Can you use Gorilla Glue on clothes?

If you are wondering whether you can use Gorilla Glue on your clothes, first, you need to know something more about this glue in general. First of all, Gorilla Glue is a popular brand of adhesives that is mostly used in construction and renovation industries.

Therefore, Gorilla Glue is pretty strong and durable glue that is able to glue almost anything back together. Also, there are hybrid strains of cannabis present in the Gorilla Glue which helps when it comes to durability and performance of this amazing Glue.

But, the real question here is can you use it on clothes? Well, of course you can! But, there are better things to use on cloths than Gorilla Glue. Anyhow, let’s see everything about this topic.

Gorilla Glue – Compatibility with Clothes

There are some things that you need to know before using Gorilla Glue on your clothes. Namely, if you want to glue something back together, Gorilla Glue would be the perfect choice. But, using it on clothes has some side effects and downfalls. Let’s see

1) Big mess

Possibly the most annoying thing about Gorilla Glue is that it makes a mess when used to patch some clothes up. If you didn’t know, gorilla glue actually expands pretty fast and it sets fast as well which will make a huge mess.

If you don’t mind getting a mess on your hands, then you should use this type of glue on your clothes. Otherwise, you need to find a better way of patching clothes or fixing something up on your clothes.

2) Stiffness

When applied, Gorilla Glue sets pretty fast and starts working in no time. That is why Gorilla glue is one of the best glue’s on the market. But, because of its strength and durability, Gorilla glue make clothes stiff and scratchy afterwards.

Now, if you don’t mind wearing obviously glued clothes that are stiff, then Gorilla Glue is a good thing to go with. On the contrary, you will find Gorilla Glue pretty bad decision if you don’t like stiff clothes.

3) Shoes are fine

If you want to fix or repair shoes or any gun parts  then Gorilla Glue is definitely a good option. Now, shoes are made out of other material than rest of the clothes. Therefore, Gorilla Glue works pretty great in a combination with shoes since it is able to fix them without any signs of showing.

However, you need to work patiently and very carefully when applying Gorilla Glue in the first place. Otherwise, you will make a huge mess that you can’t easily wash off of your shoes. All in all, Gorilla glue is great for shoes.


In the light of everything we said, it is easy to conclude that you can use Gorilla Glue on your shoes.  Sometimes, you will need a little bit more experience on how to apply it, but you will most likely do just fine.

Also, fixing some clothes with Gorilla Glue is definitely not a good idea if you don’t want them to be stiff.

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