Best Spray Tan Solution in Market 2021

Ah… the “Much longed for” golden skin! It has eluded the human grasp for centuries!

Well, not centuries, but you get the point, didn’t you?

We’ve always tried to capture the glow and make it our own.

One way of doing that is by “Tanning.”

It’s a process of darkening one’s skin. Generally, people do it by exposing their skins to sunlight and heat. While this is a common practice, it has its fair share of drawbacks.

For one, prolonged exposure can increase melanin production of your skin and make it dark.


The UV rays and heat from the sun penetrates several layers deep into our skins. It burns through surface tissues and the inside layers if you don’t take proper care.

What if I told you, there’s a way around all these calamities?

Use the best spray tan solution on the market that fits your bill.

With these, you don’t need the sun to be around for a good dose of tanning. Applying these products is easy as pie and they require minimal maintenance than other available measures.

However, it’s a challenge to find the top products that suit different types of machines out there. These are products you need expert advice for. Luckily, I’m here with my bag of tricks that I learned through my tenure as a salon owner for five years.

This little guide contains everything from my recommendations and a buying guide. I’ve also answered some of the nagging questions about tanning solutions on our minds.

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#List Of 5 Spray Tan Solution – Editor’s Pick:

Best Spray Tan Solution ON The Market Right Now!

Let me make it very clear: There aren’t a lot of brands when it comes to spray tanning. A handful of brands bring out majority of products that work well with different levels of tanning and different types of skins.

Ultimately, it becomes difficult to switch and choose between this many models. However, I’ve taken the challenged, gathered, and categorized an ensemble of spray tanners. Let’s take a look.

1. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution

Many would frown at my first choice of product today. But did you know, NorvellDarkPremium Sunless Tanning Solution became the number one among its kind? It was voted so by thousands of tan spray artists. Impressed yet? Wait till you hear additional benefits this thing possesses.

For one, you don’t need Sun to be around for it to work. As it says, Norvell is a “Sunless Tanning Solution.” Use it anywhere you like. It’s like a spray that you put on your body.

Despite not taking you to beach, this spray-type tanning product provides a rich blend of antioxidants and vitamins. The formula doesn’t discriminate. No matter what skin tone you have, it’ll work on you.

Make no mistake, NorvellDarkis compatible with various spray tan machines out there. Infinity Sun, Maxi-Mist, Venus, and Aura are just “Some” of the numerous compatible machines out there.

What impressed me is the fact that these guys offer you beach-quality tan without disrupting bodily functions. For example, the tanner doesn’t hold back enzymes from repairing the skin.

This little spray tanner comes with raspberry-almond essence. I must tell you, the scent isn’t allergic to anyone.This doesn’t let the stingy odor of tanning near you. The stingy odor happens when DHA comes into contact with our skin during tanning. It worsens after two or three hours.

I noticed that the DHA’s malodor stays locked even after four to five hours of the tanning process.

Numerous NorvellSpray Tan Review articles from actual users mentioned this thing containing Natural DHA along with bronzers. Don’t worry, this thing won’t turn your skin into an Orange mess.

While I’m at it, I must mention that the spray tanner is free from any kind of Paraben, Phthalates, Propylene, Glycol, Gluten, GMOs, Triclosan, and other types of negative ingredients that harm our skins and bodily functions in some way or the other.

The makers assure users about the results coming in 5 – 7 days. Just a word of caution: Don’t get into showers immediately after putting the spray on. DHA takes 2 – 4 hours to begin its magic. I’d not get into chlorinated pools for at least 18 – 24 hours after application.


  • This thing is perfect for professionals to get their hands on and use regularly when needed.
  • It is compatible with multiple types of spray tan machines that are currently available.
  • Norvell is for people who heavily rely on spray tanners for quick but effective results.
  • People can use this thing with multiple types of products. It doesn’t contradict with anything.
  • I found the product odorless. Instead, it smells like raspberry and almonds (not allergic).


  • Honestly, it costs you more than some of the others on my list today.
  • Norvell has a short shelf life. A product is only good for seven months.

2. Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution

As I move down to my second product, let me introduce you guys to something “Organic.” This is NOT your average tanner. In fact, it is organic tanning solution around in USA and all over the world. Yes, it is Sjolie spray that I’m blabbering about!

