pecan tan, this product will surely darken your skin. I advise you to use this thing once in every two weeks. Also, you’ll do well to roam in the sun for two hours before you can apply the bronzer

I Like

  • This product gives you a creamy texture that your skin can absorb; it doesn’t stick to your body.
  • The Jwoww Bronzer has a tropical fruity smell that will engross you even after you are done.
  • Vitamins and herbal components of the tanning lotion will moisturize your skin besides tanning.
  • This lotion can act as a foundation to your makeup and make you look ravishing all day.
  • Getting in the sun is not necessary with this natural tanning agent.

I Don't Like

  • It is not a sunscreen lotion by any means.

7. Sun Godz Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds

best indoor tanning bed lotion

This is perhaps cheap tanning lotion I’ve come across. Now, I say this for a lot of benefits that I got from this little product. Firstly, this thing is for tanning beds. You don’t need the sun to be around to get tanned. It is packed with bronzers to give you the perfect golden tone.

Additionally, this thing is showerproof. Meaning, even after tan and during your shower, effects of this lotion stays on. The silicone tanning also happens faster than your average lotion for the task.

This thing comes with tanning accelerators. Not only that, the lotion moisturizes your skin with every drop that you use on your body. Also, The moisturizers keep your skin soft long after you are done using this thing for tanning purposes. Sun Godz is like an “All-around” solution for darkening and moisturizing.

Trust me when I say, Sun Godz is here to protect your tattoos. It won’t let you lose your style statement while you tan your skin. Just imagine how a tattoo will shine ANYWHERE on a golden “Princess-like” body. Also, the tan you get won’t fade away. With this, the golden glow is here to stay!

This is an indoor lotion. That much is a given. Yet, Sun Godz works perfectly as a sunscreen too! Apply it and it will shed you from the sun. Without disrupting your fun at the beach of course. Oh, did I mention the awesome custom smell that lingers on your body? It’s great when you look perfect and smell nice while carrying that look!

I Like

  • If you want a sunscreen lotion along with an indoor tanning product, this one fits the bill!
  • Sun Godz Apollo is perfect when you are looking for a good and lasting golden effect.
  • The skin color stays true even during shower; the tattoos on your body don’t fade away .
  • The smell and overall performance is great considering the price it is available at.
  • This little product hydrates and moisturizes your body besides giving it a lasting golden glow.

I Don't Like

  • People have reservations about the “Sunscreen” aspect of this lotion.

8. Ed Hardy Elixir Silicone Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection Tanning Lotion

best indoor tanning lotion for tattoos

The good thing about Elixir Silicone Bronzer is that it brings effects on rather quickly. That means, one wouldn’t have to wait hours beneath the sun. Apply this ones and your skin will continue to darken. This is all thanks to the formula that keeps the effect happening over time.

Then you have the Melano bronzers. These contribute to the increasing pigmentation of your skin. They will naturally darken your complexion without you worrying too much.

We know the tanning process by this point. But how long will it last? Quite long as it turns out. Thanks to Nouritan, your tyrosine levels increase. They are stimulated as well. As a result, you only need a couple of sessions with this lotion for a prolonged golden skin.

Elixir Silicone comes with Silicone. That’s obvious. But the intriguing part is, you get Body Fit ingredients. These allow you to enjoy a firm body and skin. Besides getting the tan, your body will rejuvenate as well. Then there is the moisturizing factor as well. This keeps your skin moist and hydrated.

What if I tell you, this lotion boosts up anti-ageing particles as well? That’s true! Ed Hardy Elixir comes with Subliskin. This element increases metabolism of your skin. In turn, it slows down ageing process by a considerable amount. All the more reasons to get one for yourselves.

Like most of the lotions on my list, this one protects your tattoos on your skin too!

I Like

  • This is a cheap lotion that delivers on the promise of tanning without faltering along the lines.
  • This thing moisturizes and rejuvenates your body besides the actual tanning process.
  • Melano bronzers increase the pigmentation and make your skin darker than before.
  • Ed Hardy Elixir protects the ornamentations on your skin (i.e. the tattoos).
  • Subliskin is an anti-aging agent that comes as an ingredient in this tanning product.

I Don't Like

  • It is a “No Tingling” lotion. This might put off some users.

9. Supre – Snooki Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer

tanning bed lotions with bronzer

This thing is particularly made for people who have done tanning before. If you are familiar with the ways and want to improve on that, Supre – Snooki Ultra Dark is the way to go.

