Best Serpentine Belt Reviews In 2020

In trouble of running multiple peripheral devices with ease? Not to worry because, today we have something called serpentine belt to solve it up. The device is basically guide by a belt and idler pulley and helps running several peripheral devices smoothly.

However, if you’re in search fora best serpentine belt reviews to run alternator, power steering, compressor or any other peripheral device, this is where your search ends.

We have collected a bunch of important information to make this article and we hope this will be worthy of your precious time. We have searched many products and our priority was the quality. Therefore, we have selected ten serpentine belts according to their service and quality.

Top Picks – Best Five Serpentine Belt  For 2020

How to Buy a Good Quality Serpentine Belt?

As a machinist myself, I’ve been working with these tools for many years. So, what I think is, most of the users do three basic mistakes in buying a serpentine belt for their garage.

Here they are-

1.Mistake 1: Overlooking Online Offerings

If you’re an online shopping lover, then you might be thinking to buy a peripheral device online too. But make sure you don’t get fooled by those shiny descriptions. Scrutinize the product descriptions, read our complete reviews and make sure you can check out every demand of yours before click ‘Buy’.

2.Mistake 2: Update or Replace?

In case you’re updating your old serpentine belt here are some important facts. Firstly, while replacing the belt itself, make sure you replace the gaskets and all other adhesives as well. Secondly, while make sure your old ones don’t leave any damage or permanent mark on the devices you use.

3.Mistake 3: Don’t Getting the Right Size

The last mistake that most of the buyers do is, ending up with the wring size. If the old serpentine belt has the number printed on it, make sure you buy one with similar size. Otherwise, use a string to measure up the perimeter or the devices.

What is serpentine belt?

Let’s talk some basics for now. If you are a novice user here is the perfect short description for you. The serpentine belt is a multi-ribs belt and it is a continuous belt that we use them to rotate peripheral devices like automotive engines. You may have seen them incars, water pump or alternator etc. automotive devices

Top Ten Serpentine Belt List For you

1. Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt Review

best serpentine belt

When we are looking for the most suitable serpentine belt for your automotive engine, Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt can be the best choice for you. Moreover, if you are planning to buy in future and want to collect information, this serpentine belt reviews can be helpful for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Bando 6PK2135 OEM belt is made with strong cords that can carry heavy tensile. Furthermore, it can withstand high horsepower stretches without ripping off or getting damaged.
  • This belt manufacturer has been awarded more than hundred times because of their product quality. So, you can rely on this serpentine belt if you are going to buy it.
  • The rubber of this belt is compounded by synthetic rubbers. These rubbers are of high strength. So they are wear resistant and they have a long life.
  • If you have plans for aftermarkets and OEM applications these belts have their single line belts for it. Therefore, you can use them as you need without sacrificing the quality.


  • Works as legit as the original belts
  • Can withstand high horsepower
  • Made of synthetic rubbers
  • One of the most durable belts
  • Award-winning quality and service


  • It may not fit every car so you have to match if it fits before buying it.

If you have decided to buy this belt as it fits your demand, you can buy it now from Amazon.

2. ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed 

Best serpentine belt reviews

ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt is our second product of our serpentine belt review. This is a professional technician recommended the serpentine belt. Now we are going to talk more about it.

Features and Benefits

  • ACDelco 6K930 is made of EPDM rubber. So this can tolerate high temperature and it doesn’t crack. So, it is reliable for any type of users.
  • As the manufacturing of this belt is proper, it is durable and dependable. The performance of this belt is surprisingly good.
  • Pro technicians feel free to recommend this belts because of its high-quality belts. If they fit in your car they will be a perfect replacement for the original belts of your automotive engine.
  • The dimension of this belt is precise so that the load can transmit effectively throughout the belt. It helps other components of the engine to work at their optimum level.
  • This serpentine belt is able to accept misalignments in its accessory belt drive system also known as ABSD. There are no other belts that can serve you with this qualities.
  • share-square-oACDelco 6K930 has flexible construction. So it can take any bends from top sides and backside. This makes the belt more durable than other ordinary belts.


  • Choice of the professional technicians
  • Good enough to face any rough situations of engine
  • Made of EPDM rubber.
  • Confirmed to be a crack-proof belt
  • It is flexible enough to withstand billions of bends.


  • As it is flexible it may be little tight when its’ new and it will fit in time.

Did you like it? You can order it from Amazon right now!

3. Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt

serpentine belt vs timing belt

Gates are one of the most popular belt manufacturing companies. They have been producing decent quality products for years. Therefore, they have earned the trust of the users. Gates K081264HD is one of their noteworthy products.