For all you vegans out there, this is the PERFECT (I mean every letter of the word) and a “Must Have” product. Why? Well, the makers have put in natural ingredients inside the sleek package.

As my experience tells me, some of the tanning brands fake the vegan thing. But with Sjolie, this is not the case. These guys are PETA approved. Meaning, they provide users the real deal. Having a natural blend of ingredients means that this product doesn’t have paraben or Erythrulose.

In fact, it doesn’t have a smell of its own               !

Instead, users will find Aloe Vera as a part of this spray tanning solution. Aloe Vera is important! It supplies the product with DHA. DHA is used to bind the tanning effect to your skin. It is done when DHA interacts with the skin in different ways after people apply Sjolie Tanning Solution.

So what actually provides the “Olive-Like” color we call tan? “Walnut Extract,” is the answer. Before you jump the gun, the formula is such that the extract doesn’t cause allergies to people as stated by numerous users in their Sjolie tanning solution reviews.

In fact, Walnut Extract is helpful when it comes to treating your skin and moisturizing it in the process.

Then, we have Vitamin C. Assuming you don’t know what this thing does, vitamin C is the “Antioxidant” of the group. It protects the skin from aging by destroying radical molecules.

Dumbing it down further, you can achieve the results of sunbathing without going to the beach. And, In the process, can escape the clutches of Sun’s damaging rays as well. All thanks to the Vitamin C in the formula. Thank me later for referring this to you guys.

[Pro Tip: Don’t go beyond one coat of spray per session. And, never go beyond 2.5 ounces at a time]


  • Not many people realize it but Aloe Vera extends the effects of your tan by as many as three days.
  • I like the fact that sJolie natural Tanner doesn’t have a smell of its own. It blocks bad odors too!
  • Vitamin C supplies the formula with antioxidants that counter the aging problem of the users.
  • Walnut Extract quickens and darkens the tanning process. People don’t look orangey using this.
  • HVLP and Airbrush system users can use this spray just fine as it is compatible with both.


  • This thing might feel a bit blotchy to people who aren’t used to the brand.
  • The effects wear off rather quick than the usual time.

3. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – Venetian

It seems that I’m on a mission of setting people off with my recommendations today. Here I am with another Norvell product on my list. Norvell Venetian might be good spray tan solution for people with HVLP machines in their houses.

Venetian is a special tanning solution that grants people “Mediterranean” skin tone within a few hours. How? This Norvell product uses dark violet bronzers for the job which are quick to respond to your skin tone and conditions. Couple this spray with the machine and you have a “Winning” product in your hands.

Like the rest of the products from Norvell family, this one is for professional use too. The big plus is that you play with natural ingredients. So, no harm will come to you regardless of the skin tone you have.

However, this thing comes with cosmetic bronzers. Be sure to check if you are allergic to some of the ingredients or not. My money is on the safe side of things.

Like all the other Norvell products, Venetian comes packed with DHA too. The DHA supplies people with antioxidants that work their magic as they are getting tanned. I found DHA kicking in late after spraying. Typically, Norvell products take 2 – 4 hours to kick into their gears. This is no exception.

As always, Venetian is odorless too. So, no synthetic smell whatsoever. Whatever little trace of smell you find, it is just there to cover up the nasty odor of the tanning process. They cancel each other out.

So, the big question: How long will it last?

It depends on how much you spray on your body, to be honest. People get approximately 16 sprays out of it when they do a “Full-Body” tan. It has the legs to go for 20 sprays if you need a light tan


  • Norvell Venetian Spray tan doesn’t cause problems for people with sensitive skin at all.
  • The Norvell Venetian Spray gives you a great tan in as little time as eight hours.
  • I could use spray this product over my face as well. One wouldn’t face any backlashes.
  • I can attest to the fact that Norvell Venetian doesn’t turn your body into an orange mess.
  • This thing doesn’t have elements that would cause allergies to the potential users.


  • My neighbor complained about the freckling of the color as soon as 48 hours into the process.
  • One has to wait at least 8 hours wearing this product on the body. It’s a long time for some.

4. Suntana Spray Tan ‘Famous Five

Let me be honest with you, I’ve got two more Norvelle products lined up that I want you to take a look at. But before we go there and do that, let’s meet my next product of choice Suntana Spray Tan. This one comes to us as a package of “Five” products. I can say for certain that this one won’t run out soon.

