How to use Common Sense Gun Control Solutions?

A gun problem in the USA is becoming bigger and bigger and therefore, the whole society is beginning to develop a constant fear of mass shootings. Despite all efforts to deal with the mass shootings and other gun related violence, most of the people are actually losing hope that there will be anything changed about this topic.However, a common sense gun control is possibly the best way of dealing with such a serious problem because all other law regulations somehow failed to do so. Anyhow, there must be a simple and easy way to use common sense gun control solutions so that mass shooting problem will be a thing in the past.So, let’s discuss some of the most efficient way to use common sense gun control solutions to deal with this problem.

Gun control solutions

Now, here are some steps that could really help in dealing with this problem.

1) National registry for guns

Possibly the biggest problem with firearms is that each state in the USA has its own regulations and its own system on guns. It would be very efficient and possibly the best for everyone if there is some national law or regulation that every state should apply in their own regulations.

This rule should be strict and it needs to be fair for everyone. This way, there would be less gun violence and everyone will need to obey the national laws on gun control. Also, there won’t be such drastic differences about guns and gun control in general if there was a national law that regulates all this.

2) Monitoring of bullets

Buying as much ammunition as you want should definitely be forbidden. Everyone should have a limit and consider every bullet to be very valuable. The main point here is the fact that guns don’t kill people, bullets actually kill people. If everyone has a gun at their home, monitoring of the bullets will definitely cut gun violence and deal with the mass shooting problem.

Also, with the monitoring bullet system everyone will have to concede that bullets that they purchased will be recorded in the national database. This way, nobody would fire bullets for nothing, and lots of people will actually stop shooting without a reason.

3) Ban on gun gadgets that are needless

There are lots of needless gadgets when it comes to firearm which can be related to gun violence or other gun problem. Namely, why would anyone need a silencer and for what purpose? It is known that hunters sometimes want to kill with silencers, but that is not necessary as well.

On the other hand, there are some gadgets that make semi-automatic rifle into a machine gun. This is definitely needless and bad for everyone. If there is a ban on needless gun gadgets, this would send a strong signal for everyone who is using guns.

4) Carrying gun in public notion

Carrying a gun in public is another needless thing that lots of people do. The USA is a free country, but that doesn’t have to mean that carrying a gun in public is obligatory. If banning guns in public would act properly, gun violence would be drastically cut.


All in all, these are some common sense gun control solutions that everyone could think off. Banning guns is not possible in the country like USA, so we need an efficient gun control law that will at least make it hard to use them. With these regulations, the USA would be a safer place to live and everyone would not have to fear for their safety.

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