Best Spray Tanning Machine for Home use and Professional Tan Kit in 2019

With so many options, it can be stressful when trying to decide which of best spray tanning machines on the market to use. I am sure we have all done it at some point. In a rush for summer season we are looking for the easiest solution for the dreaded winter coat.That is how we end up buying the first available tanning product.The result is usually an unimaginable orange glow. In the worst case, with spots like a dalmatian. Finding the right tanning product can be a challenge. I mean should you buy a lotion, a spray, or use a professional service? With so many stories out there of tanning gone wrong, it is completely normal to have a little bit of fear when thinking of doing it yourself! Probably while having no idea where to start. But with the help of this list and some tips, you will no doubt be making heads turn!

Things to Consider Best Spray Tanning Machine for Home use

Before purchasing spray Professional tanning machines for home use, there are important factors to consider. The internet is full of tips and tricks and doing it at home can be intimidating. This is especially true if it is your first time.

Is it healthy?

Spray tanning as a whole is a healthier alternative to doing the normal burn and brown we have all experienced.It does no damage to your skin. Lotion will be your new close friend. Not only will this help your color glow longer, but it will keep your skin from drying out. I suggest using an alcohol-free lotion, for your good result.

How often you need to reapply?

Spray tanning is a commitment. Most of the time it will get darker after the initial application. Every brand will vary.It is important to keep this in mind as you are looking for your desired shade. Most of these products will last for about a week. After seven days you will start to see a gradual fade.Perhaps you will need to apply again depending on your skin goals

Skin care

Having a spray tan is maintenance. Both before and after application require certain care regimes for your excellent experience that may fall outside of your normal care routine. Most spray tans are not something that you can simply wash off. But, they will fade with the natural regeneration of skin. This can be both a positive and a negative. For those of us who get the perfect shade, we will wish that it will never go away. However, if you do end up with some funky color, it is good to know that it will not last long! Which brings me to my last bit of advice.All shades are temporary, and all are beautiful if you have the confidence to rock them!

1. Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan

If you are looking for something that is verified by users, check out this product! It is top-rated kits available on the market. It may seem a bit pricey for some but have in mind it is a long-term investment.

It is supposed to be perfect solution for all of you first-time users. This kit truly does have it all included. There will be no mess in your home, since it comes with the quality and professional tent.

Its lightweight design amazed me. One of the most important features is that it is mobile. Also, a carry bag is included so wherever you go, you’re all set. You can even share the cost with a couple of friends. The reason is that it allows for over 10 applications per day! Quality is guaranteed for all parts, but I want to emphasize the spray gun.

The possibility of clogging is basically non-existent! This is due to gun’s non-stick needle which is truly amazing. You can adjust everything according to your needs at the moment. First there is a flow adjustment, which is an extremely important factor. Furthermore, you will have both horizontal and vertical options in terms of patterns. Last, but not least, you can even choose from three colors available!


  • No further expenses, this kit includes all the needed equipment
  • Quality and heavy fabric of the tent for no traces in your home
  • It is portable for your convenience and comes with a bag
  • Amazing spray gun with no possibility of clogging
  • Flow and patterns are adjustable


  • Flow and patterns are adjustable

2. Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit with Tanning Solution Pack & Black Tent

I did a thorough research, and this is the second kit available. When it comes to the price, it is quite similar compared to the previous one. Which makes sense, because quality comes with a price for a reason.

Have in mind that it is so great, it is even recommended for professional salons! That said, it does come with an extra-large and sturdy tent, so you can use this product in your home as well. Simply stunning spray gun applicator with its low maintenance nozzle is completely adjustable.

Meaning the patterns and fluid control knob can be set differently for every use! The result is an amazing and even tan. One of the features I must mention that really made a strong impression is the solution bundle included. Brand is called Focus, and I’ve read so many great reviews about the quality of their products.

