Best Outdoor Tanning Lotions – The One-stop Guide

What’d you do to get the skin with “Golden” glow?

Most of you would probably spend thousands of dollars in salons hoping to achieve that.

What if I told you, “There’s a simpler way?”

What if I told you, “One could have his/her own salon?”

Call me crazy but it IS possible. You just need one of the best outdoor tanning lotions at your disposal. With the right product, your very own salon will be wherever you want it to be.

But why “Outdoor Tanning Oils or Lotions?” Why not do it indoors?

Well, many of you might prefer the indoor tanning lotions out there. I understand.

But the truth is, outdoor variants give you a great opportunity to busk under the sun. These tanning lotions often play the role of accelerators and bronzers while the big yellow star supplies you with vitamin D.

So, all you need to do is to find the ideal tanning product for outdoor that suits your skin. Don’t worry. Here’s where this article will fill in. I’ll be recommending you Top 10 Outdoor Tanning Lotions 2018 has to offer. Also, I’ve stacked a buyer’s guide for you.

No doubt you’ll be discovering why and how to tan while in the sun as well. Pumped? Buckle up for the ride to discover these hidden gems!

Top Five Outdoor Tanning Lotions Table

ImageProduct NameRatingDetails
Maui Babe Browning★★★★★Check Price
Ed Hardy Coconut★★★★ ✰Check Price
Australian Gold Dark★★★★ ✰Check Price
Hawaiian Tropic★★★★ ✰Check Price
CHEEKY BROWN★★★★✰Check Price
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Outdoor Tanning Lotion – My Choice for 2018

In case you don’t know, tanning products come by the dozens. Especially, the ones we use to tan at the beach. Go out there to buy one and you’ll most likely to be confused. Before you guys mess it up and buy third-grade products, here are a few of my favorite tanning products that’ll do a great job while tanning under the sun.

What Are Outdoor Tanning Lotions Exactly?

We buy them. We use them. Yet, many of us know so little about these products. These are simply tanning lotions that we use during a trip to the beach and lying under the yellow star of ours.

The Sun is our tanning agent while these lotions or oils accelerate the process. These products help the Vitamin D and UV rays to get acquainted with our skins.

Outdoor tanning lotions or oils are also great moisturizers. They make the skin feel soft, young, and firm.

Bear in mind, accelerators, self-tanners, and bronzers are different in their own right. Yet, you’ll find a few common ingredients in there. Let us list them down below:

  • Melanin (for tanning of course).
  • L-Tyrosine (generally found in tanning accelerators).
  • Tea Tree Oil (helps with moisturizing the skin).
  • Copper (Skin darkening Agent).
  • Green Tea (provides you with antioxidants to halt aging process).

By the looks of it, outdoor tanning products are every bit as interesting as their indoor counterparts. You can even use a few of these lotions on a tanning bed behind closed doors too!

But not all indoor lotions can be used outdoors. Why? Well, most indoor tanning products don’t provide you SPF protection. It is necessary to save you from overexposing yourselves to UV rays of the sun.

Top Ten Outdoor Tanning Lotion Reviews

1.Maui Babe Browning Lotion 8 Ounces

best outdoor tanning lotions

Let me start off by saying that this is a cheap outdoor tanning lotion that you can find below 20 dollars. Considering the price, I am amazed by the quality of tanning it offers. Maui Babe is laced with a tanning formula that actually works.

The first time I applied it to my body, I was skeptic about the Hawaiian formula. As it turns out, I was worrying in vain. While it has a couple of issues, this “All Natural” tanning lotion does a great job in accelerating the tanning process under the sun.

This thing comes with Aloe Vera. In case you don’t know, Aloe prevents your skin from burning when laying out in the sun. When I think about it, you don’t need to stay in the sun for all that long. Only 20 minutes of time will do the trick for anybody.

It is good for people with sensitive skin. Even if someone has a pale skin, this lotion will work equally well. I’d advise people to get someone else to apply it on their backs. One of my two issues with this tanning lotion is that you’ll have to keep rubbing once you apply this lotion on body parts.

Quite frankly, I am not a fan of the smell as well. I’ve seen products that smell better than this one. But when I see the results it brings, buying this product for outdoor tanning is a worthy investment.