What you see is what you get in case of Suntana. There are as many as four different tanning solutions here that’ll interest you. Each one has a unique scent and different DHA (yes, this brand comes laced with DHA too) percentages. While this is not awesome Airbrush Tanning Solution but it does the job.

The first of the five varieties is the “Coconut-Flavored” tan. It casts light golden glow onto your skin. One will feel as though the sun has lightly kissed his/her skin. With just 8% DHA, tanning process doesn’t take that much time. Just make sure to apply it lightly onto skins that have a fairer tone.

I know people who have a “Medium” dark skin. Getting a golden glow for these people with normal tanning products is a hassle. That’s why Suntana developed a “Cherry Flavored” tanning spray. With just the 10% DHA, it’s stronger than the coconut tanning spray but weaker than others.

Next are the two tanning solutions for the darker skin types. Standard dark and very dark to be precise. The chocolate and blackberry flavored tanning lotions are good for “Dark” and “Very Dark” skin types respectively. These two are formulated with 12% and 14% DHA count.

There will always be people who are in a hurry. I myself am impatient from time to time. For those souls, there is a “Rapid Tanning Solution” from Suntana. It’s the “Strawberry and Vanilla” flavor you’ve heard so much about.

If you are curious, rapid tanning means you’ll start to notice the effect one to four hours after applying the spray tan solution. It depends on your skin type. Skins with a light tone should experience the darkening effect in one hour. Very dark skins will be tanned in four hours.

After the time-limit, one can take a shower and wash off the lotion.


  • This one has all the natural ingredients that one can think of being present in these lotions.
  • Five distinct tanning sprays offer personalized results suiting different skin types.
  • Like other products on my list today, Suntana can be used with different types of machines too.
  • Rapid Tanning Solution is a handy product to keep around. It delivers tanning results quickly.
  • Variable DHA percentage in each spray nourishes and rejuvenates the skin as well as coloring it.


  • It feels a bit orangey to me.

5. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution

People have seen Norvell normal and the Venetian version. I thought, “What the heck! Venetian Plus is also worthy to be top tan solution for those who want a dark tan.” Yes, this one-liter bottle is perfect for people who want a dark tan for a long time. The regular venetian is good for medium brown.

With 12% DHA, this one is dabbling with the skin types that take time to be tanned. Don’t worry. The formula works just like the regular version. DHA supplies your skin with antioxidants. It is free of the nasty, stinky smell and dries pretty quickly as well.

One of my friends bought this from a store and used it on her body. Results were more than satisfactory. She’s not a frequent tanner. So, she needed something that could last a long time. I learned that this thing stays good on the shelf for a year or so. That’s quite a long shelf life!

One thing that sets it back for me is the time it takes to get to the result. Venetian One gets the job done in one hour. Venetian Plus from Norvell can take up to 16 hours for the tan to take effect. During this time, I’d not advise anyone to get into contact with water.

Good thing about it is you can have one single spray or multiple sprays in one session. I’d say one can get 12 to 20 sprays out of one single bottle. This depends on how regular you are at tanning and what level of tan you want to achieve.

I personally think getting 15 sprays out of the bottle is par for the course. You’ve got your money’s worth. Be sure to use it with a tanning machine.


  • This is a gem with violet bronzers and especially suited for brown colored skins.
  • This one-liter bottle is leak-proof and is for professional use with spray tanning machines.
  • Getting 12 to 20 sprays out of the bottle for a full body tan is always a win in my book.
  • Despite what Norvell tells you, this thing stays good for a year or so (not 7 months).
  • I for one am in love with the smell of this norvell tanning spray. It’s refreshing.


  • This thing takes too long to develop a decent enough tan compared to regular venetian or venetian one.

6. Best Organic Sunless Airbrush Spray Tan Solution

I get that you might be bored with all the Norvell referrals that I’ve been cramming into the post. So, to give you a breather, I’ve decided to go organic for my next recommendation. By “Organic,” I mean 99% organic. As with all my recommendations, this one doesn’t have a nasty odor to it.

Instead, people will find a combo of brown-sugar and vanilla’s scents. To my surprise, these two ingredients do match well when done right. You have Vegan ingredients to thank for the authentic golden color people get by using this thing. By that I mean golden color with no orange spots.

