The Best Nordictrack Elliptical Reviews and Buying Guide

Fitness is one of the growing concerns in the modern world. When I say “Fitness,” people think of strict diet regime, hours of running and jogging, complex exercises and a lot of calorie burning. But in reality, achieving a fit body is easier than it seems. With an elliptical machine, hours of toil and hustle come down to mere minutes.There are NordicTrack Elliptical Reviews from many consumers to back the reputation.While you run or jog your way around the park, your arms and legs are little to not protected at all. You can twist your ankles, pull up muscles and in the worst case scenario, tear ligaments.Elliptical machines, on the other hand, are easy on your bones, joints, knees and backs. Unlike traditional methods, you don’t feel fatigued after continuous use. Arms and legs of yours remain padded up for extra comfort.But even within elliptical machines, you have the good and the bad. You need to select the best elliptical machine for exercising. Otherwise, all this talk will be meaningless. Luckily, I have a solution at hand. You can give NordicTrack Elliptical machines a try. The brand has earned its fair share of fame.This article will point out what you need to know before jumping to buy an elliptical exercise machine from NordicTrack, and I’ll provide you insights about the top 3 Best NordicTrack Elliptical machines that money can help you buy. So, let us jump into the meaty part of the article.

Why Buy A NordicTrack Elliptical Machine for Exercise?

Let’s face it. I could have asked you to buy any elliptical device if I chose to. Then why NordicTrack? Well, the answer is in “Legacy” and “Quality.” These two aspects make NordicTrack a brand above all others.NordicTrack originated in early 1970’s, and since then it has been going strong. The company brought out elliptical trainers in the 1980s. Till now, NordicTrack has come up with some of the best elliptical trainers in the modern world.Whether you want a “Budget-friendly” version, one with powerful workouts or a trainer for the tall people, NordicTrack has got it all covered for you.

What Are the Best NordicTrack Elliptical Trainers for 2019?

Now that we are done with our little buying guide to these trainers. I’ve come up with a shortlist of my own with three of the best Elliptical Machines from the manufacturers to save you the trouble. I did sort out a pile of NordicTrack Elliptical Reviews before concluding on these three products. So, let us take a look at their features and benefits.

1. NordicTrack E 7.0 Z Elliptical Trainer

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The E 7.0 Z boasts a “Total Body Workout System.” The 5-inch display gives you everything related to your workouts. Be it a heartbeat count, speed count, total time of exercising, distance or the calorie you’ve burnt; you get all the data here. It has a backlight. You can use this machine in dark conditions.Want to target different muscles of your body? You can do so with this machine. Just try out the incline adjustment feature. This elliptical device features “5 Different Incline Adjustment Positions.” You can try out different degrees of incline with the touch of a button.The NordicTrack E 70 Z Elliptical Trainer gives you the opportunity to track your heartbeat. You can monitor it using “Dual CardioGrip Sensors” that are embedded onto the handlebars. Now you can exercise and set a goal for your heart rate also.The amazing thing about this device is that it has 20 different resistance levels. You can start from the lowest than make your progress to the toughest level gradually. On your way, you’ll have toned muscles.To help fitness freaks achieve that, the E 7.0 comes with 20 pre-programmed workout apps. These apps are very challenging and are designed with the consultancy of a certified trainer. The best thing is, you can exercise and listen to music thanks to the integrated sound system that comes with 2-inch speakers.To put the icing on the cake, it is compatible with the iFit app. It coordinates the machine with any route you point to Google Maps. iFit also allows you to track your progress through custom routes.


  • It’s great for the bone joints and knees.
  • Different resistance levels do pose a challenge.
  • Comes with an awesome tablet holder.
  • You can charge your mobile accessories from the control panel itself.


  • Not for the short people.
  • Doesn’t have a “Revolutionary” heart beat monitoring system.
  • You’ll have to change the incline settings manually.

2. NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical

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This one is a “Medium Range” elliptical machine just like the previous one on my list but comes with better features than its predecessor. For example, the C 7.5 Elliptical comes with 20lb flywheel. As a result, fitness fanatics will have smooth workout sessions.This elliptical trainer comes with padded strides. You can adjust the strides as well. So, other members of your family can use this machine. Also, if you want to find your own rhythm and experiment with different walking or running styles, this “Power Based Adjustable Stride Feature” will help you do that too.This one features iFit compatibility as well. Along with the 5-inch display that tracks speed, calorie count, time and distance records for you. Fitness geeks can exercise on any location as long as it is on Google Maps. Also, if you want, you can track the progress on iFit racetrack.Manufacturers made it better than E 7.0 by adding 26 different workout levels. Although the resistance level is the same at 20, 6 extra programs provide you more opportunities to test yourselves.People can exercise targeting different parts of their body. This is thanks to the 20-degree incline system that you can use. Just push a button and the device will incline at your favorite position. While you are exercising in a real location on Google Map, the machine will incline automatically to suit the natural path.The C 7.5 Elliptical from NordicTrack features tablet shelf. This machine also has the CardioGrip sensor for heartbeat monitoring and an Intermix Audio system with 2-inch speakers for songs.


  • Putting it together is easy.
  • Gives you a smooth workout.
  • Resistance levels are great.


  • Assembly takes time.

3. NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Trainer

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This device comes with a 20-inch stride adjustment system. The type is power adjustment. So, the more power you apply on the pedals, the quicker they adapt to your walking/running pattern. It is the perfect fit for people with medium height.It comes with a silent 24-level resistance system. The resistance is magnet induced. It increases with the effort you put in your exercise. Thanks to the magnetic resistance, you won’t hear squeaking sound or awkward noises. One can easily change the resistance levels with the touch of a button.Like the resistance levels, the incline levels can be digitally controlled as well. It is called “Digital Quick Incline.” One can maintain control of these cool features with the help of a 6-inch display that has backlights.You can customize your own workout plan with this. The 10.9 Elite Elliptical Trainer from NordicTrack features as many as 32 different workout programs for you to work with. Choosing the one that suits you most shouldn’t be too difficult. There is an EKG Grip Pulse, and a wireless chest strap included to measure peoples’ heartbeats.The overall workout regime is silent. People have to thank the 28lb (the most weighted flywheel based on the models on my list) flywheel for that. The flywheel works on the principles of inertia. So, the efficiency of this machine is top notch.Along with some other standard NordicTrack features like iFit connectivity and a pair of 2-inch speakers for music, this machine has cushioned pedals. This device functions correctly up to a weight limit of 350lbs.


  • 28lbs flywheel makes this machine quieter than most.
  • 32 different workout programs grant you a lot of options.
  • 6-inch display makes interpreting the readings easy.
  • Compatible with most of your smart devices including iPod.


  • Not many mentionable bad sides so far.

How to Choose the Right NordicTrack Elliptical Reviews Trainer?

Now that we know the backstory of the company let us focus on the main factors that you need to keep track of to select the ideal exercise machine from NordicTrack.

Look at the Types

Elliptical devices come in all shapes, sizes, and types. The last one is particularly the case for Nordic Elliptical machines. If you are willing to buy one, you’ll have to know which types of elliptical exercisers does NordicTrack manufacture. There are three categories to be precise.– Based on the flywheel position on the elliptical machine, there is a “Front Drive” device. This is especially suitable if you have “Space” troubles and live in a small apartment. These trainers support 18 to 20-inch strides. If you want a resistance level from 20 to 32 pounds, these are your machines. You also have models will digital display and advanced features available.– The “Rear Drive” machines feature the flywheel at the back. People can fold the machine to save space. Also, these machines are perfect for people with shorter strides. If you are beginners, they can be a good fit for you.– If you need a “Center Drive” NordicTrack elliptical device for 2019, the “Mid Mech” device. It is perfect for commercial use and is laced with features. Most of the models have a digital display and programmable features.

