Best ProForm Elliptical Reviews in 2021

Going one or two days without seating in the gym is like going to hell. Very often we preach for a fit body but can’t visit the gym often because we are busy and can’t make time. Then some people can’t afford an expert personal trainer and a gym together. Fortunately, we have alternatives in place. Only go for an affordable home elliptical machine that passes the “Gym” test. ProForm Elliptical Reviews are perfect places to find one.ProForm has been the symbol of fitness since the early 1980s. It is still going strong with all its elliptical machines and ProForm Hybrid Trainers. This article will grant you with a glimpse of fitness equipment that you can find within ProForm. That too without compromising your budget.

Top 03 ProForm Elliptical in The Market : 

Our Recommended Top Five Best ProForm Elliptical Reviews

1. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

When you are hell bent to get the best of both worlds regarding bike training and elliptical exercises, ProForm Hybrid Trainer is your answer. Be it a cardiovascular workout or a regular regime to stay in tone; you can do it all with this recumbent bike plus ProForm elliptical device.

This exercise machine is convenient and silent to use. The reason for this silence is “Magnetic Resistance.” 16 levels of resistance provide you with challenging workout every time. You can begin at the lowest level and gradually move your way up the ladder.These resistance settings deliver perfect training regime for your upper body. The soft grips on the arms of the machine provide a perfect cushion. The EKG Grip Pulse system does a great job monitoring your vital signs.

With the inertia induced flywheel, this machine performs at the top of its capacity each and every time.The stride pedals of this Hybrid ProForm Trainer are adjustable. At 15-inch they don’t serve well for tall people but with the target pace, you’ll have a good workout for your money.

Also, you can take it anywhere you go thanks to the transport wheels beneath.In case, something drastically bad happens, a 5-year frame warranty and 90 days of parts and labor warranty have got you covered for your loss.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Saves you a lot of space.
  • Keeps your tablet at a level where you can see it.
  • The sturdy design will last for years.


  • The adjustable strides are shorter than usual.
  • More of a “Beginner Level” machine.

2. ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer

This ProForm Elliptical machine has the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. Unlike most elliptical machines in this price range, it delivers results quickly.It sets up quickly. You’ll have it out of the box and set up for use in no time at all.

The Smart Strider 735 has wheels beneath for transportation. The Smart Strider is designed in a way that it saves space.It carries the signature SMR resistance. This helps keep your machine silent. Also, magnetic resistance poses a greater challenge than any other type when working out. You’ve got 20 different resistance levels to enjoy challenging sessions of workouts. During these sessions, CoolAire workout fan keeps you cool.

You can use this ProForm Hybrid Trainer in commercial establishments such as gyms. Thanks to the 18-pound flywheel, it grants you an excellent workout. The pedals of Smart Strider 375 Trainer can accommodate most feet without problems. You can adjust the incline with power.

It gives you a better “Mountain Climbing” experience without having to leave your house. This ProForm Elliptical device comes with 22 pre-programmed workout apps and is fit to run on iFit. You can also play audio with your iPod while exercising.


  • I was able to install this within minutes.
  • A number of workout settings make it fun.
  • Suits all members of your family.
  • People did confirm this as a gym material.
  • Robust frame and heavy back flywheel make you sweat a lot.


  • At first, you might hear a squeaking noise.

3. Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical Machine

ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520 E Elliptical,black

Endurance 520 E Elliptical Machine provides much needed “Total Body Workout” for you. From the upper parts and cardio exercises to abdomen areas; you can create and follow specific training regime for each section of your body.

This mid-ranged ProForm Elliptical comes with 18 different and challenging resistance levels. The idea is, you’ll have to move up from beginner to advanced level exercises gradually. The inertia triggered 15lb. Flywheel will make your workout increasingly difficult.This elliptical trainer has 20-inch adjustable strides. Endurance 520 E is perfect for taller people, and it also comes with “Leveling Feet” that keep it balanced if the surface you are using this on is “Skewed” to some extent.

The 5-inch display shows you all the critical stats that are necessary to track your progress. Speed-based workouts are an integral part of this ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainer. The machine does incline up to 20 degrees’ maximum. This gives you a feel of climbing mountains. You can set the machine to 5 different positions.Endurance 520 E is iFit compatible. You’ll need to buy the module separately.

You can also listen to music using iPod thanks to the docking station. USB charging station is also provided.ProForm Endurance 520 E elliptical machine features a lifetime warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Amazing device with incredible customer support!


  • It is a quiet machine.
  • Very sturdy, will stand the test of time.
  • The display has a backlight, you can use it in dim conditions.
  • USB charger functions too well.
  • Tablet holder allows you to relax while you train for the fit body.


  • You can’t download anything with the USB port.
  • Doesn’t come with a fan.

4. ProForm 7.0 RE Rear Drive Elliptical

ProForm 7.0 RE Elliptical Trainer

This one is a “Beginner’s Friend” in my ProForm Elliptical Reviews. The 7.0 RE comes at a modest price. This rear drive elliptical has 18 different programs for the beginners with 14 resistance levels to challenge you. People can digitally control the resistance levels for better output.Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor requires both hands to monitor the heartbeat with accuracy.