Personally, I didn’t find any parabens, sulfate, chemical bronzers, and scent-causing enhancers. All LavishTan put in there was a brown sugar base that is derived from apples and other organic elements.

This thing is quick. One can expect to see results within 5-7 hours of application. The tan is even throughout your body with even fading as well. The tan lasts for a week to 10 days before fading away.

When I say, “LavishTan is excellent organic spray ,” I’m not making things up. This LavishTan product has been voted so by experts from 2012 to 2016. Even celebrities wholeheartedly back the capabilities of this product. So many happy customers can’t be wrong at once!

I loved the additional instruction guide these guys packed in. Even if professionals are applying the spray for us using an air brush or an HVLP machine, these instructions help. There’s also a guide to let us know what we should do after spraying the tan. It doesn’t forsake you after you buy and apply the spray!


  • I really like the fact that LavishTan doesn’t play around with ingredients. They’re natural for sure.
  • People have vanilla and brown sugar’s cocktail to thank for the amazing smell.
  • It is compatible with the HVLP machine and the tan you get lasts for 5 – 7 days.
  • It has been one of the very best as far as organic tanning spray is concerned for five years or so.
  • The makers have included an instruction guide and another guide to help users with aftercare.


  • Very few people mentioned about the color not lasting long in their organic spray tan reviews.

7. Spray Tan Solution (Dark) Self Tanning Micro Mist (16 oz) for Airbrush Tanning

This is perhaps the top spray tanning solution for people who use Airbrush for the job. Of course, you don’t need Sun to help tan your skin with this spray around. But did you know that it is compatible with a tan gun AND conventional machines? It’s true. Like all the other members on my list, this is natural.

This little spray tanner comes packed with natural ingredients. Ingredients like Glycerin give it the perfect thickness that lets users apply it on their skin.

The Self Tan lotion boasts vitamin E, C, and Cellulose among other ingredients that you might find in there. In addition to tanning, these elements moisturize peoples’ skins. Aloe BarbadensisLeaf Extract is another ingredient that soothes our skins during and after the tanning process.

The tanning color is natural. I must tell you that there are no chemical bronzers that will harm your skin. On top of that, the color looks amazing. If you are worrying about it fading too soon, don’t. If we let this spray tan solution do its job for 8 hours, the tan should last for at least five days before fading away.

Although people can apply it with airbrushes, if ladies want, they can use cotton buds to do that too. Whichever way you follow; the tan will be as dark as you want it to be.

In fact, the Celebrities love Sun Laboratory’s Self Tan lotion. It goes with micro mist machine. You’ll have a mitt to pour this thing on included in the package. If you guys are worried about the shelf life of this thing, it can last a long time. Mine is still usable after a year or so. I guess I’d take it up to two.


  • This spray tan lotion is a good substitute of san tanning process with natural ingredients.
  • These ingredients work well to revitalize, soften, and hydrate our skins depending on our usage.
  • You can get “Dark” and “Very Dark” tan depending on how much you apply it on the skin.
  • I noticed a faint smell of citrus within the tanning spray. At least, it won’t stink after a few hours.
  • Depending on how long you are patient for, the tanning effect lasts for as long as five days.


  • Some of the users would have liked the tanning effect to last a bit longer than it does.

8. Norvell Venetian Sunless Self-Tanning Mist – Airbrush Spray Solution with Bronzer

Before you go, “Hey, I’ve seen Venetian Sun Tanning Solution before on your list of fine spray tan solution on the market,” this is the Venetian “Mist” and not a spray tan to begin with.

Okay? Cool? Let’s go ahead with the benefits that we have here. One good thing of having this “Mist-Type product is that one can see the tan take effect almost instantly. The tan will only grow if you leave it on for hours. Some of you might find the waiting tiresome. Once you leave it for a day, the dark tan will no doubt astound you to no ends.

This is a vegan formula with natural elements like other products of Norvell. However, the violet bronzers present here are cosmetic. But these don’t cause an allergic reaction to your body. Plus, you need to apply the mist-type tanning solution in a specific way for it to be effective like others.

When applying this mist, make sure to keep the can in constant motion. You’ll do well to keep the can distant from your body. I prefer a distance of 10 – 12 inches between the body and this thing. I apply the tanning solution like I’m sweeping the thing off of my skin.