  • Maui Babe is made with natural ingredients that “Accelerate” the sun tanning process.
  • The natural ingredients don’t have any side-effects unlike other popular brands out there.
  • The Hawaiian formula takes less than 20 minutes in the sun to tan your skin properly.
  • The formula is great for people that have sensitive or pale skin and are searching a way out
  • The outdoor tanning lotion comes in a easy-to-manage bottle for the users.


  • I have issues with the smell. It is not good at all for my liking.
  • According to some of the users, the lotion came off with the sweat.

2. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

best outdoor tanning lotion for pale skin

The fact that “Coconut” is in the name of this tanning lotion means two things. First, you get natural ingredients as parts of this package. Secondly, you have coconut milk. The beauty of “Coconut Milk” is that it hydrates your body. Believe me, you need all the hydration you can get while tanning in the sun.

I was relieved to see that Ed Hardy doesn’t use bronzers as ingredients in the lotion. One good thing that came out of this fact is that my skin won’t turn orange if I continuously use this product.

Whenever I try out new tanning oils or lotions, I act skeptical. Like many of you, I love tattoos. I have quite a few of them for a long time now. The last thing I want is a tanning oil destroying the precious artwork on my body. Luckily, Coconut Kisses Tanning Lotion doesn’t hamper my tattoos one bit.

Plus, it comes with “BodyFit.” This is an ingredient which helps me in keeping my body firm. You won’t see any signs of your body aging. Also, say goodbye to your dimples that make you look bad.

This formula keeps your skin moist with a combo of Vitamin A, C, and E. Plus, it has Aloe Vera and Moisturizing Glycerin. Both of these ingredients facilitate soft skin.

I admit that this lotion is a bit thicker than what I expected. But it is not too thick and dull. Add to that this outdoor tanning lotion has a scent that will charm most of the consumers. “Coconut Kisses” doesn’t have a good SPF rating. It is a tingling tanning lotion for people to take advantage of.


  • I like the fact that this tanning lotion keeps your body hydrated while you tan in the sun.
  • The coconut fragrance of this tanning lotion immediately will immerse you into heaven.
  • You have all the necessary vitamins in the forms of A, C, and E to keep yourselves moisturized.
  • This is a “Medium Thick” lotion that becomes one with your body in quickest time possible.
  • It is a tingling tanning lotion that doesn’t have artificial bronzers. Your skin won’t turn orange.


  • This tanning lotion is expensive when compared to all the alternative options people have.

3. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Spray

best outdoor tanning lotions to get dark fast

If you prefer to have a different type of tanning lotion, at this point in my list Tanning Lotions, I give you Australian Gold Dark Tanning Spray. This “Spray” saves you the trouble of applying a lotion for several minutes. Instead, a simple spray is going to be enough.

Australian Gold didn’t commit any animal cruelty for coming up with the formula. Part of my recommendation is due to the natural ingredients used in this tanning product.

Another reason for me to recommend this stuff is the fact that this is an “Accelerator” and not a “Bronzer.” Users can be absolutely sure that this product uses natural materials in the making. People won’t find any artificial colors in here. It won’t turn your skin Orange.

This lotion is of medium texture. The thing I like about this lotion is that it doesn’t feel greasy on my body. It assimilates just nicely. Furthermore, it doesn’t feel oily nor does it irritate the sensitive skin in any way.

Olive oil, tea tree oil, and pro-vitamin B5 are just some of the natural ingredients that go into making this “Accelerator.” Good thing that comes out of it is the fact that you’ll have moisturizer at work. It will keep the skin lively and young for years to come.

Another good thing about this “Tanning Accelerator” is the scent. To me, it feels like an Orange Cream Sherbet which gets you in the mood for a bit of sunbathing. Please apply your sunscreen lotion promptly after you apply the tanning spray. It will keep your skin protected.


  • The ingredients are natural; you won’t have any problems with irritation from this spray.
  • This is an accelerator and not a bronzer. It won’t make your skin go orange when you apply it.
  • I like the natural oils and vitamins that go into making this product. It moisturizes the skin.
  • I am a big fan of the smell of this product as well. It is an uncanny smell which makes you feel good.


  • The smell might be too strong for some people to bear.

4. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil

best outdoor tanning oil

If you want the better tanning lotion for pale skin, I suggest you buy this oil without spending money anywhere else. Using Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil is pretty simple. Open it up and apply the oil to your body.

This is a low SPF lotion with the rating of 4. While people might argue with the sun protection issues, this is a “Dark” tanning oil. Normally, you HAVE to use sunscreen to some degree in tandem with this oil. Yet, the manufacturers tell us there’s no need for a lotion to protect our skin from the sun.