HyperDark™ technology prepares your skin immediately for the best tanning possible. This thing is good. In fact, Supre Snooki continues to darken your body even after you are exposed to the UV rays of the sun.

If you are worried about some substance ruining your experience, this thing is Paraben free. The ingredients are all natural to help you have the best tan of your life. In fact, the lotion is vitamin-rich. This allows you to combat against the side-effects of tan on skin.

You have Henna and Black Walnut to thank for the tanning effect. The DHA will help keeping your skin fresh and nourished. There is a blend of ingredients that keep your skin firm while Supre – Snooki does the tanning thing.

Do you know, you get Skin Moisturizers as a part of the ingredients? Well, you have Almond oil and coconut oil that do the job nicely. Together, they are called SoftChick. While moisturizing your skin, these to make it smell nicer as well. You can say this is Just Natural Tanning Oil in disguise.

I Like

  • HyperDark™ formula helps to prepare your skin for the actual tanning process in advance.
  • Henna, Black Walnut, and DHA help get you through the process and give you the dark skin.
  • While you are tanning, vitamins and moisturizers help in keeping your skin in great condition.
  • I like the fact that coconut and almond oil moisturize the skin seamlessly while keeping it soft.

I Don't Like

  • It can feel like a bit sticky after you apply it. It is better to wash your hand afterwards.

10. Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze Bronzer Tanning Lotion

indoor tanning lotion with bronzer

Coming in last on my list of indoor tanning lotions is the Hollywood Bronze Bronzer Tanning Lotion. The thing that will impress you right off the bat is the bottle design. It looks slick and beautiful.

Then you have the ingredients. These are amino peptides. These ingredients help you get the dark tan that you desire. No, these don’t have side-effects as these are enzymes and not synthetic ingredients. As the name suggests, the quality would be like the makeup effect of a Hollywood professional.

The Amino-Peptides carry out one more crucial function. Excessive tanning may result in wrinkles and fine lines on your facial contours. These enzymes reduce and in cases diminish these wrinkles to give you a perfect face. The signs of aging will be lesser and lesser with continued usage.

Then you have the vitamins. These vitamins prevent your skin from going rough. In addition to a darker look, vitamins take care of the skin pores from the inside. Reducing dead cells and boosting the alive ones are two of the most common tasks they carry out.

Then you have the natural oils. These act as great moisturizers. Ed Hardy Hollywood pays good attention to the overall tone of your skin. These oils make sure your skin is smoother and moistier than before. In a way, you are paying for an “All Natural Care” besides a dark skin tone.

I Like

  • Packed with Natural Oil and Vitamins, this can be a great skin care product besides a tanning lotion
  • You have a nice packaging to protect the lotion inside; it won’t degrade in quality at all.
  • The Amino-Peptides are natural ways of speeding up darkening process instead of going synthetic.
  • The natural oils in the product moisturize your skin to make it look rejuvenated all the time.
  • You have to thank the amino-peptides that help reducing wrinkles along your facial contours.

I Don't Like

  • According to few reviewers, bronzing effects aren’t THAT good.
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How to Find the Ideal Indoor Tanning Lotion for the Job?

While indoor tanning is not all that difficult, choosing just the right tanning lotion is. Without the right product, you might not get the ideal result that you are after. My recommendations should prove a big help. For those of you who want to take the research a step further, I’m spilling the beans on how to find a good product yourselves. Read on!

Decide on What Type of Tan You Want

Even if you are doing the tan indoors, you need to decide on the quality of your tan. Believe it or not, there are different lotions for the job. It depends on how much dark do you want your skin to be. Depending on your choices, you might try simple tanners or the ones with bronzers. The bronzers darken your skin further.

Focus on Your Skin Type

Tanning Lotions for fair skin

THE most common mistake we make is using a bucket load of skin products. While doing that, we forget about what our skin is like and what it needs. You must remember skin types vary from person to person. Depending on that, ladies need different products for tanning.

For example, if your skin is dry, tanning beneath the sun will only make it drier. Even without the sun, some indoor lotions will suck the moisture out of you. The solution? A tanning lotion with a moisturizer. It will keep your skin hydrated while you get tanned.

Also, when you have an allergic skin, try to find a natural ingredient-based product. You won’t confront synthetic ingredients. As such, those won’t cause you allergies

Get To Know How Much You Can Tolerate

The tolerance level in tanning is important. It decides how much exposure to the tanning bed you can withstand. The greater the exposure, the better the tanning.