For a facial tan, I advise you to coat your face once. Use a makeup sponge for maximum effect. This also helps the mist tanner to blend perfectly with the hairline.

It’s my duty to mention that Norvell tanners don’t make your face orangey. This one is no exception. Even if you apply multiple coats of this mist tanner, the skin tone and the result will remain the same. I’m happy that with the less amount of effort, I get five to seven days of tan.


  • This is not particularly a spray tanner but a mist-system. It’s incredibly easy to apply to your skin.
  • One can apply multiple coatings of this tanning solution if there’s a need for him/her to do so.
  • Natural ingredients make this tanning solution no threat to our sensitive skin types at all!
  • The smell is not overpowering; also, it vanishes after a few hours of washing this thing off.
  • You won’t get orange skin from applying this solution to your body at any stage of the process.


  • Some of the users complained that the product delivered uneven and blotchy sprays.

9. Sunless Tanning Solution Dark Sunsation (Very dark)

There are not a lot of companies which can boast about producing tan solution.  Among the very few who do, Sun Laboratories is one franchise that dishes out quality tanning products regularly. This solution is perfect for people who want a dark tan unlike normal golden color.

So many of us use a spray gun and a mobile tan machine. This is the best tanning solution for machine I can think of. I’m not saying this out of a whim. I mean it when I say that Sun Laboratories provide perfect sunless tan with this when you apply it correctly. Also, the ingredients cause it to act fast.

While I’m on ingredients, this little product features natural components that you’ll find in the environment and some bronzers to go with it. Ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and C, and Almond oil are common features in a Sun Labs product. The addition of cosmetic bronzers made it suitable for dark tanning.

I was happy to know that the makers didn’t include harmful chemicals in the tanner. You won’t find Parabens and other allergic chemicals. This tanner is completely vegan. There isn’t any trace of animal parts buried in there. It’s safe to say, “This item is Animal Cruelty Free.”

Cosmetic bronzers can put users in a bind. Unregulated use and exposure can put the skin at risk. That’s why, I advise people to apply it after showering and keep it on for a span of eight hours and no more. Make sure to apply it in a circular motion. That way, the tan won’t look uneven and choppy.

People would do well to wait for at least 5 hours before they into the stall for a shower. I don’t wash the tan off for about 8 hours to get the best result possible. It’s better for you guys to apply this at night and go to sleep for eight hours or so. Take a shower the next day.


  • This is perfect for people who want to get dark tan without taking a trip to the beach.
  • You’ll find natural and vegan ingredients when dissecting the tanning formula.
  • This is for people who want “Very Dark” tan to take effect quickly after they apply the solution.
  • Once you apply the product, the tan continues to develop and grow even 5 hours after the process.
  • In my experience, the tan lasts well over a week if you regulate your lifestyle right.


  • I didn’t find anything bad to say about the product. It’s that good.

10. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – One Hour Rapid

The headline tells you a lot of things. If you think that Norvell has so many products and doesn’t have anything for “Rapid” Tanning, you’re sadly mistaken. This tanning lotion does the job in quick time. As you can see, it grants you tanning effects in one hour.

Depending on how deep you want the tan to be, it can take a bit longer than the time mentioned.

This 1-liter tanning spray is formulated using xLa-R8R. This is the ingredient that is responsible for such a rapid tan development. Additional catalysts in this formula prepare your skin while the xLA-R8R does the job of tanning. People have to contend with natural ingredients and bronzers in the formula as well.

It can also be a handheld solution for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of plugging it in some machine. But don’t jump the gun yet! It works well with machine line St Tropez, Maxi Mist, Aura, Venus, Infinity Sun and others too! It’s just that with your own hands, you can be more careful.

I do like the fact that Norvell stuck to their “Winning” formula and used DHA for revitalizing the skin while tanning. DHA works best as antioxidants. These reduce aging process and help to shed the dead cells away. These begin working within 2 – 4 hours. Try and wear protective gear before you apply the tanning solution.

Remember, rapid works rapidly as well. Applying the lotion for an hour or so for light tan is sufficient. But if you want moderately dark tan, try and keep it there for 2 hours. For intense dark tan, 3 hours’ worth of time is enough. As with Norvell products, you get to enjoy the tanned skin for 5 to 7 days.


