Proform 7.0 re Elliptical Reviews

Are you looking for a piece of equipment that would keep you fit without needing you to go to the gym every day? Then the pro form 7.0 re elliptical trainer is what you need to buy because it is a cost-effective equipment that offers many exciting features. After using it for seven months, I can certainly say that this machine has exceeded all my expectations and given me more reasons to stick to a healthier lifestyle. The attractive features of this great release by ProForm has an 18-inch stride length and 14 different building programs and levels of resistance.It is best article of Proform elliptical reviews.

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There are over-sized cushion foot pedals that keep your feet feeling comfortable even after intense exercise sessions. You can also move this machine around the house quickly as it is extremely lightweight comes has front mounted wheels. What the other features? Let’s find out.

Good build quality and ease of assembly

Proform 7.0 RE has been made using high-quality material that can withstand weight up to 250 pounds. Measuring at 72 inches in length and weighing around one 145 lbs, this item should prove to be a perfect fit for almost all homes. And not to forget that it comes with the package, which you can use to assemble this product. It should not take more than an hour or two to prepare this machine for using lose-weight

18-inch stride for improved relaxation

If you are under 5’10” of height like me, then I can personally say that this equipment would be the best choice for you. Those who are above 6 feet tall might find this machine a bit difficult to use because the stride length cannot be adjusted according to different needs. But then again, for the price you get this item, 18 inch is a reasonable length that is at par with its competitors in the market. the higher version of this model nearly costs twice as much!

Useful console

Proform 7.0 RE elliptical trainer comes with a minimalists console design that manages to pack controls for all the essential features. Using this console, you’ll be able to adjust and change between 14 built-in workout apps, 14 resistance levels, and hook in your iPod to play music while you sweat it out. Few users have complained about the LCD light not being right enough, but I never found it to be a problem. This is something that you have to see for yourself and then decide.

Fairly accurate Heart rate monitor

Even though I would have preferred the heart rate sensors were located in the moving arms, the current setup fo the sensors built in the grips of the handles also works well enough. This EKG heart rate monitor will allow you to keep an eye carefully on your target heart and maintain consistency through the workout session. As far as accuracy is concerned, you may be better off using machines that have wireless straps. needless to say, these devices are priced on the higher side.


  • Due to the rear drive position, the noise coming to your ears is significantly less
  • Advanced console features really make exercising enjoyable
  • Water bottle holder, adjustable leavening feet and transport wheels are bonus features
  • check
    Priced reasonably and offers more than decent value for money
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    Assembling is easy.


  • People taller than 5’10” might experience difficulty in usage.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Q:Can this machine be set up in an inclined position?

A: No, you cannot set up the machine in an inclined position. However, it should be no problem because different resistance levels can be adjusted according to different preferences.

2. ​Q:Can I assemble this machine alone?

A: Yes. the instruction manual is quite handy and should help you to set up this machine without too much hassle. However, you may hire a professional if you are unsure about your ability.

3. Q:What kind of battery does this machine use?

A:You may use 4 D batteries to run the Proform 7.0 RE


Competition is quite high among elliptical trainers that cost under $500, so you count on having a lot of options available at your disposal. But if you take into consideration the brand value of ProForm, then this item certainly proves to be a winner in a lot of aspects. The company has done an excellent job in finding the sweet spot in terms of features and competitive pricing that would give any other rival brand a run for their money. This product is certainly worth buying, given the fact it combines the best of exercising features at an affordable price. Reading  some missing tips 

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