Best Timing Belt Kits In 2020

​In this timing belt Review, we will be talking about the best timing belt kits. It’s a high priority to realize the importance of changing these parts on a certain mileage or after a decent amount of time. 

Changing it preventively could be highly profitable as it could forestall some potential, unwanted, and unnecessary expenses. Also, lack of this small investment can cause some irreparable damage that often costs a fortune.

Things to Consider About The Best Timing Belt Kits

There are few things that you should consider about the best timing belt kits. In this timing belt Review we will try to point out the importance of these things:

What are Timing Belt Kits?

Timing belt kits are fully equipped sets of timing belt parts. The kits have all the necessary parts for one timing belt to function. Some of the most common parts of timing belt kits are timing belt itself, timing belt tensioner and bearing, idler bearing, thermostat, etc. These kits may sometimes include or exclude certain parts.

Why do You Need Timing Belt Kit?

In order to prevent a failure of an old timing belt on your engine and unwanted damage, you need to change it with a new timing belt in a certain sequence of time. In case of timing belt failure, you won’t be able to even start your car. Even worse, the engine can backfire as a result of timing sequence error.

The most problematic would be a failure while driving the vehicle. In that case scenario, engine damage is unavoidable.

#List Of Top 5 Timing Belt Kits  – Editor’s Pick:

Top Ten Timing Belt Kits Review

1. Aisin TKT-021 Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump

best timing belt kits

With a great experience and knowledge that Aisin gained through years of making timing belt kits with water pump, Aisin is able to pull out the best quality and the most durable products. Furthermore, water pumps that provide the best cooling and improved die-cast aluminum technology are what make Aisin one of the best manufacturers out there.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

One of the most important things that can prevent irreparable engine damage is a water pump. Aisin TKT-021 water pump comes with gaskets. This water pump will keep your engine away from the unwanted heat temperature limit that may lead to, as we said, irreparable damage. Therefore, with a small investment, you will prevent a possibly great expense.

Anyhow, this is a complete kit for timing belt replacement. Kit replaces timing belt tensioner, timing belt idler pulleys, and a water pump. Now, what you need to know is that there are 2 different lengths of serpentine, long for AC equipped engine and a short one for no AC. Therefore, AC equipped engine requires the minimum of the 90-inch belt.


  • Durable- Made out of the finest materials, all kit parts will serve you for a long time
  • Effective- Water pump will keep your engine out of the heat temperature limit, saving your engine from the irreparable damage.
  • Performance- This kit prevails on the field of performance.
  • Affordable- Item holds great value for the cash.


  • Setup- For the setup and replacement of kit elements, you should contact qualified person.

2. Gates TCKWP329 Engine Timing Belt Kit

 timing belt Review

For the best and complete repair solution Gates offers this kit with water pump. Anyhow, there is a mileage that includes whether you need to change your old timing belt or not. Basically, this timing belt kit contains everything you need to do the job.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

This high-quality timing belt kit includes (other than timing belt) pulleys, tensioners, and a water pump. There are one idler, one seal, and two tensioners. The timing belt kit will perfectly fit Acura, Honda or Saturn, but before ordering, check its fitting on the site by entering year and model of your car.


  • Simple solution- Simply speaking, rather than changing a part by part, get this timing belt kit and completely replace old timing belt system.
  • Durability- The great expertise of Gates manufacturers is in charge of these durable, great-quality products.
  • Performance- Thanks to the splendid performance of Gates products, they are currently on top of the market.
  • Great value- Anyhow, this timing belt kit holds great value for the money.


  • The pull pin quality- However, this part should be a bit better quality to follow up top-notch timing belt.

3.Aisin TKT-026 Engine Timing Belt Kit

best timing belt brand for honda

With a longtime experience, Aisin is on top of the market when it comes to engine timing belt kits with a water pump. Their products guarantee good value and quality that is beyond standard. With this engine timing belt kit, you will be able to save yourself from unnecessary costs that same quality kit sets can make.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

As Aisin is known for a good quality, water pump comes with gaskets that will maintain your engine cool and away from a high temperature that sometimes might be catastrophic. Anyhow, OE matched tensioner bearing (Koyo, NSK, INA or Korean OE brands) as well as Idler bearing. Also, OE matched timing belt supplied by Gates or Mitsuboshi.

