Competitive Shooting Gear

​Are you just getting into competitive shooting? Have you been to a shooting range and seen all your competitors geared up and ready with a variety of equipment? If you’re serious, you’ll need to gear up just like them. Each piece of equipment plays a significant role in your overall performance.

In a competitive sport, you need to take every step you can to put yourself on an equal playing field as the rest. Otherwise, your competitors will have the advantage. As such, you have to invest in proper shooting gear. You’ll feel yourself getting better with each gear you add to your arsenal.

So, without further ado, let’s see what you need.

The Firearms and the Ammo

This one is a bit obvious. Of course, you’ll need a firearm for competitive shooting. However, it’s not that simple. You can’t just use any regular gun. Quality is imperative to performance. You need to make sure the weapon you buy complements your own shooting technique and complies best with the competition’s parameters.

In that case, there are a lot of factors to consider. Is the competition close range or long-range? How many rounds do you get? What kind of recoil are you used to? And so on.

Ammo specializes in many different aspects. Semi-automatic ammo, long-range or short-range ammo, pistol ammo or rifle ammo, etc. are just some of the many ways they’re divided.

Choosing the right ammo is the same as choosing your gun. Make sure it’s the best option for the completion’s rules while also synergizing with your technique.

Some Necessities

Aside from guns and the ammunition, there are a few accessories you must have. Every serious contestant will bring these to the field, and you need to be one of them. So, make sure you bring the following items –

  • A Range Bag

Starting off with the right bag is a good first step. Carrying weapons in random bags is generally a bad idea. That could easily damage your weapons and gear and diminish your performance at the range. Hence, get a range bag and see all of that change.

The bag’s design accounts for all the gear and required accessories for a competitive match. Those compartments keep all of your equipment safe and still. Thus, prevent damages to your gear and firearms. You don’t want your gun jamming mid-contest. So, make sure you have a dedicated bag.

  • Gunsmithing Kit

There is no guarantee that your gun won’t jam. With each shot, your firearm slowly but surely wears down until it eventually depreciates completely. You’ll need a proper gunsmithing kit to save yourself from that fate.

These kits give you the tools to maintain, clean, and repair your arms. Guns lose performance as they wear down. Therefore, routine maintenance is a must in competitive shooting. You will never know when you need it, so make sure it’s always part of your gear.

  • Gun Case

You will stuff all of your gear into your range bag, but you still need to give your gun some special treatment. It needs a dedicated case to ensure absolute protection. However, the case must meet some specific criterions to deem itself suitable for your gun.

Primarily, it must be sturdy. It must be strong enough to handle falls, rough usage or anything else that could compromise the quality of your guns. No matter what kind of situation it deals with, it must make sure that the weapons inside are side.

Additionally, it must fit the kind of gun you use. Just because you can fit a pistol in an SMG case doesn’t mean you should. The more precisely they fit, the better they are.

Besides, try to get a waterproof case. There’s always a risk for a spillage one way or another. You can’t let it compromise your game no matter what. Follow these steps, and you should have a reliable gun case in your arsenal.

  • Universal Cleaning Kit

Aside from your gunsmithing kit, keep a general cleaning kit. The key to victory lies heavily on the preparation. Working with dirty tools is a one-way ticket to bad performance. Keeping a cleaning kit with you is a great way to encourage yourself to actually clean on time.

Aside from that, cleaning your tools is a superb way to calm your nerves before you get shooting. It helps you relax and take your mind off of anything that could hit you with anxiety. So, keeping a cleaning kit is generally a good idea.

  • Lubricant oils

Since you’re working with complex mechanisms like firearms, it’s best to keep lubricants in hand. Applying a bit off lube to certain areas of your guns can help them perform better, especially if you deal with larger weapons like rifles.

They even assist in the set-up process and gun building. Not to mention they play a pivotal part in gunsmithing as well. As such, lubricants are a must.

Safety Gears

With our accessories sorted out, we’ll now move on to safety essentials. Competitive shooting is a risky sport without the right equipment. Even if you condemn the rest of our suggestions, you must bring safety gear once you participate or practice. These tools include –

  • Eye Protection

We’ve yet to see a single professional marksman come to a shooting range without a proper pair of eye protection. This is because they are the most endangered. The powder can blow back into your eyes and burn them; an errant shot could ricochet right back into your eyes, muzzle flash could impair your vision, and so on.

They also help you see better and even protect you from environmental threats. As the sunlight can hamper accuracy, these glasses are designed to counteract this issue elegantly while also providing protection. Thence, they are a must for any competitive shooting gear.

  • Ear Protection

If you’ve ever been around a gun, you know they make a lot of noise. So much so, that pirates would tie earplugs into their hair so they could put them on whenever they needed to. Without the right ear protection, guns can render you deaf.

As such, you should always get some form of noise cancellation. They’ll muffle the gunshots and protect your eardrums from the jarring noise. Keep in mind that the stronger the firearms are, the louder the sound will be.

  • Chamber Flag

Oftentimes we forget whether or not we’re holding our gun right. It could be that we’re caught up in the moment, or that we just can’t notice due to the look of the weapon. Chamber flags act as an easy-to-see indicator of whether or not you’re holding the gun right. It’s quick, easy and reliable.

  • Shooting Gloves

When you take in recoil, a lot of it is absorbed into your palms. The more shots you take, the bigger the toll it’ll take on your palms. What can you do then? That’s where these gloves come in. They take in a lot of the impact so that your palms can make more shots without growing tired. It’s an essential gear that you must keep if you want to build your endurance.

The Outfit

Yes, even your clothes have a degree of impact on your performance. Here is a guideline for the kind of clothes you should choose.

  • The Shirt

The shirt must be reinforced and breathable. It is better if it can wick moisture to help you keep clean and fresh at all times.

  • The Jacket

It must be light yet sturdy. Comfort and flexibility are the keys. Also, make sure the elbows are properly padded for safety.

  • The Pants

The same rules apply from the jacket. However, they must have knee paddings instead of elbow padding. They should also offer breathability to keep yourself cool.

  • The Belt

If you need holsters, you better make sure your belt is strong enough to keep it supported.


Once you’ve added all of these into your arsenal, you’ll be on equal footing with your competitors. The rest will boil down on your skills and your ability to choose gear that bring the most out of them. Once you’ve gathered them up, you’ll be virtually unstoppable.

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