Decide Your Goals with the Machine

NordicTrack Elliptical machines come in all shapes, sizes, and features. Picking a best is hard. So, you need to evaluate your goals. Let’s say you want to do some basic exercising. Everyday basic workouts will do. Then you need a basic NordicTrack trainer that doesn’t have many bells and whistles.These machines will cost you around under $500. Still, you’ll have some amazing features and sturdy frames to work with. Beginner level NordicTrack machines will do perfectly.On the other hand, advanced features like the heartbeat monitoring system, the digital display, advanced course programming, downloading the data and other perks, you should consider advanced models. These models usually cost you $1500 or more.Look, the point here is, the more features you want, you’ll have to pay money for them. So, decide what you want to do with your exercise machine, select the model and plan your budget accordingly.

Look at the Design of Your NordicTrack Model

Besides the features, design is another important aspect you want to check before hitting the “Buy” button. If I were you, I would want a sturdy one. Some of the NordicTrack models come with folding design. If you are planning to use the trainer at home and store it in your cupboard, the wheels come handy. Also, if you want to move the machine from one room to another, be sure to choose one with wheels at the bottom.These wheels also help you if you purchase a NordicTrack machine for stronger and larger people and for commercial use. These machines are heavy. So, you need wheels to move them around. Commercial models usually don’t come with folding design.

What Do You Want in your Console?

The console type solely depends on your preferences. Some people want basic consoles with LCD displays and a handful of features. Basic features often include a rack for the book readers, a fan to keep you cool and a cup holder. These often come with “Entry-level Elliptical Machine” and above.Others look for advanced options like backlit digital display, advanced fitness monitoring systems, fitness regime programming, data downloading and more. These are features of the high-end machines starting from $1500. Choose your model based on the bells and whistles you want to have.What Resistance Do You Want and How Should the Brakes Be?Resistance level and the brake performance are two important things to measure in a NordicTrack elliptical trainer. Make sure the model you choose has the motor, magnet system and the monitor computer working in perfect order. The motor helps in positioning the magnets. The magnets trigger resistance, and the on-screen computer commands the whole process.If you want manual brakes on your handlebars to stop the resistance, you can have them. But elliptical machines with manual brakes are hardly seen. Modern machines use flywheels for the job of manual brakes.While looking at flywheels, my advice is, “Get the machine with heavier flywheel.” Heavy flywheels provide you smooth workout. I’ll advise you to purchase the machines with flywheels weighing 17 pounds or more.

Go for a Customizable NordicTrack Model

It is important that you can customize different parts of your NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer. This is handy when people have multiple individuals using the same machine for workouts at home or in the gym.Few parts that you need adjustable capacity for are the strides, incline, and pivoting pedals. These are for people with different heights. You can also use different stride lengths to target different muscles in your body.People will have to go manual on adjusting most of these things. But if you purchase a model which belongs to the “Elite” class of the franchise, you can have “Automatic Incline Adjustment” available.Also, in these “Elite Class” devices, you have multiple programming slots that store up different data, resistance preferences, workout terrain maps and other things necessary.

Parting Words

As I conclude my NordicTrack Elliptical trainer (short versions), this whole article comes to an end. Buying an elliptical machine gives you a lot of options regarding how you want to conduct your exercises. You can do walks, daily jogging and even run without actually leaving the comfort of your home.On top of that, these “Mid” to “High Range” NordicTrack Products are very comfortable on their own. They even simulate bumps and lumps of the real roads. These are the perfect substitutes for a hectic day of exercise outside. These three models will fit into any fitness regime perfectly.However, if you want to look at some other models from NordicTrack, this specially designed “Buying Guide” will help to get around the brand. It will also help people coming to terms with what to expect, what not to expect, how to select the right model and what to look at in their ideal match. Even then, I want to request you to read a lot of user reviews and expert remarks on a product before zeroing in on one particular elliptical machine.Always remember, the best elliptical trainers differ from person to person.

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