How to Use CLP Gun Cleaner

​A CLP gun cleaner is the ultimate tool to maintain your firearm regularly. It is basically a gold standard solution designed to provide the best possible upkeep service for the firearm. Starting from cleaning and covering all spheres of lubrication and protection, this kind of cleaner is amazing for multiple purposes.​Although it is so important for a firearm, it can be pretty complicated to use if proper measures are not followed. Hence, appropriate knowledge of all the components of this cleaner is necessary.​

​What is a CLP Gun Cleaner?

​CLP refers to cleaning, lubrication, and protection. Although it is a cleaning product, its functions are much diverse than this. It is basically designed to meet the requirements of both lubricant and cleaner in one product.​

Another way to define it is as a viscous fluid that spreads across the different parts and cleans thoroughly. It acts by binding strongly to carbon deposits and other molecules and thus spreading out. The spread of the liquid creates a barrier that prevents dissimilar parts from falling apart. Hence, friction is minimized.​

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Apart from cleaning and lubricating, CLP also works as a preservative. It functions by obstructing oxygen and different compounds to ensure adequate preservation. Likewise, another important feature of this cleaner is that it is relatively safe and inexpensive to use. It can be used on any thin surface with no difficulty. Also, it’s a secure option.​

​Features of a CLP Gun Cleaner​

​CLP is composed of different materials and the composition contains a wide range of synthetic substances. The base of the cleaner is made of synthetic oil like Castrol, Valvoline and it is mostly plant-based. The primary element of the composition includes petroleum.​However, synthetically originated oils prove to be efficient lubricants due to their high performance. Besides, these oils last for a longer time compared to conventional motor oils.​

​Moreover, CLP is plant-based. This implies that there is no toxicity included. It works by getting rid of dirt and corrosion. As a result, the metal cannot be damaged. The lubricating abilities of CLP reduce friction, wear and tear and protect the growth of foreign particles.​

It also ensures a secure shield against extreme rust and corrosion. As a result, it proves to be a great option for obtaining lubrication, cleaning and protection.​

​​How to Use a CLP Gun Cleaner​

​Before using a CLP gun cleaner, it is important to prepare your firearm for cleaning. After necessary preparation, you can begin the cleaning procedure using a CLP:​

  • ​Firearm Preparation​t

​At first, make sure the firearm is unloaded and stripped before beginning the cleaning procedure. Necessary supplies like cleaning brush, CLP, small arm swabs and a bore brush are taken. When the necessary supplies are all set, you can start cleaning.​

  • UsingCLP​

​You can clean the bore thoroughly by using small-arms swabs, CLP, and bore brush respectively. Swipe the bore brush along the bore repeatedly. This step is carried out until maximum foreign particles are removed. Likewise, get a wet swab with CLP and swipe across the bore a few times.​

​Next, remove any dirt or grime using a cleaning brush and CLP. Now swipe a dry swab across the entire surface for the last finish. You can carry out a similar cleaning maneuver with the buttstock tube, buffer tube, and the buffer action spring.​

​Consequently, use the CLP swab to swipe across all the parts thoroughly. The inner and outer surfaces of the bolt carriers can be cleaned in the same manner.​

​So, all the parts of the firearm you can wipe with a CLP added wet rag except the areas coated with rubber. Thus, after proper cleaning with CLP, all the specific parts should be dried off.

​Accordingly, wash the inner surfaces of the receiver, bore, chamber and the outer surfaces of the barrel and front sight lightly with CLP swab. Similarly, the outer surface of the bolt body, bolt rings, and cam pin area you can lube using CLP.​

​Lastly, mop the buttstock lock-release lever and retaining pin gently using a swab of CLP and later dry it out with a rag. Using hand, the spreading of CLP can be done to ensure better protection. This is how the entire cleaning and lubrication process you can complete. ​

  • ​Maintenance​

​CLP application maintenance should be done frequently if the firearm is exposed to subsequent firings. In this case, you should clean the metal components that are exposed to foreign matter thoroughly. In maximum cases, the foreign matter includes powder fouling.​

​However, use a bore cleaning brush taking an adequate amount of CLP to clean the metal components. Here, CLP is applied to the bristles of the brush to obtain maximum results.​A thin coat of CLP is added to the exposed metal after drying the firearm in the end. Thus, the application of a thin coat is responsible for the preservation of the exposed metallic components through variable temperature changes. In this way, you use a CLP gun cleaner to obtain maximum lubrication and cleaning.​


​Summing it up, it is clear that CLP gun cleaner holds a lot of benefits in hand. It is extremely helpful and necessary for gun users to quickly clean their guns and achieve maximum lubrication.​

​Apart from cleaning and lubricating, it holds much importance in preservation. It is also a suitable option for choosing a reliable and safe option for cleaning. In other words, it acts as a great solution for cleaning your firearms most easily with higher effectiveness.

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