Also, the inertia-induced rear-end flywheel challenges people workout after workout. The weight of the flywheel is 10lb.Pedals of this treadmill are “Oversized.” They are a perfect fit for medium-sized people. Of course, you get the leveling feet and the transport wheels that help you to stabilize this device and take it to anywhere you like.The LCD display shows you all the necessary matrix you need to know about your workout. You get to measure time, distance, speed, and calories you burn.

The machine packs all these in a space-saver and foldable design.It connects to your iPod you also have two 2-in speakers that sound perfect for the price of this device. Read More ProForm 7.0 RE Rear Drive Elliptical


  • Assembling this product is easier than you think.
  • Makes little to no noise.
  • As a beginner-friendly machine, 14 resistance levels are great.
  • Has a small footprint.
  • Good computer device for an “Entry Level” product.


  • Squeaking noise spoils the mood at times.
  • People have had issues with heartrate sensor.

5. ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer

ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer

If you want to go to the “High-End” of the spectrum with ProForm, the 1110 E Elliptical Trainer is where you start considerations from. “Front Drive” based 1110 E ProForm Elliptical machine comes with the top notch commercial-grade frame.

Yes, you can use it commercially in gyms as well.This machine has 25 different “Magnet-based” resistance levels. These will test your capacity and endurance. You can work with various incline levels of up to 20 degrees. Now you can experience what hiking feels like from the comfort of your house.32 lbs. inertia based flywheel challenges your stamina to the extreme. Along with that, you have “Soft Touch” upper body grip for some added comfort. You have the CoolAire fan that is 8” long.

Front-mounted transport wheels do the job of moving this accessory around easily.You’ll have adjustable pedals that support 20-22” feet. This range gives you better muscle tone and builds up the strength in your muscles. While you exercise, you can listen to the favorite track of yours through your tablet. There is a removable tablet holder in place that keeps your tablet at your fingertips’ distance.The display is conveniently larger than others on this list. A 7-inch display shows you all the vitals you need to know for your exercises.

People can count calorie burns, the distance they traveled, the speed they trained at, the resistance number and their heartbeat rate.This incredible machine is compatible with iFit. I could access a library of Google maps to exercise with using this app. The software gives your practice and training sessions a realistic feeling.


  • Sturdy construction makes it a crowd favorite.
  • Comes at a fair price.
  • Very good when you are running it on moderate speed.
  • You can easily go between intensity and inclining exercises.


  • If you work with high speeds, a squeaking noise can be heard.

Ins and Outs of ProForm Franchise

At the very beginning of 1980 ProForm came into being thanks to Scott Waterson and Gary Stevenson. The duo own ICON Health and Fitness which expanded into ProForm Fitness Equipment Inc.Since then, ProForm gradually brought out treadmills, Hybrid Trainers, Elliptical devices based on front, center and rear flywheel compositions, etc. Few of the specialties of this brand include trademark silent resistance, sturdy construction, the space saver design models, affordability, etc.

Advantage that ProForm Brings with It

You guys already know the unique features ProForm has at this point. Let us look at what benefits these features might provide us.– Sturdy construction of ProForm allows us to have durable equipment that lasts the test of time. People pour in a considerable amount of money in fitness trainers. ProForm makes your purchase worth your money.– The Silent Resistance Technology and the Incline controls provide you flexible options. You can use these machines in your home or anywhere else.– ProForm allows you further flexibilities regarding incline ramp adjustment features and customizable foot pedals. As a result, many people in the same family can use it.– ProForm has a range of fitness trainers beginning from “Entry Level” to expert machines. The warranty period is customized to fit each machine’s quality and standards.

Types of ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainers

Be a hybrid or an elliptical trainer, Each of the ProForm’s models has its own specialties. However, we can put them into three distinct classes based on where ProForm puts the “Flywheel” in the machine. Let us take a look at the types.

  • Front Drive Flywheel Machines

This is the type where ProForm puts the motor at the front. These things rely on smart technological aspects and provide you with connectivity to different apps and computer programs.These are not bulky, and they save you a lot of space. But one drawback is that you are limited regarding the customizable options you have at your disposal. The Rear Drive Series has a comparatively expansive repertoire of choices.

  • Rear Motor Series

This series of trainers from ProForm puts the motor at the backside of the equipment. This makes the models of this series easier to use than others. The most basic models in this series are the “Strider” models.When you gradually move up the ladder, you find models with adjustable ramps, adjustable strides based on power and so on. Front Motor Series doesn’t offer many of these things.

  • The ProForm Hybrid Series

The Hybrid Trainer from ProForm is half bike and half elliptical device. I guess you can call it the “In Between” thing. The device lacks some of the features of both elliptical and bike-type devices.It is easy to use and perfect for the price. That is why people opt for it despite a noisy fan and sound system.

Which are the Best Machines Based on Numerous ProForm Elliptical Reviews?

ProForm has many fitness machines lined up. It is quite difficult to go through user accounts on all these machines and decide which one would be ideal for you. That is why I’ve come up with my own short list of tools that I think will fit any fitness enthusiast despite his training level or experience. Let us have a look below.

Parting Words

ProForm Authorities know their game all too well. They know their customers. You’ll find something for just about anyone. The trick is to find the ideal machine and use it correctly to sound effect. You can’t barge in and say, you’ll turn into a handsome hunk or an attractive lady overnight.You’ll need to work hard and regularly. Choosing the ideal machine matters too. All these ProForm Elliptical Reviews will surely help. To further enhance your list, just go through numerous user reviews on these machines.

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