Focus is truly focused on skin care! Formula they use is so rich in vitamins it will make your skin soft, healthy and leave it glowing. Not only that, but they have another special skin care treatment. Formula includes the anti-oxidant characteristics of caffeine, that make all the difference. Your skin will have that natural glow you’ve always wanted, always looking moisturized.

Even to the extent you always have a lotion on! There are three color variations and you can mix them to find a perfect shade.


  • Health of your skin is a top-priority with the solution’s vitamins enriched formula
  • Quality ensured, product is even often used in professional salons
  • Tent is large and sturdy for your convenience
  • Anti-oxidant features of caffeine in the solution will make your skin nurtured
  • Three color variants of the solution for every possible shade


  • Tent being so sturdy and large, some have complained it is complicated to set up

3. Fascination Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Venetian

This is no doubt another top-notch product, that is also quite affordable. We know that for beginners this process can be challenging. That is one of the reasons I chose this product – they made is as user-friendly as one can be!

Simplicity is often the key, and with this kit, you can’t go wrong. It is amazing how your skin color can influence your confidence and mood in general.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of money with this one and boost it every day easily! The design is close to perfection when it comes to combination of power and compactness. Also, it is light-weight, so you can carry it in your suitcase wherever you’re headed to.

Norvell Venetian in the name refers to the gorgeous Mediterranean skin tone you’ll have after just an hour! Formula is quite unique and uses specific combination of golden and violet tones for the excellent user experience. Besides that, it has a special system for rapid tan development. Their secret is in healthy amino acid pressure.

Nozzle of this product is also low maintenance type, which I find quite important. Air flow and force of the spray gun are adjustable transition from horizontal to vertical. Another advantage are extra details the manufacturers thought about. I’m talking about disposable feet protectors and hair caps your kit will have included!


  • Very specific skin color achieved with this product, inspired by exotic beaches of Mediterranean
  • Combination of violet and golden-brown tones
  • It is light-weight and ultra-compact portable system
  • Salon quality product which is in average price range
  • No other cost with extra details such as feet protectors and hair cap


  • Some reviewers complained about the handle part being plastic

4. Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit with Tanning Solution and Black Tent

This is a perfect choice for all of you who have had that horrible orange experience at some point. It is guaranteed that isn’t possible with this kit! And I strongly believe Aura is one of the companies you can trust with no reserve at all.So many things are great about this product, I don’t even know where to begin! Maybe with its looks, being so stylish. You will want to put it someplace everyone who visits you can see, and they will comment for sure.

The surface is black and shiny, with parts with metallic finish. It simply yells luxury and class! Spray nozzle is so amazing, it might be the better coverage I’ve ever encountered. Many salons choose this product due to combination of looks and quality.

Not to mention that the Allure is one of the quietest products on the market, with its whisper quiet turbine system!It is extremely easy to use and leaves your skin so smooth you won’t believe.

The machine is compact and practical for storage due to great cable management solution. Furthermore, hose is the extra soft, extra flex and durable as well! It may be a bit pricey for some, but it is worth the money. You even get spare part in the package, so you basically have to worry about… Well, nothing! And if I told you that this product also uses Focus brand of solutions that I’ve already praised, is there any reason for you not to order it right now!?


  • The finest possible nozzle technology atomization for the better coverage
  • Compact and easy to store
  • One of the quietest products ever on the market in this category
  • Uses vitamins enriched Focus solutions, leaving your skin smooth as baby’s
  • Comes with detailed instructions and spare parts


  • May be out of desired price range

5. Maxi-Mist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning KIT

Another product durable to the point you can have over ten applications a day. Simply ideal for those of you who have just started this journey of tanning. Quality is ensured by the one-year warranty that comes with it!I want to start with some thing that are unique for this tanning kit. First of all, they can proudly say the solutions included were not tested on animals. The brand is called Tampa Bay Tan and they are certified in making all organic and natural products.