  • This is one product that gives you tanning effect from the moment you apply it on your skin.
  • Almond’s smell is nice and it is not allergenic to the people with sensitive skin and the elderly.
  • Depending on what level of tan you want, you can get light, medium, and dark tan out of it.
  • DHA works the same magic as the other Norvell product as it de-ages and revitalizes skins.
  • There were no animal cruelties or environmental harm done in coming up with the formula.


  • The tan stays for a short amount of time if you go by several spray tan reviews.

What Factors Should Influence Your Buying Decisions?

Believe it or not, with all these options lurking around, buying the perfect spray tanning solution isn’t that easy. You need to do some legwork, a lot of reading, and trust user experiences to hone in on the “Right” product that suits your needs.

Fortunately, did the legwork and factored in my experience for you. So, here are the factors I considered before coming up with this list of mine.

What Type of Skin Do You Have?

All sunless spray tanning solutions aren’t equal. If you remember, I’ve talked about different skin types that a human may have. To be exact, there are six. Each skin type has a difference in melanin count, moisturizing capacity, thickness, and a heap of distinct characteristics.

Naturally, a single product won’t work on all of them. For example, skins with darker tones will require a product with fewer bronzers. Fair skin needs a bit more work than brown to achieve the golden hue that people long for. Depending on which pattern you have, Perfect spray tan solution for you WILL be different.

It is quite possible that one brand caters to multiple skin types. More often than not, that brand will have different products for the job. Brands like Norvell and Suntana have multiple varieties of tanners. Choose one that best suits your interests and skin type.

Pay Close Attention to the Texture

I always tell people to have a close look at how the tanner feels like. If you’ve narrowed down your choices, make sure the shortlisted products have a transparent look when poured onto your palms.

I am against products that use artificial colors or dye. These will certainly put your skin in a slew of misfortunes. Cheap tanning products have an “Orange-like” color. The color often sticks to our skins when we apply the solution. In addition, there are no moisturizing agents in the solution.

If you have the budget, go for a Norvell product. I’ve selected a few as parts of my list too. My reviews should tell you which variation suits your skin best. Don’t go dilly-dallying. Trust an expert on this.

Are There DHA and Moisturizers Present in Sufficient Quantity?

Most sunless tanning products make the bold claim of having DHA in them. This is the item that opens up the skin and makes it susceptible to the tanning process. No, it won’t hurt your outer shell. Instead, DHA is meant to provide “Anti-Oxidants” and vitamins that slow the aging process down.

Before giddying up and pressing the “Purchase Button,” make sure to check the quantity of the DHA. It directly plays a part in how dark and efficient your tan will be. Also, check for Vitamin E, C, and other moisturizing agents. It These things help in softening and making our skins lively after the procedure.

Another reason to watch DHA percentage like a Hawk is to determine its impact on your skin type. Too much of a good thing hurts. Too much DHA can too.

Are There Any Questionable Ingredients?

Besides checking for useful ingredients and natural moisturizers, people should check the bronzer percentages and cosmetic elements. Brands or products that use it too much, fundamentally damage the skin. Honestly, tanners without chemical products are the best choices.

Some of the products can trigger allergies that were dormant. Users who had allergies from past encounters will suffer more. You might see rashes, red spots, swollen skin in a matter of days.

Even if you buy something with bronzers, make sure to go through the ingredient list to find something to nullify the effects. For example, the effects of alcohol are nullified by a moisturizer.

Pay Attention to The Machine You Are Using

There are a number of machines people use when it comes to utilizing tanning sprays. Makers of this day and age are smart enough to adapt their products according to these machines.

For example, people use HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) or LVLP (Low Volume High Pressure) machines for the job. You’ll have machines for organic tanning sprays too.

Before you buy a product, make sure to check which machine works best with it. Better yet, go the other way. Find out which is perfect tanning solution for spray tan machines that you guys own. This way, the cans won’t malfunction when it comes to using them.

How Good or Bad Does Your Product Smell?

People don’t consider the “Smell” factor when dealing with sunless tanners. Unlike the traditional way of doing things, you don’t need to spend hours at the beach and under the sun. With these, everything is done indoors. Even then, some products can stink because you have to keep them on for a long time.

That’s why products endoused with pleasant scents are necessary. They keep the stink in check. The smell isn’t overwhelming in some cases. Yet, it nullifies the pungent odor and all kinds of allergies, skin troubles, and awkward feeling that may come with it.

