Do Planks Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat is something that makes your figure look bad and everybody wants to get rid of it. In this case, the most effective way to burn this fat is to follow a comprehensive exercise guide. Although exercise helps to melt the fat of the body, you need to do it regularly to maintain the body structure.

There are lots of exercises to burn belly fat. Among them, the most effective one is the Plank exercise. Most of the people and physicians recommend this one strongly. Therefore, despite it is being a struggling process, you have to stick with it.

However, in this article, we will cover information about plank exercise and describe its importance in losing belly fat. All you need to do is to skim through the article and have a clear idea. Hope you will enjoy it thoroughly.

What is the Plank Exercise?

Plank is mainly an exercise that involves a position similar to push-ups for a maximum possible of time. It is also known as front hold, hovers or an abdominal bridge by name. This exercise helps to burn your calories while engaging multiple muscles at a time. It also helps to increase the core strength of the body.

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Likewise, not only it burns the extra fat around the abdominal area but it also helps to maintain a good body structure. It will give you a flexible as well as a tighter belly. For these reasons, it is considered as super effective.

Why Do We Need to Burn Body Fats?

There goes a saying, “Health is wealth”. The body needs fat to produce energy, but excessive fat affects the body. It can block the arteries of the heart by producing cholesterol.

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The study says that fats can also increase the risk of type-2 diabetes as well as breathing problems. It can also affect brain volume and increases the risk of bone-thinning osteoporosis.

So, to maintain good health and stay away from these diseases, we need to burn extra fat from our body.

How Can We Manage Plank Exercise?

Well, you may find it easy by just getting a slight glance but actually, it requires a lot of strength and body balance. Sometimes it becomes hard for a person to manage this exercise regularly. For this, you need to be determined from the very beginning.

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Accordingly, you can do this exercise almost everywhere. It can be inside the house or outside anywhere. You just need e plane surface to do the exercise so that you don’t hurt your back. But it is good to hire a trainer or go to a gym to do the exercise. Thus, you do not face any difficulty during the exercise.

Moreover, a trainer can advise you on some diets and schedules that will boost the exercise. You can also search on the internet about the methods and dietary plans to do homework beforehand.

How to Exercise?

The experts usually suggest doing this exercise for at least one minute for a minimum of 3 times a session. This one minute is the maximum time you can hold the plank for. If you are a beginner, it may come as a big challenge for you. Nevertheless, you should not give up. Stick to it, you can get adapted to the process.

Once you become good at it, do not try to do more than 1 minute at a single time. Now when you hold the plank, try to make sure your body falls parallel to the ground. Make sure your hand strongly holds the plank to make a good body balance.

When you have mastered the first step. Let’s come to the second step. Try taking a deep breath and contract your abdominal muscles. While breathing out the air, relax your muscle and do this process for 60 seconds maximum.

You can make a fist instead of flat palm holding on the plank. It will help to make your fist strong as well as your shoulder muscles.

So, this was a short guide to make you clear about plank exercise. But always keep that in mind to hold the plank properly.

How Does Plank Burn Belly Fat?

You should know that only holding the plank won’t do much of a help. Some experts suggest doing some aerobic exercise on the plank including some compound exercises. That includes squats, push-ups, cycling and many more. This will not only burn the belly fats but also burn fat of other body parts and help to build muscles.

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When you hold the plank, you will feel that your hands are falling down and your breathing becomes heavy, but your calories start to burn a little. Now, when you do more aerobic exercise, your calories will burn more; hence, your fat will melt eventually.

Can We Lose Weight by Plank Exercise?

The answer is very simple. Yes, we can lose our extra weight by plank exercise. We know it helps to burn extra calories. Thus, fats of different body parts are reduced as well. Exercise at least one time a day and you will lose your weight by the end of the month.

Try exercises like Mountain climbers, Plank Jack, Plank to pike jump, Frogger, etc. But keep in mind that consistency is the key to success in this regard. If you exercise regularly, not only you will lose belly fat but also reduce your body weight.

Other Benefits of Plank

Now it is time to discuss other benefits of the plank exercise. We discuss them below:

  • ​Plank exercise involves the whole body. So, the possibility of activating more muscles is higher.
  • ​Planks help to improve posture because it strengthens your back, shoulder, and neck. Plank also helps to improve the core muscles.
  • Plank exercise helps your body become flexible.

Final Words

We have discussed earlier the necessity of burning fat from the body. And plank plays a huge role in melting not only belly fat but also fat from other parts of the body. We tried to give you a short guide on plank exercise and its benefits.

Hope you are clear now that plank does burn belly fats. Thanks for your patience in reading.

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