The Dark Tanning Oil is a combo of different tanning oils you find only in Hawaii. So, you get the natural oils that manufacturers promise you. On top of that, you have the fruit and nut extract too. The combo moisturizes your skin and keeps it soft.

I liked that this thing comes with Aloe Vera. It gives my skin a natural glow that only a few tanning oils can rival. Then you have the cocoa butter. It further moisturizes and revitalizes your skin through vitamins.

Although it takes a bit of time, Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil gives you the golden tan you so desire. After 30 minutes in the sun, the effects will begin to surface.

I love that the manufacturers have kept vitamins A, C, and E into the mix. These vitamins do a great job of nourishing and providing users like me with younger looking skin. The tanning product comes with antioxidants. These further speed up the process.

Very few lotions come close to the smell Tropic Tan Oil has. It smells like fresh coconut drink. I like the intense smell it leaves on my body. However, there are milder ones out there if you prefer.


  • This product comes with Hawaiian oil, nut, and fruit extracts to provide you the tan you desire.
  • Tropical Dark Tanning Lotion takes as little as 30 minutes to work its magic on our bodies.
  • Aloe Vera and other tanning oil extracts nourish, moisturize, and keep your body soft.
  • It doesn’t turn your skin into an “Orange” mess; it offers a golden tan that you prefer to have.
  • Antioxidants keep your skin looking younger than it actually is.


  • People do have issues with the intense smell that Tropical Dark Tanning Oil comes with.
  • As it turns out, you’d need a sunscreen lotion in addition to this tanning oil for protection.

5. Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

best after tanning lotion

When it comes to tanning oils or lotions, our budget lingers around below $20. While there are expensive products, we feel safe around that mark. If you think you’ll have a “So-So” product around that mark, you are wrong. One can get Cheeky Brown Accelerator and Natural Bronzer from Australian Gold at this price.

I bought it for the Exclusive Australian Oils that it comes with. The combo of oils works as this product feels anything but greasy on my skin. Let me name a few oils that are in this package. You have Sunflower oil, Caramel, Olive Oil, Herbal DNA, Henna Extract, and Glycerin to name a few.

Along with these oils, you have vitamins A, C, and E. I could also find Aloe Vera Gel listed as the ingredient. Aloe Vera cools your skin when you are in the sun.Vitamin A and E provide my skin a youthful look. Vitamin C nourishes it further. Together with the indigenous oils, these three create a formula that hydrates my skin. Trust me, it works wonders when under the sun. Not to mention, it comes very good in case of indoor tanning bed use as well!

Although this thing comes with bronzers, the effects are not all that prominent. If you want to get the awesome result out of it, use it as an accelerator. I paired it with another tanning lotion and got great results.

As I mentioned in case of other products, I like the smell they call “Cocoadreams.” It calms me. But the smell is a personal thing. You may or may not like it.


  • This product is heavy on natural ingredients that nourish your skin from within besides tanning.
  • Natural Australian Oils and Herbal DNA make for a good combo when it comes to youthful skin.
  • Cheeky Brown is great as an accelerator. Feel free to use it with another tanning product.
  • You have vitamins A, C, and E to thank for hydrating and rejuvenating your skin.
  • This product works great outdoors as well as indoors on a tanning bed.


  • People do have issues with the intense smell that Tropical Dark Tanning Oil comes with.
  • As it turns out, you’d need a sunscreen lotion in addition to this tanning oil for protection.

6.Swedish Beauty, Shea You Love Me, Tanning Lotion

best indoor outdoor tanning lotion

Don’t like all that smell in your tanning lotion? Try Shea You Love Me Tanning Lotion from Swedish Beauty. In addition to being an “All Natural” product, this one is the outdoor tanning lotion that I found for you people with dry skin.

As the name gives away, you’ll find Shea Butter in this product along with the Crème De La Crème formula. I was astounded by the moisturizing effects this formula has. It turned my dry skin into a silky and smooth one just over a few uses.

I was further impressed by the “Hypoallergenic” qualities of this tanning lotion. As it deals with dry skin, this product also counters the allergies that associate themselves with a dry skin. For example, if you have eczema and you want a tanned body, this is the product you should apply lying on the beach sand.

Did I mention it has fruit extracts? Well, it does! I found “Apple” as a listed ingredient. Naturally, it came with the three common vitamins. You get A, C, and E. As you know, these vitamins help to moisturize the skin and keep people young even in their middle ages when the skin tends to get a bit dull.

