Strength Training workouts :The Complete Beginners Guide

A good healthy, energetic and fit body is a desire of everyone. It’s hard enough to find someone who doesn’t have the dream of a strong body. For all of this strength training workouts are a great way.

But when you are a beginner in this area, it’s really confusing. Like –

What to do? How to do? When to do? What should I need? – These are the common question for almost every newbie. Right?

Also, they do some dangerous mistakes which bring devastating results. As a result, they lose strength rather than getting it.

But don’t worry. Because today I will explain this in the easiest way for you. Let’s get started.

Definition of strength training 6

According to Wikipedia

“Strength training is a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles.”

Sounds hard? Ok. Let me explain easily.

Firstly, this is a method which enhances the strength and ability of our muscles. The more the stress you give the stronger they will be. It’s something like making bread. When you will push them they will be bloat more.

Finally, we can say that strength training is increasing muscles ability by giving it extra loads.

Do you really need a Strength Training?

We always need a cause to do something. If there are no benefits, why should I do it?

So let’s see what strength training workouts can do for you.

First of all, it makes you stronger day by day. Here is how it works:

  • It forces the muscles to grow bigger
  • Develops the tissues
  • List Element
  • check
    Improve the power of your heart hence the rate of blood circulation
  • check
    Improve the power of the tissue for bearing more loads
  • check
    It gives strength to the connection of bone, tendons and muscular tissues.

You will be surprised to know that this also keeps you away from other bad habits. Furthermore, it’s really helpful for sound sleep.

Other benefits

  • Increases high-density lipoprotein which is a good cholesterol
  • Decreases low-density lipoprotein which is a bad cholesterol
  • Keeps you free from cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure
  • check
    Reduces stress and anxiety
  • check
    Prevents premenstrual syndrome
  • check
    Makes you fitter and stronger day by day
  • check
    Helps you enhancing endurance

Furthermore, this helps to maintain the proper metabolic rate and also makes daily life stirring.

Is this training for me?

Some people thoughts and others say that strength training workout is only for the professionals or for those who used to do athletics. But time has changed.

Not only for the athletes or the professionals but also the general people need to be fit to do their everyday tasks. In addition, this keeps you young even at your older ages.

Furthermore, some of the top health organizations recommend everyone to take at least fifteen minutes of workouts.

So whatever you do and whatever your age is; for a good health workout training is a must.

Is this all about working out?

For growing stronger, workouts are not only the task that you need to do. Because it only gives stress to your muscles. But who will relief this pain? So there definitely should be someone who will full fill this loss and help them to grow big. Yes, I’m telling about Protein.

For the stronger body, your body needs the ability to reduce the breakdown of protein and increase the synthesis of them.

Protein is the most important element of food. It plays a vital role in almost every function and process of our body.

So for the best result, you need to take enough amount of protein every day. And you should also consider the source of the protein. Because not all kinds of protein are easy to consume by our body. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your stomach, not to your mouth.

The SAID Principle

SAID stands for Specific Adaptation to Impose Demands.

Hard to understand?

Let me explain.

Simply this is an idea and it says that our bodies are equipped to adapt to any stressful situation. Which means that whatever stress you give to your body, it will make itself to bear this.

Here is how SAID principle gives the result:

  • Working with lightweight instruments for a long time will improve your endurance.
  • Doing a particular movement will make a particular part strong
  • Full body movement will improve the whole body
  • check
    Muscles will grow bigger if you use to give them stress with high weights.
  • check
    If you give your bones stress with shock or impact they will be stronger and thicker.

Common Terms in strength Training Workout

Repetition & Sets

As you are going to start a strength training workout program, you must have heard about this terms. But I want to make them clearer.

Rep or repetition is doing a single movement again and again. On the other hand, a set is doing any series of exercise in a sequence.

You will have to complete the repetition and sets considering the result that you get.


It’s simply a total number of repetition done while workout. You can measure this by the total number of repetition and the number of sets. For example:

You have done 5 sets of 15 repetitions. Then the workout volume is 75. Isn’t it simple?


For the desired result maintaining the intensity of the workout is very necessary. But here intensity doesn’t mean how hard work you are doing rather it means how heavyweight are you lifting. So, of you want to grow your muscles bigger and stronger then you should do the highly intensive workout.


Resting between workouts is necessary. You can’t work out for a long time without rest. Here is why:

Then when you rest glucose and oxygen supply becomes normal. And your muscles will recover the stress during this time. Therefore, resting allows you to work out again.