Meaning everything is 100 % vegan, 100% gluten, soy and paraben free! There is a detailed manual included in the kit, along with many spare parts. Another important advantage over other products is – no mess at all! Tent is of heavy quality fabric and it has a clear patch, “a window”.

Cups are also designed and shaped in a way that ensures no waste and no mess. This is one of the top-selling products that has a 300W powerful turbine. For this reason, it is maybe louder than the competitors, but it is nothing unbearable.

Just play your favorite album because there is no doubt you will love the result! Nozzle this machine uses is said to be completely clog-free and, of course, adjustable for spray patterns. It is mobile and comes with a carry bag. You can even think about style and choose from three color options!


  • Powerful turbine for even skin tone
  • Uses Tampa Bay Tan organic products, certified as not being tested on animals and with all the ingredients being natural
  • Conical design of the cups results in no waste and no mess
  • One-year warranty, detailed instruction manual and spare parts included


  • Some would say it is quite loud

6. Fuji Mini Tan M Model System Spray Tan hvlp

Okay, I am aware that this is quite an investment and not everyone can afford it. Still, it is amazing in on so many levels, I just had to include it in my list. For those of you who aren’t on a limited budget – your search is over, be sure!

First of all, Fuji is verified and has been in the lead in the tanning industry for at least a decade. As I’ve mentioned earlier, when it comes to speed, HVLP machines are without competition.These high-volume level pressure spray guns are so powerful and at the same time economical.

No amount of tanning liquid will go to waste. We’re talking about extremely professional quality here. This version is mini one, but don’t let that fool you in terms of power. It’s all because of hvlp system. It is designed this way to be mobile and compact. One of the main reasons I simply love it is due to the material – it is made of stainless steel.

The results of this machine are just impeccable. It comes with 2-year warranty and I must mention that it complies with meticulous safety standards. Furthermore, you won’t believe just how quiet is it! The reason for this are built-in noise reduction filters, one of a kind.

On top of everything, it is feather light product that makes everyone feel like a pro. As you can conclude, it is not a kit, so you will have to buy the solutions and tent separately.


  • Uses high volume level pressure system for the good results
  • Economical with absolutely no waste of solution
  • Sturdy and quality made of stainless steel
  • In compliance with safety standards, UL/CSA approved
  • Noise reduction covers for filters make it practically noiseless, as one can be


  • It is just the machine, not a whole kit

Buying Guide of Spray Tan Machine for Salon

1. Will showering affect my spray tan?

Soap and water should not affect your tan, so please shower and bathe all you want! After all, a spray tan should never get in the way of a good hygiene regime. As I said previously, when using spray tanning equipment, spray tans do not simply wash off.

However, what you use to scrub and dry yourself may make a difference in the longevity of the product. For this reason, I suggest being gentle with your skin. Do your top to avoid items such as scrub gloves and loofahs.They may promote faster skin regeneration.

After a shower, it is fine to dab your skin dry. This will keep you from doing some unneeded rubbing and preserve your glow.

2. What do I wear during application?

This is fully up to you. Some people choose to wear absolutely nothing while others go with minimal clothing. Should you choose to use one of these recommended spray tan systems for home, know that if you do wear clothing, the spray can be a challenge to remove from fabric. Due to this I suggest using an old bathing suit or clothing that you do not plan to wear again. If you wear nothing, there should be nothing to worry about as far as private and sensitive areas. They should have the same reaction as your normally exposed skin. Of course, for better result and advice, refer to your product’s instructions and recommendations. If you are trying to maintain the perfect manicure, wear nail polish during application. This will keep your nails from turning an odd shade of brown or orange

3. Should I pay attention to certain body parts?

Yes, definitely! Even excellent home spray tan kit is susceptible to shading a few areas darker than others. Watch out for your joints and areas with dry skin. They tend turn out darker than your normal patches of skin. To avoid this mishap, it is best to apply a cream or lotion before application of the spray tan. This will even out your skin and the tan will be more likely to evenly absorb throughout your body.

