How to solve the gun major problem?

Gun violence is a major problem now-a-days in the USA. It doesn’t take long before someone starts shooting or causing any other problems that is directly correlated to gun violence. So, the real question here is ‘’How can we solve the gun major problem?’’. 

Well, there aren’t any simple answers to this question. Namely, gun violence is a complex and very complicated problem that is not only present in America. There are lots of different things that directly affect people and society in general which sooner or later evolve in gun violence. 

So, what are the best possible things that must be done in order to stop this problem? Let’s see.

Understanding the problem

First of all, we must understand the problem and understand where it comes from. If we look at the fact that Switzerland has more guns per person than America, and still doesn’t have any gun problem, we can easily conclude that there is something wrong with the use of guns, not the guns itself.

Therefore, there are many reasons that directly affect the gun problem and people in general. For example, it is very easy to get a gun in America, on the other hand, Switzerland has strict laws and even stricter rules on guns which makes their gun policy pretty important and good.

Ways to solve the problem

Some of the best sociologist and professors are trying to find a good way to solve major gun problem in the USA. But, we honestly don’t need that much discussion when there are a bit simpler ways of solving this problem. Let’s see.

1) Buying a gun should be the same as buying a car

One of the best public-health interventions in the past 50 years is exactly the fact that there are less motor-vehicle deaths in the USA. This is because there are safer cars, strict laws, safer seat belts, and lots of other things that directly helped to get rid of this problem. 

On the other hand, gun deaths have increased in the past years and they are now nearly the same as the traffic accidents. This brings us to the fact that lawmakers can really learn a valuable lesson from auto safety. For starters, it is a known fact that you can legally get a gun faster and with less complications than a driver’s license.

Also, some people are implying that we need to rise the age that is required o get a gun. This will prevent young and inexperienced people to get a gun and cause any problems. However, possibly the best thing to do is to implement a law that everyone who wants to buy a gun should have a license and registration as well. 

2) Invest in Gun technology

Investing in gun technology can be a really good thing to solve a major gun problem. With the specific rules and ways to use a gun, only an experienced person would be able to use it. Therefore, people would have to take some kind of lessons and learn how to use these new specially designed guns.

This way, we will have better and definitely brighter future when it comes to gun violence.


There are lots of other ways to stop major gun problem in USA, and these two are just the beginning. If we take this problem seriously, we will be able to deal with it in the best possible light. Otherwise, a major problem like this one will only start to grow and there would be some pretty bad consequences. We can easily use gun vise.

All in all, solving this kind of problems is a very important thing to do.

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