Answering Popular Questions about These Products

I’m sure people new to spray tanning would have a mouthful of questions regarding how these things work, how to maintain them, and whatnot. That’s why, in this section, I’ll be tackling even the silliest questions head on. Let’s get to it.

So, How Do These Things Work?

Simply put, these sunless tanning sprays or lotions work by stimulating your cells. Many of these things come with DHA and helpful ingredients that get the skin ready for the job. Other ingredients mimic the UV exposure without the sun so that our skins can receive the benefits.

Furthermore, bronzers and natural ingredients allow faster melanin formation. If you don’t know, melanin helps us get darker. These work well with the DHA to keep the youthful look going for the users.

It’s critical that the ideal spray tan solution has some bronzers in it. Bronzers do the opposite of dyes. The dye can make your skin orangey. These things work to neutralize that effect people complain about.

Why the Tanning Spray and Not the Lotion?

Neutrally speaking, the lotion often has a higher bronzer count. This allows them to provide results rather quickly than sprays. But the lotions can streak if you don’t apply them evenly. Plus, these take time to get applied and begin working after that.

A good spray tan solution on the other hand needs some machinery for the job. For example, one might need HVLP airbrushes for a solution to work with. But as you have an assistant that applies these solutions, there’s minimal chance of these being unevenly applied and not working immediately.

Is Sunless Tanning Safer with Sprays?

If you want a direct answer, “Yes, they are.” In fact, compared tanning under the sun, these products are a lot safer. I guess, the reason is that spray tanning solutions contain DHA and other elements that work on the top layer of your skins. The deeper layers stay the same before and after the tanning.

This type of tanning is only temporary. The effects will wear off sooner than you’d expect. Ladies and gents that have a condition that prevents them from going out in the sun, can use the sunless spray tanner to good effect.

Traditional tanning under the sun works on deeper layers of the skin besides the top. This is another way of saying the tanning process destroys deeper layers of your skin. With normal products, people under 40 have the threat of getting Melanoma or even skin cancer.

Sunless spray tanning solutions are great for ladies and gents who have some sort of a binding when it comes to going out in the sun. People will sensitive skin are better off using these than going to the beach for a massage. Folks that go through “Albinism” or lack of melanin in their skin, should try these.

Do These Things Smell Bad?

This is a common concern for people using tanning spray or any other sunless tanning lotions. However, let me assure you that the bad odor people complain about isn’t present in these products.

Again, Tan Solution bottles have strict quality control. They don’t have to be exposed to the UV rays of the sun for hours. In addition to that, these things aren’t exposed to the level of heat our sun produces on a daily basis. That’s why users’ skins won’t turn into a stinking pot.

Some of the top brands have perfume and natural scents imbued in the formula. They do well to mask the stink and natural odor in favor of a pleasant one. So, no worries there!

Will These Products Dry Our Skins?

It depends. People might come across tanning sprays that can suck liquid out of the skin. These sprays are cheap and don’t have any moisturizers or vitamins that can condition it. However, more expensive ones don’t pose a threat of dehydration towards us.

How long can I expect the tan to last?

It depends on the brand you are using. The tanning sprays work on the surface level of our skins. So, the effects gradually wash away with a shower or as the days progress. Most brands promise you a stunning tanning effect for 10 days. But my experience tells me otherwise.

With these products, even the top brand can give you 7 days’ worth of tanning effect. In most cases, the effect starts to wear off during the fourth day. Bear in mind, you’ll have to go through a series of steps to get the perfect tan you need. There’s no shortcut even when spraying a tanning product on the body.

The Epilogue

If you’ve your patience intact till this point in my article, kudos to you! This piece is long. Even by my standards. However, it will empower you with sufficient knowledge about a spray tan solution for your skin and how to identify the product.

Although I’ve thrown in 10 recommendations as part of the guide, I’ll urge you to get one from Norvell. These guys know their business and have a product dedicated to each of the skin types. You get everything from moisturizers, vitamins, bronzers, and personalized DHA percentage with each bottle.

As for which of these 10 you need, there’s a guide tucked in explaining the basics. It covers the factors one should pay attention to before buying a tanning solution.

However harmless a product might seem, always check it up with experts and helpful guides and reviews such as these. They’ll give you necessary insights and answers that niggle your mind.

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