How Long Does Permanent Hair Dye Last Before it Fades

Nothing is more effective and long-lasting than coloring your hair permanently when it comes to covering the gray hairs. Permanent hair color works in your hair by removing the pigments, and later on, deposits the new color.

The new color that you have just got will not wash out; instead, it will grow out and going to fade over time. Here, we are going to look at what exactly permanent hair color is and how long it stays.

What is Permanent Hair Color?

This type of hair color mainly relies on the oxidation process in which oxidizers like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are mixed along with the coloring agent before the application. Permanent hair color offers many other advantages to different types of dyes. Primarily it does not have to be applied that often.

In inclusion, a wider range of permanent hair colors are available in the market, and most of the shades look very natural compared to other dyes.

Yet, the chemicals which are used in permanent hair color are way stronger than others; hence, they often can be more damaging to the hair over the period. Additionally, the application of permanent hair color is very much time consuming since the mixture that is used has to be left on your hair for a long time.

11 Reasons for Hair Dye Fading

There is no specific answer to how long the hair dye lasts. The longevity of hair color varies from person to person. There a several factors which mostly contribute to how long the hair color persists.

Usually, for temporary color, hair dye lasts for one to two weeks on average. And in case of permanent dye, it lasts for four to ten weeks. However, few factors can be listed as the reasons behind the fading of hair dye:

1. Type of Hair Color

If you do not know the type of hair dye you used, take a look at the box where the samples are listed. You can also ask your hairstylist to know about it. Generally, hair color falls into any one of the mentioned categories:

2. Permanent

Most of us expect our permanent hair dye to last for a very long time. For most people, it lasts until the hair starts growing or they recolor their hair though some people have to experience fading of their hair color which turns into a different color over time.

Yet, permanent hair dyes are long-lasting as you have to use a full-strength developer that completely penetrates your hair’s cuticle cortex. Sometimes, this alters the original melanin of the hair for good.

3. Semi-Permanent

These types of hair dyes do not need an activating agent or a developer. The dye makes layers over the cuticle with big color pigments instead of penetrating it. It provides color to your hair, which lasts eight to fifteen shampoos even though some last up to 28 shampoos.

4. Demi-Permanent

Demi-permanent hair dye lasts longer than that of semi-permanent one. It does not even make the damage that is caused by permanent dye. Such happens because it just penetrates your hair cuticle partially as it uses some low-level developers. These kinds of dyes are a mixture of smaller intermediate pigment colors and big ones.

5. Temporary

Colors like green, pink, blue, etc. are usually temporary dyes. They last roughly for a week or a bit more than that. Some dyes are made in a way that fades away after fast wash, and some stay a bit longer than that. These colors only put a coating over your hair cuticle for which they wash out pretty easily.

6. Color of Dye

Dye color matters a lot when it comes to estimating how long a hair color lasts. Hair dyes are made of different types of pigments. The more the number of pigments in color, the longer it will last. Usually, darker colors tend to last longer than the lighter ones.

If you want to color your hair with a light dye, simply bleach your hair or use a hi-lift color to make it last longer.

7. The Shape of Hair Pre-Dye

Now, your hair’s original condition before coloring determines how long the color will last. It is true, the more damaged your hair is, the faster your hair color will fade away. By condition of hair, we are talking about the health of your cuticle.

If your cuticles have already been enough damaged, even lifting your hair color will not work; instead, they will get porous. This can make the hair color get leaked out pretty easily.

8. Hair Color Care

It may sound like a mere aspect, but taking good care of your hair after you colored it is really important. The longevity of your dye will also depend on the way you treat your hair.

9. Washing

You can get shampoo and conditioner, which are specially made for colored hair. Using these products can keep your hair color last for a longer time, unlike the other usual hair products. Go to the store and look for shampoos that restore pH balance and help to repair the hair cuticle.

Along with that, keep yourself aloof from the shampoos, which are harsh and can strip your hair color after a few washes. Furthermore, do not ever use hot water to wash your hair. This is also applicable to those who did not color their hair.

Anyway, when you shampoo your hair, it swells up, for which the color gets leaked. Also, more amount of pigments get escaped if you use hot water for washing your hair.

10. Sun

Did you notice that the surrounding elements are contributing to fading? Certainly! Hence, whenever you go outside the home, grab a hat or a cap to secure your colored hair from the extreme heat of the sun. Atoms, molecules, and free radicals can pull out the electrons from the pigment molecules, which eventually cause fading of the hair color.

11. Heat Styling

A hot iron can also contribute to fading your permanent hair color. If you cannot live without it, get a thermal protection cream that is good enough for your hair. Heat styling mostly includes curling, blow-drying, straightening. That can damage your hair cuticle. This will lead to the escape of color pigment right when you wash your hair.

Care for Your Colored Hair

  • Permanent hair color contains peroxide or ammonia, which tends to dry out your hair follicles. Hence, try to keep your hair enough moisturized by using specialized hair-products for colored hair.
  • Too much sun exposure is the most threatening aspect of your colored hair. Like mentioned before, protect your hair using a hat whenever you stay outdoor at day time.
  • It is impossible to stop shampooing your hair, but after coloring it, try to use shampoo as less as possible. It will certainly wash your hair, but it also promotes fading.


By now, you have heard a lot of other things that you have to do to prevent fading of your hair color. The tips mentioned above are not that hard to follow, and they do not require you to break the bank. Yet, always keep looking for ideas and tips to make your hair color last for a long time.

For doing that, make sure you are also getting necessity products that are not harsh to your hair and provide you with the expected result.

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