Anyhow, many high-end makers are using plastic impellers. When it comes to the Aisin parts, you might need to invest few bucks more, but overall, it’s well worth quality when this much work is involved.

Finally, the kit is put together very well. For someone that has no experience in changing parts whatsoever, there are basic instructions for how to install a new pump. The tensioner’s pin is pre-installed for easing the installation drastically.


  • Easy to install- This product comes with a manual that can ease the process of installation drastically.
  • Great performance- Outstanding performance of this kit is a result of longtime experience and development.
  • Durable- Aisin is well- known for its durable products. Once installed, they will serve you and your engine for a long time.
  • High-quality materials-​​​​ Simply speaking, the whole timing belt kit is made out of the finest materials that will directly affect performance and durability.


  • Replacement- When replacing, replace all old parts for new ones. Keeping an old part may not fit into new ones.

4. Aisin TKT-025 Engine

timing belt for toyota

What makes one manufacturer better than the others is quality, performance and an overall value of their products. Aisin is one of the best timing belt kits manufacturers currently on the market. Thanks to the years of experience and development, Aisin has managed to offer high-quality products worldwide.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

One of the best ways of preventing unnecessary damage due to the heat of your engine is by installing good water pump with gaskets. Aisin produces top-notch water pumps that will keep your engine cool, without risks of being damaged due to high temperatures.

Furthermore, OE matched timing belt supplied by Mitsuboshi or Gates. Also, OE matched Idler bearing and tensioner bearing (NSK, Koyo, INA, or Korean OE brands).

Anyway, if you are inexperienced, there is a pictured instruction with detailed explanation of how to set up parts of this kit. It’s super easy to install. Aisin holds very good value for their products. Even though you will need to invest a bit more than for a standard timing belt kit, Aisin is well-known for its quality and durability of the items they make.


  • Installation guide- For those that are struggling with setup, there is a pictured installation guide that will ease this process by all means.
  • Durability- Some experts estimate that these high-quality kit parts will last longer than your car due to new technology and materials that are being used for their construction.
  • Great under pressure- When under the pressure, this timing belt kit will definitely surprise you positively.
  • Good value- Anyhow, this one-time investment, not only that prevents your engine from further possible damage but also holds great value for the price.


  • Stamped impeller- Water pump is top-notch, but stamped impeller seems to be a bit lower quality. It’s hard to follow-up water pump’s quality.

5.TBK Timing Belt Kit Toyota 4runner 

dayco timing belt quality

This timing belt kit for Toyota 4 Runner 1996-2002 might be everything that your engine needs for good, impeccable work. After installing it, your machine will function without any risks of being overheated or necessary damaged.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

One of the many including pieces from this timing belt kit is Aisin water pump with gasket. This will keep your engine cool and prevent unnecessary heating damage to the engine. Also, there are regular parts that can be found in this timing belt kit such as:

  • Timing belt (Mitsuboshi)
  • Timing belt tensioner (GMB)
  • Timing belt tensioner bearing (GMB)
  • Idler bearing
  • Thermostat with gasket
  • Three accessory drive belts (Bando of USA)
  • Front crankshaft seal (Stone of Japan)
  • Two c2amshaft seals (Stone of Japan)

As we can notice, there is the unusual change in kit parts. With this one, you will get the thermostat with gasket. Mainly, thermostats use two gaskets in order to prevent the coolant from leaking. This one is made of aluminum with great quality and expertise.


  • Aisin water pump- Aisin water pump is a synonym for quality. It can be found in almost every timing belt kit with water pump, which confirms the quality of this pump.
  • Good quality thermostat- Mainly, thermostats are made of plastic. This one is aluminum, lightweight and surely top-notch thermostat with gaskets.
  • Features- Buying this kit will provide you all the necessary features for your engine’s splendid performance.
  • Performance- When put together, all these parts make a good combination of excelling performance.


  • Timing belt- The main problem might be the fitting of timing belt. It’s a bit harder than usual.

6.Gates TCK304 Timing Belt Component Kit

gates timing belts any good

Being the largest global manufacturer of OE timing belts, Gates offers top-notch products with outstanding quality.

Manufacture’s features, spec, and details

With 5 components that come with this timing belt kit such as one timing belt, one tensioner, and 3 idlers, you will be able to completely change old parts and enjoy the reliable ride with your car. Also, there is an installation tool that will ease the installation overall. With this installation tool, you will be able to ‘’do-it-yourself’’ as well.

