Do you know what to drink when looking to lose weight?

When it comes to weight loss, everybody talks about foods and what you should eat in order to lose those extra pounds. But not very many underline the fact that it is extremely important to drink plenty of liquids as well. Of course, we are talking about plain water and drinks that contain no sugar whatsoever. Artificial sweeteners are not recommended either, as they don’t do much of a job. Organic honey, maple syrup, and dried dates are the healthiest options when it comes to sweeteners, but if you want to lose weight fast, you should leave these for later, when you’ll be more focused on maintaining the desired weight, instead of losing weight. So, let us talk about what you can drink to speed up the weight loss process.

Water is the queen of all beverages in a weight loss diet

You can’t have an effective diet if you are not drinking sufficient water, as nothing works right without water. Besides keeping you properly hydrated and healthy, water also keeps you full for longer and chases away any unwanted food cravings. In fact, next time you get hungry, drink a big glass of water. You see, the brain sometimes sends the wrong messages, and makes you feel hungry when it is actually thirsty. So, if it’s not meal time just yet but you feel hungry, you may want to drink some water. Water also makes sure that your digestion works right and flushes away toxins. Thus, have a bottle of water near you at all times, especially when working out and you may lose fluids through your sweat. In case you are tired of drinking plain water, add a few drops of lemon, mint, or prepare cucumber water in order to enjoy a different flavor without putting your diet in danger.

Green tea

Besides plain water, green tea is another great beverage you can add to your list. Just do remember that you will need to go for plain green tea and not the varieties that are improved with flavors and other synthetic components that do you no good. So, make sure to read the ingredients list of the green tea you are about to purchase, making sure it contains just green tea leaves and nothing else. Of course, just like with any other type of product on the market, there are some brands that are more reliable than others. Thus, there are some that got the healthiest green teas revealed, so that more and more people find out about them. These are the kind of tea that goes through minimum processing, so that the qualities of the green tea remains unspoiled, allowing you to take the most of it and really see results after drinking it. Prepare a cup of green tea and have it as it is, with no sugar added, maybe a slice of lemon if you want a fresher flavor. Drinking green tea will provide you with a considerable amount of antioxidants, which will protect your health, will boost your energy levels, and help your body melt fat by increasing the performances of your metabolism. Also, don’t hesitate to add a couple of mint leaves to your green tea, as it is believed that this combination is slimming. You should bring the mint leaves to a boil, turn it off, and add the green tea to the hot beverage, allowing it to sit for 5 minutes.

Celery smoothies

While many people believe that fresh fruit juices are great in a weight loss diet, you should actually not overdo it and drink too much fruit juices, even if they are freshly squeezed, as they contain a lot of fructose. Fructose is the natural sugar found in fruits, which is okay to consume. But when you juice fruits, you don’t realize that you consume more fructose than in the case of eating a fresh fruit as it is. Instead, you could opt for smoothies made out of celery. Celery contains an incredible amount of fibers and a very low number of calories, being great not just for your digestion and cravings, but also for your silhouette as well. All you need to do is blend a half of cup of fresh celery, add a cup of water, a half of teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and a fourth of a teaspoon of black pepper, freshly ground. With this incredible beverage, not only will you fight food cravings but you will actually burn calories without doing anything for it. The fibers contained by celery take energy from the body in order to be processed. Also, adding apple cider vinegar and black pepper to the mixture will only make things better, as both of them are known for being great aids in weight loss .

Slimming beverage made out of tomatoes and limes

Besides enjoying the great slimming effects of tomatoes and limes, this beverage will also introduce in your body a good amount of vitamin C, great for your immune system. You will have to blend a cup of tomatoes until they are smooth. Pour the tomatoes into a glass and add lime juice and a pinch of black salt. This savory drink will provide a variety of vitamins and precious nutrients for your body, improving your health and helping you melt unwanted fat deposits. Not to mention that this beverage will give you the sensation of having a full stomach for longer, so you can focus on something else than what you can eat or snack on.

So, having in mind that introducing a good amount of fluids in the body is more than necessary, with these ideas you can find suitable weight loss alternatives to water. This way, you can make some changes now and then and enjoy the fresh flavor of fruits or veggies, in a combination that will help you lose weight and even burn calories more effectively. Thus, make sure to stay hydrated and get all the vitamins you need for a great state of health.


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