Are Elliptical Trainers Safe for Pregnant Women ?

We all know the importance of workouts more or less to keep ourselves fit. It’s better to work out regularly. But often pregnant women have doubts about doing exercises during this period. Many of you feel that it would be better not to do exercise during the pregnancy. This is because it may hamper your baby’s as well as your health. Besides, many people will suggest you to relax to keep you and your baby healthy. They will tell you that working out may hamper your and your baby’s health. But this is a wrong idea. During pregnancy staying active has both the short-term and long-term fitness. For safe exercising, it’ll be the best if you work out using an elliptical trainer. It controls the resistance and speed of your workout. So elliptical workouts during pregnancy are very conductive to health.

An elliptical trainer is a stationary machine. It is a good source of cardiovascular exercise. Besides, it serves the users with low-impact and simple workouts. During pregnancy, you should take low-impact exercises, like elliptical workouts. They don’t contain any kind of bouncing movements. The movements elliptical provide are not so harmful to pregnant women. That’s why elliptical workouts during pregnancy are safe. Reading buying guide elliptical machine under $1000

Benefits of elliptical workouts during pregnancy

Elliptical trainer workouts provide low-impact exercise and muscle toning while pregnancy. Don’t take frequent movements like stepping stairs. You should exercise using an elliptical trainer. It offers natural movements like running or walking. The benefits you may get by elliptical workouts during pregnancy are very significant. Some benefits are –

  • It improves your fitness and provides benefits to your health and your baby.
  • You don’t need to worry about joint pain. It has consistent movement and stability bars. Moreover, it allows you to keep balance with your changing belly.
  • It recovers your back pain and prevents extra weight gain.
  • Reduces pregnancy-related health problem risks.
  • Increases your energy level and stamina in preparation for labor.
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance.

Precautions for elliptical workouts during pregnancy

Before starting elliptical workouts get your doctor’s approval. Your doctor will be able to tell about your specific pregnancy concerns. So, start your elliptical workouts with clear guidelines and warnings your doctor provides. Do not take any pressure and take light exercise using the elliptical trainer. It’s a good idea if you keep somebody with you while exercising so that you can tell him if you feel sick, dizzy or have a cramp. Stop working out immediately if you feel light-headed or any pain. If you cannot normally talk with anyone, slow down or stop exercising.

Elliptical routine during pregnancy

It is better to follow a routine for elliptical workouts during pregnancy. If the doctor allows, you can start workouts using an elliptical trainer comfortably. Specialists suggest pregnant women take 30 minutes of exercise regularly. With an elliptical trainer, you can easily reach that goal. Try to use the elliptical trainer in reverse for a few minutes in each session to help your muscle toning. You can make the elliptical trainer your main way of workouts. Or you may add it to your routine with your other means of workouts.

How to use elliptical trainer during pregnancy

You can take elliptical workouts during pregnancy every day. For this purpose, you need to main proper attitude. Try to wear loose fitting and light clothing. Drink enough water. It will keep you hydrated. And it will also exert less stress on your body and also your baby. It does not matter whether you took exercise before getting pregnant or not. The most important thing is you start exercising slowly. Warm up for five minutes before starting exercise. Take your time to move slowly to relax your body and stretch muscles. Cool down time to time while using the elliptical trainer under $500. Build your exercise time till you reach 30 minutes with 10 to 15 minutes break per session. Different pregnancy associations suggest the pregnant women take breaks frequently. The associations also suggest drinking fluid throughout the workout time.

Elliptical trainer features

Various types of elliptical trainers offer different features you can use. You can find elliptical trainers with moving handlebar or with a stationary handlebar. If you just want to keep your balance, use stationary handlebars. With the moving handlebar, you can provide exercise to the upper part and lower part of your body. Elliptical trainers have controls to incline for a higher or lower intensity workout. It can also adjust the resistance of your workout. Use it according to the level of your comfort. You can also use digital elliptical trainers to ease your workout. It can give feedback on your exercise time, distance and speed. It also shows your heart rate and helps you to control the rate. Thus it will help to meet your pregnancy workout goals.


During pregnancy, any exercise may be harmful if you work too hard. So, don’t try to push it harder. Start your workout as per the instructions of your doctor. You can limit your exercise by measuring your heart rate. Doctors suggest avoiding heart beats exceeding 140 per minute. If the heartbeat exceeds the limit, stop exercising as early as possible. As you sweat while exercising, the temperature of your body increases. The internal temperature of your body may increase while working out. Check the temperature every 20 minutes of your exercise. If you feel light-headed or feel pain, stop exercising as early as possible. Consult your physician time to time.

Final Verdict

Pregnancy is a very important as well as a happy chapter of your life. Therefore, use these best moment by keeping yourself fit and healthy. Maintain elliptical workouts during pregnancy regularly. The elliptical workouts during pregnancy develop the ability of stress tolerance. This will lead to an easier delivery. So keep up your daily workouts using the elliptical trainer when you are pregnant. Thus, you and your baby both can stay happy and fit.

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