A Nutritious Diet Your First Step to building Muscles

Have you ever thought about how a skinny guy builds healthy muscles after few months at a gym with elliptical? Definitely, it is not only the exercise that transforms his body. Obliviously there is a nutritious diet plan for building solid muscles. And to follow this diet plan is more important than exercising hard. Again, there is no alternative to regular exercise. But a nutritious diet will build the foundation of growing muscles. And you cannot have growing muscles if you don’t eat enough. You may call it as the subsidy as a part of building muscles. Besides, sufficient and well-measured diet will boost up your stamina. And you will feel the charm and strength to do hard work in the gym.

Beginners have a wrong idea that rich diet plan will make them fat. But it’s not completely true. A nutritious diet plan should be made in such a way that, it suits with your weight. And your weight will be the main key to a nicely ordered diet plan. So, the idea of matching up with the weight is to deliver calories and minerals to your body if there is lacking. On the other hand, if your weight is a bit high, then a nutritious diet plan will help you to loose extra weight of yours. At the same time, it will provide enough strength to be active in the gym.

I’m a professional gym trainer and I’m doing this job for almost a decade. And I’ve seen many people come and go. Some were successful and some afford’ went in vain. Probably, this is because they didn’t get the idea that muscle building needs time. And for your information, patience is what requires the most to be successful in every aspect of your life. Also, patience has a special place in bodybuilding. And why is that? Because creating a good foundation takes time. And a nutritious diet does this foundation job the best.

Why will You Consider a Nutritious Diet as the First Step to Building Muscles?

Just think for a moment about a car without or a little gas in its tank. What do you think how much will it go? Of course, it won’t go much further. Similarly, you won’t be able to generate much power and strength while exercising. You may feel tired and in the long run, it will harm your body. So, first things first, you have to build a foundation and then you can build a castle on it. Don’t you think it’s legit to make the foundation with great care? Obliviously, you would definitely like to do that. And for building muscles, it is as important as the building’s underground foundation. So, you have to remember that a nutritious diet is a key to having healthy growing muscles.

What to Eat for the Beginners?

Here are some suggestions for the beginners about what to eat for better stamina and strength. Also, these will prepare your muscles to grow in a systematic way.

Eat Enough Protein

Protein plays an important role in building muscles. And you should consume protein 1.5 times in grams of your body weight. That means, if your weight is 150 pounds, then you should eat 150 to 225 grams protein daily. And this diet plan is for consistently gaining muscles. Again, you can eat 2 or 3 times of your body weight, if you want to be professional. Otherwise, it would curse a reverse spell that may make you over weighted. So, do your math according to your body weight. Here some suggestions from where you’ll get a decent amount of protein and these are good quality protein for muscles building.

  • Red meat is a good source of protein. Pork, beef, bison, venison, lamb etc. are red meat.
  • Poultry breast from duck, chicken, turkey etc.
  • Dairy like cheese, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese etc.
  • check
    Fish such as tuna, swordfish, bass, salmon, mackerel, trout etc.
  • check
    Egg white is pure protein. The yolk may high in cholesterol. But one or two per day is safe to eat.
  • check
    Complete & Incomplete Protein
    Complete protein means the protein you get from a bleeding or breathing things. In short, animal protein is called the complete protein. But there are other sources of complete protein. So, if you are a vegetarian, then you can get complete proteins by consuming non-animal foods. And now I have given a short list of some non-animal complete protein source bellow.
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    Combine Food for Correction of Amino Acid
    Eating proteins are not enough. Also, you have to able to digest it. And proper digestion will help you to get the most important element of protein that is the amino acid. In order to do so, you have to combine various types of protein foods. And of course, you have to maintain the right measurement. Followings are some combination of protein rich foods.
  • check
    Soybeans and beef.
  • check
    Egg white, casein, whey and soy protein.
  • check
    Cereals and peanuts or derivatives.
  • check
    Chickpeas, black beans, fruits, and other legumes or vegetables.
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    Carbohydrates are Important
    ​Human body stores glycogen within the muscles. And according to do so human body needs sufficient carbohydrates. Again, lacking carbohydrates can cause many problems. Like, your body won’t have any energy reserve. And literally, your muscles will get fatal damage. There should be enough amount of carbohydrate in a nutritious diet plan. And the amount should be somewhere between 40% – 60% of the entire amount of consuming foods and supplements. On the other hand, if we state this in calories, the number would be around 1500 calories/day. You can include quality carbohydrate in a nutritious diet plan by adding following food items.
  • check
    Sweet potato.
  • check
    Brown Basmati Rice.
  • check
    Wholemeal spaghetti.
  • check
    Wholemeal rye bread.
  • check
    List Element
  • check
    Inclusion of Healthy Fat
    You cannot get fat or over weight by eating any types of rich in fat foods. Rather there are some special types of fats which will make your muscles strong and grow. And these are called healthy fat. More specifically polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are healthy fat. And if you are looking for sources of healthy fat then you may look bellow.
  • check
  • check
    Olive, canola, avocado, sunflower and peanut oils.
  • check
    Pumpkin and flaxseed seeds.

What not to Eat for Better Muscle Growing?

You should stay away from unhealthy fats or simply “bad fat”. And in your caloric portion, you may add maximum 10% saturated fats. Furthermore, the food items that you should avoid are given bellow.

  • High-fat meat cuts.
  • Candy bars, ice creams, and packaged snack supplements.
  • Stick margarine, lard and vegetable shortening.
  • check
    Oil fried foods.
  • check
    Extra salty foods.

Lightweight & Easy Exercise for the Beginners

At the beginning a well-maintained diet is important. At the same time some easy, lightweight and free hand exercise is important as well. Otherwise, these extra supplements should turn into fatty acids and you will get overweighed. So, do drop some sweats from your body for keeping everything within balance. To do so, you may try elliptical, treadmill, upright bike, push-ups, sit-ups and other free hand exercises. Among all the exercise, elliptical training is the most effective one. It put pressure on your lower body’s muscles to make them functioning well. Also, it stresses the upper body’s muscles. Not only that, it kept the heart in a good training mode. Thus the blood flow stays in a good condition. As a result, good blood flow of blood resists fat to block the veins. So, the extra supplement you are having won’t affect your health. Rather it would improve your muscle growth and better immune.

Lightweight exercise prepares your body for hardcore exercise just like a nutritious diet plan. To develop the foundation of building muscles, elliptical plays a vital role. With the training of elliptical 1.5 hours a day, you are actually stepping into something big. And something big means the next level of building the muscles. A nutritious diet and lightweight exercise like elliptical training maintain a co-relation between them. Thus you create the perfect foundation for solid muscle growth.

Final Verdict

The old school idea of building muscle shows us the countless hours spent in a gym with a heavy instrument and weight lifting. But now in modern time, the idea has changed. With the exercise, a nutritious diet plan is a must. And it will boost up your stamina and strength. Also, mental strength depends on a well-maintained diet. Again, your body requires extra calories during your gym days. So, it is crystal-clear that the necessity of good diet is solid. Besides, elliptical training will co-operate with this nutritious diet plan. And above all, joining a gym will bring a huge change in your lifestyle. Thus you will need a nutritious diet plan to cope up with these sudden changes.

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