The tolerance level is also necessary for the lotions. Best lotions tingle whenever you apply them. Tingling means the lotion is doing what it needs to do. The greater the level of tingling, the efficient your product is. But your skin should be able to tolerate the sensation.

Buy a tingling lotion ONLY if you can tolerate it. If you can’t, don’t. There are plenty of non-tingling lotions available. They don’t work quite as fast or quite as well. But they do the job.

Find One Which Acts as A Sunscreen

tanning lotions

I know you are not here to shop for an Outdoor Tanning Lotion. Yet, you need a product that gives you protection from sun rays.

Why? Well, after applying the lotion, you’ll have to go out at some point. Having a product that acts as a sunscreen helps. It protects you from UV rays. You won’t have to apply several lotions one after the other if you have one that does tanning and offers protection. It is as simple as that.

Some lotions work for both indoor and outdoor tanning. They are a bit costly, yet worthy of the price tag.

The Aspect of Price

People have different opinions when it comes to bronzer or tanning lotion prices. Many would tell you to keep price on a leash. While others will tell you to aim high. My advice is to remain in between.

You should not have a price set in your mind before purchase. Rather you should have a range where you are comfortable.

The price of normal tanning lotions, bronzers, coolants, maximizers, and tingling lotions are cheap as it is. They shouldn’t vary too much product to product. Yet, they remain in a range of 10 – 100 dollars. Judge the product features, see the outcome on your skin, and pay up if you like what you see.

How to Go about the Process of Indoor Tanning and Remain Safe?

I’ve hinted at how easy the process tanning process is up until this point. You have all the tools needed for an indoor session. So, how to proceed with the task at hand? How to make sure you get the best result possible? Follow these points to find out!

Do a “Patch Test” First

I am not kidding. Apply a tiny bit of the tanning lotion on your skin. See if you feel any discomfort. Note the reaction of your lotion to your skin. If it turns out to be harsh, avoid the product. It is a great way to select the ideal product for sensitive skin.

Test the Tan Color

Next thing to do is to test the tanning lotion for color. You should find out what sort of color it will grant to your skin. Reaction to the same lotion might be different for two people. It is due to the skin tone and lots of other things. You might end up using the same lotion and having different color when compared to your friend. The only way to know for sure is a “Patch Test.”

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

You’ll do well to apply the lotion based on instruction by the makers. You’ll have the procedure spelled out for you. Makers often clarify which products to apply before and after tanning as well. There are some products that go well in tandem. Others react harshly to each other.

Taking a peak at the manual is your best bet in this case. This will help avoid accidents and bring out the best results possible. Follow the label to the letter. Applying as instructed helps you avoiding injuries due to UV rays.

Take Care of Your Hygiene

At this point, you’ll be wise to wash your hands thoroughly and wipe them clean. The tanning lotions are non-sticky. They won’t linger about your skin. Yet, don’t take any chances.

Wash every corner of your finger. Even between your nails. Some products have strong odor. Make sure to use soaps or hand-wash to carry them away.

DO NOT Use These Products on Children

I mean it. Don’t. Young skin is sensitive. It is more sensitive to the tanning lotions and UV rays of the tanning bed. Randomly applying lotions can have consequences. Even the good brand can trigger uneasy feeling, allergies, red spots on skin, itchiness, Infections and even skin cancer in worst cases.

If you want to go ahead with the lotions anyway, consult a pediatrician first. Make sure your child’s doctor gives the product a seal of approval.

Avoid Sunlight If Possible

It’s obvious, right? Indoor Tanning Lotions are best used in confined spaces. A tanning bed for example. Applying these and going into the sun is like self-destruction. These lotions aren’t meant to withstand the star’s heat for long. You might find your skin damaged. Worst case scenario is, you’ll get sunburnt.

The best way out is to wait for a few hours before heading out. How many? The count is mentioned on the label of each product. Better yet, get yourselves a suntan lotion. It works both as a tanning agent and a sunscreen when you need it to.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Tanning lotion is one product you’ll find in abundance on the market. Both the indoor and the outdoor variety of it. Yet, not all of them live up to the mark. Trust me, This Tanning Lotion bring about different results for different people. That’s why a closer scrutiny and inspection are necessary.

The ideal product for you would be one that matches your skin. It should deliver on the dark tan you want. Also, it should go hand in hand with your skin type without causing hives or allergies.

Indoor Tanning Lotions require a certain level of know-how. You should know the process in and out. Take various safety measures before and after using. In addition to choosing the best products, these help to ring about the best looking person within you.

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