Strength Exercise

If you want to enhance your strength you need to do hard workouts. Complex and multi-joined exercise will reward you with your desired body.

When you want endurance you need to do workouts for comparatively long time with light weights. Another way to increase endurance is rehabilitation. This is a combination of simple movements.


Frequency is the number of the work-out day within a specific period. When your workouts for a long time then the frequency will be low. But if you want to work-out for short period the frequency will be higher.

For better result, you need a good combination of volume, frequency, and intensity.


Working out without any proper sequence can be devastating. If you don’t follow any sequence you will get disadvantages rather than your desired result.

You should start with larger muscle first then you should go for the shorter. Because larger muscles need more energy and the smaller needs less.


Monitoring the progress is very important. It helps you to determine the next step. Therefore, you need to keep records of your ability.

According to the progress, you have done you have to go for the heavier weights. Day by day you have to increase the number of reps and sets.

You need to go for newer movement monitoring the progress.

Crossing your Limits

If you are satisfied with the present condition of your body, it’s not possible to grow bigger and stronger. For growing bigger and stronger you have to push the limit of your workout. To boost your result, you can do the followings.

  • Give supersets
  • Do trips use light weights
  • Pausing the rest time
  • check
    Circuits training
  • check
    Density training
  • check
    Take eccentric training as negative
  • check
    Do isometric moves from a fixed position
  • check
    Bring some variation in your workout

Remember the SAID principle – give them more stress they will be stronger. So, don’t hesitate to take a new challenge.

Instruments that you should have

Now you know something more than other people about strength training workouts. Now you can do your workouts alone. Is it possible?

No. We haven’t talked about the tools that are necessary for doing various types of movements. So, let’s talk about the tools that you need to have.

For the beginners, dumbbells are the must. They are used to building the muscle and sculpting the body.

You always need a place to work out. As you know floors are slippery. And there are some movements that can’t be done without sitting on a chair, table or bench. So you need this staffs and also a mat for your place set up.

There are some tools that can be used for the workout of a specific part of your body. So you need a large number of tools.

No, because an elliptical machine is enough. This machine is great because you need to apply all the parts of your body to do workouts with this machine.

What will be the benefit is; you don’t need to do workout separately for every part of your body.

Another great advantage is it will keep balance around your body hence the whole body will be more energetic equally. So if possible it’s better that you have one.

Day by day you need to upgrade yourself for bigger, harder and stronger instrument. But you should always start from the small one.

7 Things you can’t Ignore

From the professionals and trainers here are the 7 tips that will get you result-

  • Always start slow. Increase the intensity and frequency slowly
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat healthy staffs
  • check
    Controls your body weight
  • check
    Always stand up straight
  • check
    Have necessary stuff near you
  • check
    Always warm up your body before starting a workout.
Some Common Rules

In every field, it’s necessary to have some rule. For strength training workout program, you must follow the following rules:

  • Always make your machines and equipment ready to use
  • Forming up your body
  • Start with low weights first
  • Maintain the time of workout
  • Keep your phone away from disturbing you
  • Never take rest for a long time
  • Make your own routine
Things you shouldn’t do

Almost every beginner does some common mistakes. Although they seem to be small but the result can be devastating. Some of them are as follow:

  • Using too many weights early
  • Not using enough weights
  • Do movements so quickly
  • Doing workouts for a long time
  • Not taking rest for a long time or taking rest for a long time
  • Do movement so fast
Safety Guidelines

During the workout, you must follow some safety guidelines. Like –

  • Using safe and well equipment.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes but notice they shouldn’t be spreader.
  • Always keep your breath normal.
  • Keep the safety kits near you
  • Always take control over the equipment
  • Use the correct technique for lifting the weight
  • If something goes wrong, take advice from the professional
  • Work out for the both side of your body
  • Lastly don’t ever do a hurry as it’s not a one-night job

Slow progress is better than the stopped.


Gaining strength is a lengthy process. It takes time. If you have a professional near, you may ask him. It’s really a matter of patience.

It’s a combination of hard work, patience, proper guideline, perfect instrument and perfect instruments. Besides, you should be concerned about safety. Making your daily routine will help you to do your tasks properly.

On the other hand, gaining strength is not all about the workout. You need to feed your muscles to grow stronger. Without this, they will be weaker rather than growing stronger.

Finally, you need not worry much about it. If you can get started you will discover new and better ways and opportunities easily.

So just get started with your strength training workout program as soon as possible.

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