Features and Benefits

  • The design of this belt is especially for toughest applications. So, it can satisfy you with its performance.
  • Gates manufactured this belt’s rubber that is both stable and flexible at a time. Therefore, it can sustain high load easily.
  • The material of this belt is well planted. So it can deliver the optimum performance to the user. This also made this serpentine belt steady at high temperature and bends.
  • Gates provided these belts with EPDM technology for the rubbers. It prevents the rubber from deterioration and increases the durability.
  • The material and design of this belt have made this belt last long. Gates has guaranteed this belt for twelve months or 12,000 miles warranty.


  • The design of this belt is of superior quality
  • Materials of this serpentine belt makes it durable
  • It can withstand high temperature
  • Easy to install the belt in your automotive engine
  • Excellent quality of this product ensures its durability


  • The length of this belt is ideal for some certain cars because of its length

Before buying this check if your car fits with it. If you are affirmative, you can buy it from here.

4. Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt/Fan

serpentine belt vs timing belt

Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt is the famous company Gates. If you want to use a serpentine belt in a small pulley, this product is the perfect choice for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Gates K60841 is designed for working properly with small pulleys. You can use these belts when there are small diameter pulleys.
  • Moreover, you can also use this belts as automatic tensioners. This belt can withstand high tensions from any sides.
  • It has beaten the specification of SAE JI459. It can deliver as it is advertised. So you can really depend on this product without any doubt.
  • This belt has reinforcement ribs and it prevents the belt to wear out. Therefore, it is crack resistive product and durable.
  • Gates K060841 has V-shaped ribs. These ribs are on both sides. So you can use this belt easily.


  • This belt is easy to install
  • You can use this belt in small pulley
  • It is also suitable with using automatic tensioners
  • V-shaped ribs in both sides
  • This belt is crack resistant


  • It may not fit in few cars and you should check if it fits or not before buying it

If you have seen through this description and want to buy this, click here.

5. Bando 7PK1781 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

best serpentine belt for silverado

If you have used any product from Bando you know that the quality is dependable. It is the first choice of the professional technicians. Here is the full review of Bando 7PK1781.

Features and Benefits

  • This product is manufactured with hard cords that are tensile. So that it can bear high horsepower without being stretched.
  • Bando is an award-winning company. So, the value of their quality is highly rated by the users.
  • They have a huge amount of versatility among their products. Therefore, you can easily use its’ belts for any automotive engine device.
  • The synthetic rubber of these belts is super strong. They are wear resistant and has a long life to serve you.
  • You can use both OEM and aftermarket with these belts. Moreover, it is easy to install this product anywhere you need it. So it is a good thing for the novice too.


  • This is a seven ribbed serpentine belt
  • Renowned brand with good quality product
  • Awarded for their service and product
  • Made of strong and highly synthetic rubber
  • Noobies can easily operate it if they get proper instruction


  • May not fit in some car models so check it out if it is the correct one or not

If this one fits in your car, you can get it easily from here.

6. Continental Elite 4060882 Poly-V

dayco vs gates serpentine belt

Continental Elite was known as Goodyear Engineers. They are unique in design and quality. If you are thinking about serpentine belts vs timing belt, this is the newest timing belt. Let’s talk more about its unique features.

Features and Benefits

  • The manufacturer of Continental Elite has the technology of quiet channel. It helps the belt to work without making any extra noise during working time.
  • It has rubber compounds of advanced technology. This thing helps the rubber to reduce any kind of squeaks and chirps.
  • This serpentine belt is wear resistant. It has tension members of high-strength that allows it to resist the rubber to wear off.
  • The technology of quiet channeling makes the rubber more flexible. It increases the abrasion resistance and heat resistance at the same time.
  • As the material of this belts is of high quality it lasts long. Therefore, you can rely on this belt for a long period of time.


  • Manufactured by the famous Goodyear Engineers
  • Quiet channel technology is the unique feature of continental belts
  • The belt can withstand tensions of high strength.
  • It is flexible and heat resistive
  • This belt is suitable for cogwheels
  • Designed for noiseless performance
  • It has high-efficiency construction


  • The length of the belt may not fit in every device, so check if it fits in yours before buying

You can buy this belt on Amazon right now.

7. Gates K040378 Multi V-Groove Belt Review

best serpentine belt brand toyota

Gates has their brand value that makes the consumers buy their products. You have seen on this list there are many products from gates. This is one of the best timing belts from gates with a multi V-groove belt.

Features and Benefits

  • It is a timing belt that has V-shaped grooves. It has four ribs in the belt. So you can use this belt with ease.
  • If this belt is compatible with your device it will perfectly fit in with it. Therefore, people are proud of this product.
  • The design is sturdy and solid. So, you can rely on this belt. If you want a tool to use for a long time, this is the one you should buy.
  • Gate always provides the best material for their products. Furthermore, it can work in high tension that helps the belt to withstand high horsepower.
  • This product comes with high efficiency that makes it quiet and noiseless. So your automotive engine can work without making excessive sounds.


