Scholarship Program For 2019

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Are you a Fitness Freak Eager to Share Your Fitness Mantra?

Here’s your platform!You can share the tips, tricks or personal list of Do’s and Don’t that you prescribe for our readers. As a proud representative of the “Hunting and physical fitness” community, preachers and contributes to the healthy future of people around us. As a part of our contributions, we are happy to announce $1000 Scholarship prize for some of our most vocal fans.If you feel you have some golden nuggets to share and in return, deserve our scholarship prize to cover your university expenses and so on, feel free to apply for the prize!

What is Our “$1000 Scholarship Giveaway” Topic?

The topic for “$1000 Scholarship Giveaway by” is something unique. We want to know “How You Started Your Journey to Fitness and what Steps You Recommend for Anyone Interested in a Hunting. If you are interested in making some solid cash by offering people effective tips and tricks, take on this opportunity right now!This Could Help you reaching the next step! Write your Best Hunting and physical fitness Article Yet and get yourselves this scholarship. It can help you in your studies, it can buy you your next gym equipment or Hunting equipment, can be your birthday present. Who knows?

Who is Eligible for $1000 Scholarship?

We are keeping this open for Fitness Enthusiasts. But the minimum criteria for you guys would be to be an Under Graduate student as well. As far as the maximum is concerned, there are no bars in this case.

When is the Deadline for Applying?

We are planning to continue our hunt for the best article from our readers till 10th December 2019. The franchise will declare results on Christmas Eve that is 20th December 2019.A scholarship is a yearly event. has the next one in line after this year’s Giveaway finishes and we declare the results.

So in short, Who Should Apply?

-High school, college, and university studentsStudents currently studying in any departmentYou should be a Fitness Enthusiast and a regular exerciser.

How Should You Reach Us?

  • Prepare a 600 to 1000-word article at least. Add a catchy title.
  • Personal Information (Full Name, Phone, And Address)
  • Name of the School/College/University.
  • Email the article at
  • Write your name, occupation and a little bit about yourselves. Don’t forget to mention your age.
  • Write “An Article for Hunting and physical fitness Based Scholarship Program from (your name)” as a subject.
  • Add scanned ID that proves you are “YOU”.
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