This product surprised me with the BioBronzeBlend. This is a light bronzer that speeds up the effects of natural ingredients packed in Shea You Love Me. The benefit of having a light bronzer in the mix is that your skin doesn’t turn orange from continuous use.

As I mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to find a shred of odor while using this lotion. Swedish Beauty went the “No Odor” route understanding people might have issues with how the product smells.

Personally, I find it a smart move. Trust me, you wouldn’t want a greasy (which it’s not) and smelly lotion while you are at the beach.


  • You have ingredients like apple, oatmeal, vitamins, and Shea Butter in the formula.
  • The “All Natural” product features a light bronzer just to speed up the tanning process for users.
  • Shea You Love Me is perfect for dry skin. People with eczema can use this product just fine.
  • This “Swedish Beauty” product is hypoallergenic as well.
  • It doesn’t have a smell. It is completely devoid of any odor (good or bad) whatsoever.


  • I couldn’t nitpick this product for shortcomings.

7.Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X

best outdoor dark tanning lotion

I couldn’t leave Millennium out of my list when discussing tanning lotion to get dark fast. Well, Paint it Black claims to darken your skin 50 times faster than ordinary products. I had to test it and review it for my users. So, I did!

First of all, it has a good consistency to back up the claim. It doesn’t lump on your body or feel greasy once you apply Paint it Black on your body. You can wear your fancy bikinis on your way to the beach. Paint it Black won’t get on your clothes.

Paint it Black quickens the tanning process thanks to Silicone Emulsifiers. The ingredients help in darkening the skin automatically. I applied the lotion once on my body and that was it. I noticed my skin getting darker as time passed. Paint it Black gets to work as soon as one rubs it.

Despite how it looks, the product has natural ingredients like fruit extracts and seeds. To give it an even texture, manufacturers have included natural oils as well. It comes with bronzers. Besides quickening the tanning process, these bronzers give you darkest tan possible.

People of all ages can use this thing. Yes, even teens! But it is a lotion that doesn’t tingle. Frankly, that’s the only thing I consider to be a bit of a hitch.

I am not going to lie; I found the smell of this product quite refreshing. Black tanning lotions often have “Coconut” flavor smell. Yet, this one claims to have “Cotton Blossom.” For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it smells like vanilla.


  • Paint it Black is quick at its job. You just need to apply the lotion and it begins its magic.
  • It comes with Silicone Emulsifiers for quick and consistent tanning experience.
  • Paint it Black won’t get on your clothes once you apply it on your body.
  • The vanilla flavored smell is an instant charmer considering the other brands using coconut flavor
  • The formula gives this product a “Medium Thick” texture and prevents it from sticking on your clothes.


  • This product is not ideal for people with pale skin.

8. Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion

best outdoor tanning

Do you want a tanning lotion, moisturizer, and Sunscreen for the beach trip all in one package? Well, Sun Bum Tanning Lotion delivers you just that! With all the ingredients in tow (which we’ll get to in moments), this sunscreen lotion comes with an SPF rating of 15! It reduces the risk of skin cancer drastically.

One of the things I liked about SunBum is the fact that it’s not greasy at all. It’s very easy to apply on your skin. You won’t find it getting on your bikinis or beach suit for that matter. The bottle is quite small too. One can carry it in a tiny beach bag if he/she chooses.

My neighbors used Sun Bum and had no problems even with their sensitive skins. This outdoor tanning lotion is perfect for children as well. Yes, even when the children have the most sensitive skins.

This wonder lotion grants my neighbors protection against wide spectrum UVA and UVB rays. In addition to it not sticking to your clothes, the lotion doesn’t mix with water and sweat. However, it counters sweat and water only for 80 minutes in the sun. I’d say you’ll need less time than that with this lotion.

As there are many brands with Paraben and PABA, I was skeptical about Sun Bum as well. Fortunately, this lotion is free of both of these harmful elements. I am not in favor of animal oils and certainly not in favor of animal cruelty while producing these lotions.

Fortunately, it is free of any animal fat and other parts. Count on Sun Bum being free of gluten as well. It is cent percent vegan and is safe for your health.


