How do I Choose A Tanning Lotion?

Tanned skin, is a perfectly dreamed skin color for us. People tend to do anything about getting this color. It has become a trend, as it suits all sorts of cloth color. Not only that, but it also brings an extra energy and confidence to your pale skin. People tend to burn themselves just for tanning. But it makes no sense. You can easily avoid the UV-A and UV-B rays, they cause cancer. Instead, you can use fake tanning lotion at your home. I prefer to use lotions, rather than any other products. They are safe, budget-friendly, and skin-friendly also.

Now it's a big question how to choose a tanning lotion for your own skin? You need to mix and match with your skin so that you could quickly get a perfect shade of tanning. For me, the best use of tanning lotion is using them frequently by changing the brands.

I try to do this thing, and one day, I got the perfect shade of my skin. That is the bronze one. So try to apply that thing, and you will surely find your own match. But I'll try to suggest some techniques so that you could easily get your match.

The beginners

I would like to suggest for the beginners that, though you have never gone through any sorts of tanning products, you need to start with the pure one. This lotion will help you to tan your skin up to 60% more than the average tanner. So this lotion would be harmless. And you could easily see, how much tanning you should have for your skin. And try to maintain this balance for 4-5 months. Otherwise, you won’t be able to cope up with the tanning products. Try to be the mature one, after setup with the beginner level.


This stage is called the mature stage. In this stage, you could get the perfect idea of what sorts of skin you have and how much tanning you will need for your skin. And which shade suits you best. Cosmetics bronzers are best for this mature stage and the black bronzer also. Because it could easily suit your skin. And if you don’t like the shade, you could easily jump over another product. It would not do any harm to your skin. As I have told earlier that, at the beginner stage, it suited your skin. Now at the mature stage, it won’t harm you.


This stage is the perfect one. If you have reached the adult stage, you could choose anything for your skin. It may be the bronzer with light, or cosmetic bronzer, or black bronzer. Make sure that the bronzers give you an instant heighten look, with gorgeous glow instantly. As all the lotions have suited you, you do not have such problem with the lotions.

Now let’s figure out the stages. There are many stages of style. And your style may be different from other. Or you may not know which your style is. So today I’ll try to brief you on the styles of tanning.

The Luxurious One

These lotions are considered as the finest one of all. These lotions not only contact the best ingredients in themselves, rather than it contains the finest products. Skin will get all the good things, after using the lotions. All the goodness is collected in one bottle. A deep and rich bronze touch finishing is prevailed after using the lotion.

The Trendy One

This range contains all sorts of upgraded ones. The lotions of L’Oreal, Victoria’s Secret are called to be the fashionable one. They will minimize the time, and as well as will work for the upgraded and latest versions of all.

Lotions for Sensitive Skin

This sorts of lotions are specially made for the sensitive skin users. They are profoundly observed lotions that could easily suit the sensitive skin. You should better try those lotions, if it itches your skin, after applying the lotion.

The Cooling One

Our skin is not of the same. We may have normal skin or dry or sensitive skin. Another type of skin we could found that, itching skin. It starts itching whenever anything is applied to the skin. So this sort of skin needs to be taken care. Various companies have worked on this skin. And they have come up with a great lotion that is the cooling one. Whenever you need a perfect bronze shade on your skin with the itchiness, then apply this cooling lotion. It will surely suit your skin.

Shimmery One

This lotion is for the party wear. Yes, you could easily wear such lotions on your party also. Because it will give you a perfect shimmery touch finishing, whenever you need the party look. So let’s jump over the shimmery collection of bronze lotions.

Accelerator and Intensified Lotions

Some people do have a perfect base for tanned skin. Or some may have created the base after using sun-kissed or sunless ways. But the work of intensifier is it will create another base or coating on your skin rather than the base one. And you could have done the thing if you think your base is not perfect tanning skin. So this intensifier switches our skin to another level.

Go for the Perfect One

In the above section, I have created a sort of list for your preferences for the tanning lotion. Now it’s entirely your own choice to decide on choosing the tanning lotion. You may have gone through the skin types, so if your skin suits the one from the above, then you can choose the tanning lotion for yourself.

By the way, I’ll mention some sorts of lotions that could easily suit every sort of skin.

Love Junkie

The smell of this lotion is breathtaking. And the shade is perfect for everyone.  Trust me, it creates a base cote, and it is entirely perfect for everyone. The only flaw is that it doesn’t have any number on its body. But I tasted this lotion, and it suited me so well.

Paint it Black

It’s the perfect bronzer you are looking for. And the smell is also very flowery. The shade suits more when the base is created. If you do not have any base, then also it colors deep that any other lotion. And it works faster than you could think. The main theme of the lotion is, it is for everyone. Everyone could use it safely.

Cute way

The name suits the bottle of the lotion. It comes in a cute little bottle. But the work is larger. After applying the lotion, it gradually takes deeper shade. But the smell is not that much good. As it is purely a natural one, so no artificial chemical have been used here. So you can surely try this lotion if you want to have a great buttery look of bronze.

I practically tried to give my own opinions about the lotions, their nature, and skin type. So that after reading this article you could work out with the gained knowledge. Keep the good work for yourself and do great with

Alice Wisbey

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