4. Is buying a spray tan machine a smart move, money and time wise?

One Google search and you will see spray tan equipment for sale at a range of prices. When asking yourself how much is a spray tan machine? you must consider how much would you spend going to a salon every week. Compared to the costs of going to a tanning salon, even a toprated spray tan machine’s pricepales in comparison. It may seem like a huge expense in the beginning.Over time it will be a huge money saver. Not only is superb spray tan system convenient for your wallet, but also for your time. Using one of the best at home spray tan machines will allow you to pick just how light or dark you want to get.Furthermore, it will allow you to do it on your own time. I mean is there really a price you can put on your personal time? Regardless, spray tan machines for home use are definitely the cost-effective choice for your long-term tanning plans.

One of the main reasons for the purchase of the better tan machine is for the convenience. Especially if you are someone who appreciates being able to tend to any of your needs at a moment’s notice.The weight and durability of the product should be at the top of your priority list.

5. Is mobility important?

Most portable tan machine will be light in weight and heavy duty. If you are a person on the go, make sure to review the compact and packability of a product. You might be surprised just how easy it is to spray tan in any given situation! There is absolutely no reason to waste your money on a product that offers you less.

6. What are my spray options?

After looking at a few at home spray tan machine reviews, you may begin to realize that there is a variety of machine types available. There are High Volume Low Pressure Spray Tan Systems (HVLP).Then there are airbrush tanning machines. This option may be a little cheaper. But, it may be more wasteful when it comes to spray tan solution control. The airbrush tanning machine will offer a quality nozzle. Be sure to pay attention to this feature, as dealing with a clogged gun can be a huge hassle when trying to achieve an even spray. And lastly, there are organic spray tan options. This is a newer choice for the at home consumers. It does claim to have more benefits for keeping skin hydrated and healthy. You be the judge!

7. Can I use this product indoors?

This will vary from product to product. Some of the portable spray tan machine options are not designed with indoor use in mind. If you are looking to set up in house or in the garage, you definitely want to choose a product which features a pop-up tent. Most of these tents are user friendly and light in weight. They do a tremendous job in cutting down potential clean up time!

8. Not all solutions solve the same problem!

When choosing your kit, the solution is an important feature. Even the topnotch professional spray tan machine is nothing if coupled with a low-quality solution. The solution will heavily determine the tone, coverage quality, longevity, and skin reaction to your experience. Some solutions offer different ranges of color ability. Be sure to take in to account your starting skin tone.Also, check the range of the solution when choosing the at home kit for you. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for the best spray tan kit be sure to look for options which are sulfate free.Other option is finding a specific note that they are designed for skin sensitivity.

9. Quality gun control

The top 10 spray tan machines will without a doubt advertise the quality of their spray guns. The spray tan gun will have an adjustable nozzle for quality control of solution. You’ll want a durable hose that is resistant to wear and tear and will not clog often.Also, material is of quite importance. Especially if you plan to move your top mobile spray tan machine often. I suggest looking into spray guns which are metal or more durable than plastic. This is not to say that the plastic guns are not a good option. Just that they are more likely to break or have issues over time.

10. Is it user friendly?

Use of a at home tanning kit can be complex. Sometimes the most expensive or fanciest option is not the better for people who are doing this for the first time. If it is your first time, take time to consider the amount of skill required for proper operation.Also, be sure to check the amount of instruction which comes with the machine. There is no value in owning a high-quality machine, if it is too complicated to operate by yourself!

Final Word

I can say with confidence that you are now informed enough to go and shop for the excellent spray tanning machines on the market. It is all the matter of your budget and personal preferences.Remember to take care of your skin properly and try to find a product that gives it all-natural glow. You don’t want to end up orange or with spots. Consider the price but know that the purchase is an investment.It will also save you the trouble of having to go to the salon. You can even consider sharing the cost with a friend – most of them are also portable. I hope you will find the perfect machine. Have a tan that makes you most confident person in the room!

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