  • Sun Bum is a hypoallergenic tanning lotion. Applying this won’t cause you allergies.
  • The manufacturers abstained from any kind of animal cruelty while coming up with this product.
  • This is totally synthetic element-free. You don’t have to worry about PABA or Paraben.
  • You get to enjoy the benefits of a natural product without worrying about allergies or skin diseases.
  • This lotion comes with a SPF rating of 15 making it a great sunscreen besides a lotion for tanning.


  • I don’t have bad remarks for this lotion during my experience of using it.

9.SunGodZ Apollo/Artemis 375X Bronzer Tanning Lotion with Argan

best outdoor tanning lotion for fair skin

While delving into excellent tanning lotion, I had to include SunGod Apollo/Artemis 375X Tanning Lotion into the mi. Mainly because of the high bronzer rating of 375X and the Ingredients it comes packed with.

This bronzer is cheap and you get a showerproof product. Meaning, it won’t wash off when you take a shower at the beach or at home after applying it.

Oops! I let you in on a secret, didn’t I? This tanning lotion evidently works both as an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion for the users. As it’s packed with bronzers and tanning intensifiers, you’ll have to spend less time wearing it under the sun.

Just to put you savvy people at ease, Apollo/Artemis 375X Bronzer protects your tattoos. Yes, this is a tanning lotion that doesn’t impact the precious tattoos. In fact, the tattoos don’t fade quickly with this product like they do with the other products available on market.

The scent is particularly interesting. It doesn’t fade away all that quickly. I’d describe this as “Unisex” scent. This means, male and female users can use this product just fine.

If you are looking for a competent product, this one is! Especially, you have the need for an indoor tanning lotion. Yes, SunGodz can very well work indoors and on a tanning bed as it does outdoors under the sun. It is a two-in-one product and cheap at that.

While giving us a wonderful tan, this Apollo/Artemis hydrates our bodies as well. The ingredients make for wonderful moisturizers that soften your skin. While doing that, vitamins A, E, and C nourish our skin to retain the glow and tenderness.


  • It is an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion at the same time for users to take advantage of.
  • The moisturizers work wonders when it comes to making your skin soft while tanning it.
  • The smell soothes male and female users; it is a product anyone can use to tan their skin.
  • SunGodz actually protects your tattoos while it tans your skin to the fullest.
  • The ingredients don’t turn your skin orange like so many of the contemporary products do.


  • I can’t nitpick a tanning product this good.

10. Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer, Light Purple, Vanilla Plum

best tanning bed lotion

As I get to the last product on my list of outdoor lotion for 2019 and beyond, I took the liberty of including Hempz Herbal tanning oil. This is also a body moisturizer. You can expect plenty of skin care while getting a nice golden tan through this one.

As the name implies, I found it to be made of natural hemp seed oil. It helps a great deal with moisturizing the skin. Minus all the synthetic elements that cause rashes or skin allergies of course.

Like Sun Bum, this body moisturizer is also free of any paraben-based elements. I didn’t find Gluten or THQ drugs for that matter. Thus, it is safe to be called 100% vegan.

I’ll tell you what IS PRESENT in this tanning oil. You have plum extract. This helps to condition your skin while tanning. Thus, the skin retains the tan for a longer period of time.

Helping with the conditioning is Shea Butter. Now, this is an ingredient that is known to make the skin soft and smooth for your loved one to cuddle with.

I like when a tanning lotion gives you antioxidants to work with. These things halt your aging process. As bonuses, you get vitamins A, C, and E. These three nourish peoples’ skins and block natural oxidants from making them look older than the age suggests.

With all the perks you get with this tanning lotion, the smell doesn’t take over. This is good. You don’t want a tanning lotion to smell aggressive even after an hour or two of washing it off.


  • Hempz tanning lotion has a mild smell that doesn’t linger hours after one is done with it.
  • This tanning product is completely natural with all the vegan ingredients and vitamins.
  • You get all the antioxidants that help you with looking younger than your age.
  • Natural ingredients in this tanning lotion help moisturizing the skin along with vitamins.
  • Hempz natural tanning moisturizer lotion is packed with plum extract.


  • This lotion is beyond criticism so far.

How to Make Sure You Buy the Right Tanning Lotion for Outdoors?

It’s easy! Just follow my lead and study a little about these products. In this section, you’ll find exclusive tips that’ll help you to push the right button and make the right purchase when it comes to these things.

Measure Your Skin First

Trust me, buying one of the tanning lotions from my list won’t do you any good if it doesn’t suit you. By you, I mean your skin. But how to know if a product suits you or not? Well, as it turns out, dermatologists categorized our skins in six categories. These categories speak volumes about how our skin will behave when put under the sun.