  • Gates K040378 has multi V-groove timing belt
  • It is noiseless when it works
  • This belt is very strong
  • Gates provided enough flexibility in this product
  • Can withstand considerable amount of horsepower


  • As it is a timing belt it works with new models of cars

Hope that you liked our serpentine belt review and eager to buy this. You can buy this on Amazon.

8. Continental Elite 4060930 Poly-V 

serpentine belt reviews

If you are debating about serpentine belt vs timing belt, this product makes the timing belt winner. Continental presents their masterpiece model of poly-v belts. Let’s dig deep into these products features.

Features and Benefits

  • Continental Elite offers the users with the technology of quiet channel in this model. It helps the belt to work noiselessly when working.
  • The advanced technology of rubber compound is present in this belt. This feature makes the rubber to resist any kind of squeaks and chirps.
  • In this serpentine belt, you are also getting wear resistant feature. The rubber doesn’t wear off as it has tension members of high-strength. It resists the rubber to wear off.
  • It has the technology of quiet channeling. This tech makes the rubber more flexible. It increases the resistivity of heat and abrasion.
  • The manufacturer of this belt provided high-quality materials. Therefore, it offers shear resistance and high strength.


  • The manufacturer offers installation package with the product
  • It has the famous quiet channel tech
  • Comes with Gatorback poly-v design
  • Tested by the engineers with precision
  • The design allows the belt noiseless performance


  • It may seem little pricey but it totally worth it

If you want to get this belt you can get it here.

9. ACDelco 12576447 GM Original Equipment V-Ribbed 

top 10 serpentine belt

When you have nothing but the desire of buying the serpentine belt by any means, this is the perfect choice for you. We are here to talk about its features that made it the best choice for the users.

Features and Benefits

  • ACDelco 12576447 is the first recommendation from tons of belts in the market by the pro technicians. Therefore, you can rely on this product.
  • This belt ensures that all the components of the product can operate at their optimum performance. Thus it improves the performance of your engine.
  • The durability has no competitor of the product. This feature is undisputed and you can depend on this belt without hesitation.
  • ACDelco offers high tensile strength in their belts. Therefore, it is able to withstand high horsepower.


  • Handles high tension with ease
  • Can withstand high horsepower
  • The material is of high quality
  • The durability of this belt is dependable
  • Service of this product is the best


  • It may not be compatible with your automotive devices

I guess this product can satisfy your demand in every aspect. Get it now from Amazon

10. ContiTech PK060882 Serpentine Belt 

chevy silverado serpentine belt replacement

If you are looking for the simplest belt in the market, search no further, this is the one. It comes with black color. Though it is simple, it can deliver high-quality service without any disadvantages. Here is the review of ContiTech PK060882 Serpentine Belt.

Features and Benefits

  • This product allows you to choose any models and years of your car and they will provide the fittest one.
  • It has a package that provides installing it and service offer to the consumers. So, you can get the highest quality of performance under the belt.
  • As the design of this belt is simple it is easy to install. You can rely on the performance of this product.
  • Though it is a simple looking serpentine belt, it is not simple to build quality. It is tough enough to withstand high tension and loads.
  • This product is wear resistant and it can take any bends from any sides. It doesn’t crack and wears off in any condition.


  • ContiTech offers the best service with their belts
  • It has simple design
  • This serpentine belt can withstand high horsepower
  • The company offers you to choose the belt that is compatible with your vehicle
  • It perfectly fits in and don’t make any excessive sounds


  • It may serve differently in AC trucks

If you want to buy this serpentine belt, order it on Amazon.

Serpentine belt Buying Guideline

Before buying any goods, you need to know the basics of your product. You have to consider some points that make your choice more accurate. Here are some factors that will help you as a guideline buying a serpentine belt.

Check the length

The first thing you have to check before buying the belt is its length. It will determine if the belt fits on your automotive device or not.

Collect information about the material

You have to know what material is your belt made of. This will help you to know if it is durable enough for your vehicle. It is one of the most important things that you have to think before buying a serpentine belt.

It has to be flexible

As this belts are made of rubber it has to be flexible. But before buying one, you have to check if it is enough flexibility for your car.

Resistivity of your belt

This belt rotates in high tension and they come across in high amount of horsepower. If they wear off you can’t use the belt properly. It has to be wear resistant. The belt has to be tough enough to face high temperature and loads.


Check the compatibility of the belt before buying. You have to search for the exact belt that is compatible with the model and year of your car.

Final Verdict

The best Serpentine belts are one of the most important parts of automotive devices. It is not an old tool and it has replaced many belts that people used to use before. Therefore, it obviously has some key advantages. It is a result of many experiments and hard works of engineers.

It has various qualities and various companies have been producing these belts. You just have to find out the best one for your vehicle. We have provided the best guideline that will help you to find good quality belt.

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