How to choose your gun cleaning kits

There’s a plethora of gun cleaning kits out there, and it’s only natural that you’re wondering how to choose the right one. Essentially, these kits are much alike the handyman’s toolkits – cases filled with various bits and pieces.

Now, we’ve come to the understanding that most people know what each gun-cleaning tool does, but most folks buy their tools separately – this might not be the most economical solution, so we’ve decided to put together a little “how to” guide for the best gun-cleaning kits out there.

A foreword about gun cleaning kits – what they are, and what they’re for?

In essence, gun cleaning kits are stocked tools that you’ll need to properly clean your guns. Most kits are comprised of several gun-cleaning rods, patches, metal brushes, and gun-cleaning toothbrushes, but there are models that come outfitted with extra accessories.

They’re perfect for on-the-go repairs, making them ideal for hunting trips, and various survival exercises. Most kits come neatly packed in cases or boxes, allowing for easy transportation, even though this is usually considered as an “outstanding feature”.

Different types of gun cleaning kits

First of all, there are light duty cleaning kits which are intended for simple handguns and low-caliber rifles, such as Otis Technology Defender Series Gun Cleaning Kit. Models such as these are often supplied with a small number of tools, such as bore brush, patches, the slotted tip, memory-flex cables, and more. Light-duty cleaning kits are usually the cheapest ones.

If there’s a thing such as a “standard” gun-cleaning kit, it would be Falko’s Gun Cleaning Kit.It comes outfitted with a bunch of gun-cleaning tools, including various brass rods, corkscrews, patches, brushes, and other accessories, all packed in a convenient carry case. Standard kits usually come in 20 to 32-piece kits. These kits aren’t exactly expensive, but they’re seldom cheap.

Last, but not least, there are heavy duty gun-cleaning kits. Some people call them “professional-grade” cleaning kits, as they’re superiorly efficient and versatile. Now, these kits rarely come in cases – rather, they come in large boxes, as they’re usually outfitted with 60 to 100 gun-cleaning pieces. Heavy-duty cleaning kits may be expensive, but they’re usually highly valuable for the cash. Even though they cost much, they’ll save you the trouble of restocking.

A perfect example of a heavy duty cleaning kit would be Allen’s Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit. This model is outfitted with 65 pieces capable of fixing and cleaning rifles, pistols, and shotguns. It includes various brass jags, slotted tips, muzzle guards, picks, cotton patches, cleaning brushes, cotton swabs, and more.

How to pick the best gun cleaning kit?

Now that you know what’s on the menu, how do you decide what’s best for you? Well, first of all, you should consider the caliber of your guns, the state and durability of your guns, the necessary gun-cleaning tools you need, and more:

The Caliber

Naturally, large-caliber rounds require advanced gun-cleaning tools, whereas the low-caliber rounds can be cleaned with simple tools. For instance, a standard handgun can be cleaned with a plain brass rod and a cotton patch while a Mosin-Nagant (M1891)requires muzzle guards, cleaning toothbrushes for trigger areas, and metal brushes for heavy fouling.

On the other hand, large-caliber rounds tend to require more frequent cleaning. This is why you’ll need a larger stock of gun-cleaning tools, as they wear down rapidly with each use.

Gun-cleaning tools

Make sure that you get everything you need for your gun – some gun-cleaning kits offer discounts, others are packed with a manifold of tools, but if the kit doesn’t have what you need, other accessories might be useless, leading you to buy another kit (or separate gun-cleaning tools).

As an example, let’s take it as if you’re a handgun owner. In this case, you won’t need the majority of tools most kits come supplied with – instead, you’ll need a simple gun-cleaning toothbrush, a cleaning rod, and several gun-cleaning patches (preferably, made of cotton).

Shotgun owners, on the other hand, need a variety of gun-cleaning tools. The shotgun barrel is a delicate one, so you’ll need metal brushes, gun-cleaning toothbrushes, protectants, gun lubricants, oxidizers, and more.

Tertiary, any owner of a hunting rifle knows that regular maintenance is absolutely imperative. Some rifles feature complex mechanisms that can catch on quite a lot of grime and fouling, which means that you’ll need plenty of gun-cleaning fluids.

Punchline is – inquire about the tools you need for your guns, and make sure that you get a kit that can accommodate your needs.


Most gun shops feature budget gun-cleaning kits that are well below $50, but you might be surprised when you hear that there are gun-cleaning kits that cost above $1000. Surely enough, even the most affordable kitscan help you clean your guns, but a few bucks might make a serious difference.

A good example of a high-quality gun-cleaning kit is Youbore’s Universal Deluxe kit – it might not be expensive per se, but it features a wide array of cleaning tools that are well-suited for all kinds of calibers.

On the other hand, if you’re prepared to part with a fortune, FrogLube’s Gun Cleaning Kit will take all of your troubles away, but it costs a couple of thousands.

Outstanding features

Most brands don’t exactly mention the outstanding features, but you can pretty much tell on your own – some gun-cleaning kits come in special cases or boxes that simplify the transportation. The tools required to clean a gun are often lightweight, but the kits come supplied with a number of them, which can be pretty heavy.

Consider the kits that come with these gratis features for extra convenience – especially if you’re fond of long hunting trips.

On the other hand, certain gun-cleaning kits come outfitted with all sorts of things, such as a “gun-cleaning mat”. Even though this isn’t a commonplace, the Youbore’s kit has one. The process of cleaning a gun can be a messy one, and you certainly don’t want to do it in your dining area.

Even though most people do their cleaning in their garage, or other specific locations, there’s always some cleaning you’ll have to do after your “gun-cleaning”. The mat we’ve talked about could prove invaluable if you want to save some energy and time.

The Final Verdict

Essentially, you don’t have to overthink it – gun-cleaning kits are, plainly put, packages of various gun-cleaning tools that are smaller or larger, depending on the purpose. Decide how much money are you prepared to invest, inquire about the tools that the kit comes outfitted with, and you’ll do just fine.

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