It covers both, import or domestic vehicles and includes OE Exact or OE Performance tensioners and idlers.


  • Top-notch quality- Gates offers high-quality products with that excel in every field.
  • Durability- When changed, parts should last for at least 100.000 miles.
  • Reliability- After installing them, you will feel reliable to go wherever you want without any fears of your car stopping.
  • Easy installation- With guide and product’s quality, they will easily fit into each other and your engine as well.


  • Bearing quality- The bearings are not that good quality as other components.

7.Gates TCKWP312 Engine Timing Belt Kit 

bosch timing belt review

With an advanced technology and great expertise, Gates offers great quality, durability, and performance of this product. This kit contains several items that are all perfectly built to fit each other and a certain engine model.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

Other than regular parts of this kit, timing belt, and water pump, there are tensioners and idler pulleys that are a bit differently made. Gates idlers, hydraulic tensioners, and pulleys are made with advanced metallurgy and casting techniques to prevent fatigue and corrosion resistance.

The water pump is made for efficient and long-lasting cooling. Anyhow, because of loading and wear, these belts should be changed simultaneously with other parts.


  • ​Advanced technology quality- Some of the timing belt parts are made with advanced technology that will ensure long-lasting experience and use.
  • Durability- Once changed, parts should remain accurate for at least 100.000 miles.
  • Performance- With a splendid performance, Gates is proudly on the top of the market.
  • Reliability- Furthermore, being able to start your car without any doubts and fears of a malfunction, is something that this product can guarantee.


  • Water pump- Even though it will last longer and be efficient, the quality of this pump can’t follow other advanced technology built parts.

8.Gates TCKWP307 Engine

oem timing belt

The best way of avoiding expensive premature failures is to simultaneously change idlers, tensioners and timing belts at the same time. This kit will provide you exactly this- simple and simultaneous change of old parts.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

This kit includes several products such as one timing belt, one hydraulic tensioner, 3 idlers, a water pump and installation tool for easier setup. All these parts will fit each other completely and without further problems. The best possible way for these parts to function is when they are all coming together from this kit. Changing them all at once will increase the durability overall.


  • Simple setup- This kit includes installation guide for those that want to do it by themselves instead of hiring mechanist.
  • Durability- Fine materials and a long history of making these parts have drastically increased the durability of this particular timing belt system.
  • Reliability- After changing old parts with these new, you won’t have stressful rides with fear of your car stopping randomly.
  • Great quality products- Each one of parts in this kit are made with great attention and responsibility. That implies good quality that is well-known.


  • Appearance- Although appearance is not the best, quality is guaranteed.

9.Aisin TKT-024 Engine

dayco vs gates serpentine belts

If you are looking for one of the best timing belt kits, you might be looking in the right direction. Aisin is well-known for its quality when it comes to engine timing belt kit with water pump. One of the best guarantees of Aisin’s quality is the warranty that manufacturer offers. With long history and experience of making these parts, Aisin has hit the market in its best light.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

As every Aisin TKT model that we previously reviewed, this one has a high-quality water pump that comes with gaskets, as well. The importance of high-quality water pump is something that should be considered seriously, and Aisin has done it. Making this top-notch water pump, Aisin will prevent your engine from potential heat damaging due to low-quality water pumps.

Furthermore, OE matched Idler bearing, timing belt supplied by Gates or Mitsuboshi, and Tensioner bearing (Korean OE brands, INA, NSK, and Koyo).

If you decide not to contact your mechanist, but to do it by yourself, there is an instruction (well explained pictured manual) that will ease whole procedure for you. Of course, before ordering, make sure that this timing belt kit with water pump completely fits your engine.


  • Easy to use- This simple-to-install kit will have installation guide for those that want to do it by themselves
  • Great value- Even though you need to invest a bit more, this timing belt kit with water pump has a great value and will serve you and your engine for a long time.
  • Safety- Once you install these parts, your engine will be safe from excessive heat and potential damage.
  • Durability- Due to great structure of this product and materials that were used in constructing them, durability is guaranteed.


  • Installation- Before installing, make sure you read pictured instruction or let mechanist do the job to avoid unwanted problems.

