How to use properly Reloading Presses?


If you like to shoot and spend a lot of time on a shooting range, it is a good thing to know how to reload empty rounds. Now, for reloading empty rounds you will need a little help of reloading presses. So, let’s see how to use reloading presses properly.

How to Use Reloading Presses – Reload your ammo

Now, let’s see the important steps on how to use reloading presses properly and how to reload your ammo in the best possible way.

1) Clean used casings

The first thing you need to do is to clean your casings. Also, check every casing for possible damages and discard them if they are not suitable for reuse.

2) Gather reloading supplies

You will need the following items to reload your ammo properly. First, a reloading press, then you should gather cleaned casings, primers, bullets, and a suitable powder.

3) Get rid of the spent primers

Next, you should insert every casing in the reloading press and remove the primer. The handle needs to be positioned up. This way, you can lower the handle and push the old primer out of the casing.

4) Insert new primers in the casings

Now, you should raise the handle to reach the highest position possible. After that, you need to place a new primer in the place where old primer was. Next, insert you should insert the case in the shell holder and lower the case exactly onto the primer.

5) Put the powder in

For this step, you will need to find the suitable powder first. It is quite important to get the right amount and weight of the powder in order to reload your ammo properly. We recommend getting a lading handbook and research everything about gun powder so that there are no complications.

6) Close the bullet

Now, use the reloading press to seat the bullet. First, put the casing in the shell holder and lower the handle so that the casing is crimped. You should hold the bullet with one hand when lowering the press handle with the other.


In the light of everything we said above, it is not that hard to reload your ammo and use reloading presses properly. After all, you should just follow these given instructions and you will be fine.

Just make sure to be patient and work with precision since this job requires steady hands.

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