How? Well, the dermatologists put the most sensitive skin into category one. This type of skin easily gets burnt by the sun and has the least melanin count. You’ll find special outdoor tanning lotions for fair skin.

As we progress through the next four types, the melanin count gradually increases. Skin pattern grows darker and more resistant to sunburn. The last type (Type 6) is the most resistant.

Check the SPF Rating

When you are buying a suntan lotion and you are planning to use it during your time at the beach, make sure it comes with an SPF rating. SPF rating marks a lotion according to its performance under the sun. Lotions with high rating protect your skin against the scorching heat better.

The general rule of thumb is to buy an outdoor tanner which comes with an SPF rating of 15 or higher. In that case, Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion can be a good choice.

I am not saying lotions or oils with lower ratings won’t work. They will. You’ll need to be careful with them. Don’t keep them on for long if your skin has a lighter tone.

If your skin more towards the dark end of the spectrum, lower SPF count will do just fine.

Do You Want to Tan Fast or Take Your Time?

You have to keep in mind that different tanners, bronzers, accelerators, and moisturizers work at different pace. You have to choose according to your comfort level.

Again, your skin type into consideration. How much do you stay out in the sun? How long until your skin feels irritated? Does it get hot sooner rather than later? Answers to all these questions will help to narrow down which brand or product you need.

For example: if you can withstand the sun for thirty minutes, I suggest you get a tanning accelerator that works within 15 to 20 minutes. Or you can go with a lotion that has a high SPF rating.

Look Out for Ingredients Causing Allergies

Many of us are allergic to certain things. I am allergic to peanut butter. Believe it or not, these allergies can extend to Tanning Lotions as well. Particularly speaking, anyone can be allergic to a certain ingredient or ingredients of a tanning lotion, oil, and bronzer.

Allergies can cause red spots on the skin. Your skin can swell up as well. Good practice in these cases is to read the ingredients’ list on the product or in the manual. Neglect a tanning accessory that contains questionable ingredients. This will make the choice easier on your part.

Consider A Lotion That Works with a Tanning Bed If You Can

Everybody likes his/her time at the beach. I mean, there’s the sun and the sand, right? But every once in a while, people like to stay home and relax a bit. Especially during the really hot days in the summer.

That doesn’t mean tanning has to stop. Just buy a tanning lotion that works outdoors as well as indoors for you. There are plenty of brands and products out there.

In these cases, tanning oils are perfect. They work well with tanning beds. Also, tanning oils don’t seep onto your clothing. If you want outdoor tanning oil that works indoors, get CHEEKY Brown Tanning Oil from this list. You won’t regret the choice.

Fragrance or No Fragrance?

This thing pretty much boils down to personal preference. Some of us like the sweet and lingering fragrance of an outdoor tanning lotion. Some of us don’t.

When you are out looking for a product that smells nice, you can choose vanilla. If your skin matches the criteria, Paint it Black is the product to go for.

If you want a lighter fragrance, go for coconut-flavored lotions. Cheeky Brown or Hawaii Tropical Dark Tanning Oil will do the job for you. Check the fact that they are hypoallergenic. Also, you shouldn’t be sensitive towards coconut or vanilla for that matter.

If you choose, you can go for tanning oils/lotions that don’t have a fragrance too. If you are allergic to a certain type of odor, these are the perfect alternatives for you. As it turns out, Shea You Love Me is a product I recommend highly in these cases.

Why Go Through the Trouble of Outdoor Tanning?

So far in this guide, I’ve given you the way points to 10 Top Outdoor Tanning Lotions that you can buy. Also, I’ve listed the factors you should consider if you are doing your own research. But why? Why should you consider darkening your skin outdoors? Well, it’s about time I answered your queries.

  • Firstly, rays of our yellow star AKA the Sun help produce Vitamin D. The vitamin strengthens our bone structure.
  • Controlled exposure to Ultraviolet rays or UV rays can benefit our skin and body. Lack of it can prove fatal. We need the sunlight. Outdoor Tanning for 20 minutes at the beach every four or five days is just the kind of exposure you need.
  • Make no mistake, tanning gives us an attractive golden glow and who doesn’t like to look good and shine like a princess without makeup?
  • Tanning under the sun regularly can increase the melanin count in your skin. We have a lot of people who are sensitive to sun rays. Well, good news! Frequent tanning can build up resistance against sunburns, rashes, red spots, and dark patches on the skin.
  • If you have the“Acne” problem, suntan will work like a charm for you. Heat from the sun dries up acne pretty fast.