10.Evergreen TBK298MHWPA 98-07 Toyota Lexus 4.7 2UZFE Timing Belt Kit

dayco timing belt water pump kit reviews

With this full timing belt kit with water pump, you will be able to completely change the old timing belt parts and install these new ones that will serve you for a long time without disappointment. This Evergreen timing belt kit is a combination of finest parts that fit 98-10 Lexus Toyota 4.0L DOHC 32V 1UZFE / 4.3L DOHC 32V 3UZFE / 4.7L DOHC 32V 2UZFE.

Manufacture’s Features, Spec, and Details

High-quality OE belt construction will provide performance, durability, and reliability, while top-notch tensioner and idler pulleys are there to assure correct tension and operation. The best way of describing this kit is by enumerating items that it includes.

Therefore as a part of this kit, you may find:

  • 1 Mitsuboshi Timing Belt (211 teeth) (Mitsuboshi – OE Supplier for HONDA / SUBARU)
  • 1 GMB Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing
  • 1 GMB Timing Belt Idler Bearing
  • 2 Camshaft Seals (38 x 85 x 10)
  • 1 Front Crankshaft Seal (42 x 60 x 7)
  • Hydraulic Tensioner / Tensioner Adjuster
  • 1 AISIN Water Pump with Gasket (AISIN – OE Supplier for TOYOTA / LEXUS)

All of these parts are manufactured with premium materials and long-time experience. Therefore, what you should expect from it is great durability, performance, and reliability that could be found in very few manufacturers.


  • High-quality- Evergreen offers excelling quality of their product that is once again confirmed
  • Reliability- Once installed, you will be free to safely go on a road trip or wherever you want without any doubts or fears.
  • Durability- As we mentioned, great expertise and construction materials are in charge of the durability of this product.
  • Easy installation- Whether you decide to install it by yourself or let your mechanist do the job, neither of you should have problems. Every timing belt kit part will perfectly fit.


  • Fitting limit- Anyhow, this timing belt kit can’t fit into every engine series, hence, check matching before ordering.

Buying Guide Informative

This timing belt Review contains some of the best timing belt kits. Simply speaking, all you need to do is check matching of a certain timing belt into your engine and order it.

We will be talking about the best timing belt brand for Honda, timing belt for Toyota, Dayco timing belt quality and many other.

About Gates Timing belts

Are Gates timing belts any good? After buying one, you will be definitely sure of their quality. With a splendid performance and reliability they offer, Gates is one of the best timing belt manufacturers out there.

Bosch Timing Belt Kits

When talking about Bosch timing belt review, we may conclude that Bosch timing belt replacement kit contains all the necessary parts that fit perfectly to your engine. These parts also match each other as they were like custom made.

Oem Timing Belt as Top-Notch Timing Belt

These ones carry the epithet of ‘’do it yourself’’’ timing belts for their simple installation and great design. OEM timing belt kit usually includes timing belt, belt tensioner, and a water pump.

Dayco Timing Belt Kits

Dayco timing belt water pump kit reviews are something that Dayco could be proud of. Dayco timing belt kit is a convenient solution when replacing all the major components of your previous timing belt. It is hard to decide in dayco vs gates serpentine belts who prevails. Anyhow, both of these belts are high-quality and positioned on the top of the market.

Aisin Timing Belt Kits

Talking about this kit, we can’t forget to mention the well-known quality of Aisin water pumps. They are highly rated and even other manufacturers are using them as a part of their kits.

Important to Know

Every timing belt system has a unique structure and can’t fit every engine. Before buying any, check if it’s suitable for your engine and avoid unwanted expenses.

How to Check if Timing Belt Kit Can Fit Your Car’s Engine

Anyhow, in order to check if certain timing belt kit fits your car’s engine, you need to complete the 3-step questionnaire: year of manufacturing your car, mark, and a model. If you get a confirmation, you are free to order.


In the light of everything that we previously said in this timing belt Review, we may conclude that the review contains some of the best timing belt kits. In this review, there are some of the manufacturers with unsurprised automotive expertise that met their customer’s wishes once again.

What you should expect with any of these timing belt kits is great durability, performance, and reliability. There is nothing worse than your old belt components causing irreparable damage to the engine. With a small investment, you and your engine will be safe and sound for a long time. Therefore, choosing any belt kit from this review’s list that fits your car will definitely be bull’s eye. 

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