How to Use a Tanning Lotion Outdoor?

Believe it or not, these things are easy to get your head around. One needs to follow some basic rules when applying the tanner. That’s it. What are these rules? Let’s find out!

  • The day you decide to tan, apply a pre-tanning lotion. Do it at least an hour before you sit by the pool or make your trip to the beach. This way, the lotion will have time to settle in. A pre-tanning lotion does a good job moisturizing your skin.
  • Next, it’s time to bring out the tanning lotion. Apply the lotion evenly while you sit by the pool. My advice is going to the beach. Warm sand and sun will be of better help. Make sure to apply the lotion evenly all over your skin. Tanning lotion come with good SPF ratings. If your lotion doesn’t have a rating or it is too low, use a sunscreen with it.
  • Most of the lotions do moisturize your skin. If your unit doesn’t have moisturizing properties, use an “After Tanning Lotion.” This will make the skin soft and smooth. I really like the “Aloe-based” moisturizers for this job. Aloe cools my skin by taking the extra heat out of the body.

How to Tan Effectively – My Closet of Tips

Don’t tell me you are satisfied just by knowing how to tan! Knowing the process is great. But do you know you can improve on it? Getting a normal tan and getting an effective one are two different things. At this point of this guide, let me tell you how you can get effective tanning done each and every time. Follow my lead.

  • Fix how long you’ll apply the lotion to each side of your body. Depending on the type of skin you have, stick to 10 to 20 minutes per side. This will help you in growing accustomed to the heat of the sun. People with sensitive skin will find it helpful. This act will also give you a “Base Tan” to work with. Once you develop it, increase the tanning period gradually by five minutes each side.
  • Don’t make it a regular affair. Tanning is good. Yet, tanning every single day is a bit too much. Our bodies need to rest. Also, our skin needs to adapt to the antioxidants, darkening agents, and moisturizers. I’d suggest you put a gap of at least 72 hours in between each session.
  • Tan lines do concern you. Admit it. Sometimes skin contrast is clearly visible. It looks awkward. However, if people tan carefully, they can prevent some of the tan lines. For example, one should take the jewelry and the shoes off when tanning. Using indoor tanning goggles or sunglasses can help with the tan lines around the eyes.
  • While we are speaking about eye protection, you shouldn’t use the contact lenses and normal eyeglasses. UV rays of the sun can damage the contacts. Eyeglasses can work as magnifiers and increase the heat level. It damages the eyes albeit slowly.
  • Ladies, don’t do makeup when you are tanning. It will surely jeopardize the tanning. Also, a layer of makeup can cause thin tanning lines. The tan you get will be lighter in areas where makeup is done. It creates a contrast which is pretty bad.
  • Avoid wearing perfume as well. Perfume and makeup can cause sensitivity towards sunlight when combined with a tanning lotion. As a result, one may face rashes, itches, red patches, lumps and so on.
  • Do you exfoliate your skin? If not, do it regularly. Even if you are not tanning, exfoliating is a good practice. This act removes dead cells. Also, when tanning, exfoliating makes your tan last longer. It evens out the tan all over your body eliminating tan lines.
  • Lastly, be mindful of how you guys are positioning yourselves while tanning. When you are halfway through, flip over to apply tanning lotion to the rest of your body. You’ll do very well to stretch your arms and legs a little. This way, one can make sure every part of your body is covered and gets an even tan.

Wrapping It All Up!

Phew! Finally, I’ve reached the epilogue of my guide to best outdoor tanning lotions. This is pretty much all you need to know when it comes to tanning by the pool or at the beach.

Be sure to purchase a tanning lotion/oil/moisturizer that fits your skin. As it turns out, my recommended tanning products are some of the awesome in the business. You can buy any one of them and it’ll be just fine.

Feel free to double check. You’ll find the buying guide quite helpful in determining which among the top 10 is the ideal product that suits your skin. Using the product is as easy as pie.

Don’t worry. I won’t leave you high and dry. You’ll find my tips on how to use these products and get the best out of them quite helpful as well. I am not an expert on outdoor tanning at all. These are just tips I learned through my experience of five years.

Try these and let me know about your experiences with them in the comments.

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