Things to Do at the Gym to Lose Weight

​Let’s say you enrolled in a gym to cut down on some weight. However, even after a month of vigorous workouts, nothing seems to have changed. That’s because you can’t expect to lose fat if you just lift some dumbbells. Working out is a lot more complicated than people give credit for.

You’re going to have to subscribe to a specific set of exercises that focus heavily on burning calories. Resistance training will get your muscles, but they won’t help in cutting down fat. You’ll need to focus on a healthy mixture of aerobic and cardiovascular exercises for that.

Hence, we’re going to suggest you an effective exercise routine that’ll get you a beach body in no time!

The Routine

You have to dedicate yourself to this routine without skipping any days. The most significant factor in weight loss is always dedication.

Each of these exercises will help you burn a good amount of calories, while some will help you change your muscle to fat ratio on certain body parts that will help you gain a well-rounded figure.

  1. Warm-Ups

Before we get started, we’ll need to do some warmups. You might also think that this begins with some good old stretches. However, studies have shown that traditional stretches make your joints stiffer and can lead to injuries.

Instead, you’ll need to do some dynamic warm-ups to get your body ready for an intense workout session. These help your body warm-up, get your heart pumping, and make your joints loosened and prepared.

Here’s what you need to do –

    2. Jumping Jacks 

This is a classic exercise. It elevates your heart rate faster than most other warm-ups. It also gives your arms and legs a full range of motion to loosen up your joints.

    3. Leg Swings 

This routine is exactly like the name implies. Swing your legs back and forth and then side to side. Do so one leg at a time. Make sure you maintain a full range of motion, or else it won’t do you much good.

    4. Hip Circles

With your legs now loosened, let’s try to do something about those hips. This warm-up is simple. Just rotate your hips like you’re hula hooping. Keep this up for a while, and you’ll feel more flexible.

    5. Arm Swings

Let’s focus on those arms now. Just perform a T-pose with both your arms stretched out. Then, rotate them in synch. As you do so, your arms will become more loosened for the exercises.

     6. Marching in Place

Now, we need to get your heart rate pumping again. So, just march in place until you think you’ve warmed up enough to get through the exercises.

Make sure you perform these dynamic warm-ups for at least 3 minutes before you start exercising. Once you do so, your heart rate will get pumped, and all the necessary joints will obtain some much-needed flexibility to maximize the effect of your workouts.

    7. Work Outs

Since we’re talking about losing weight strictly, most of these will be cardio exercises. However, if you want the best results, there are some weight workouts included that can make a significant difference.

    8. The Treadmill

Every gym is usually jam-packed with treadmills. They’re an undeniably excellent way to burn fat. These machines allow you to jog for long distances while giving you the option to select the speed.

Naturally, the higher the speed you run, the more calories you’ll burn. At the same time, do note that exhausting yourself with one short sprint isn’t a good idea for long term weight loss. The point is to run for longer periods to build your heart rate and burn calories.

Therefore, try to find your optimal speed and spend a good amount of time on the treadmill. Be sure to take breaks in between to build back your stamina to run some more later on. This workout is a test of endurance. The longer you can last, the more calories you’ll burn.

    9. The Cycling Machine

Next up is the cycling machine. If the treadmill emulates running, this emulates riding a bike. However, this machine introduces a few functions that give it an edge in boosting its effectiveness. Namely, you get to choose how resistant the pedals will be. The more resistant it is, the harder it will be for you to turn them.

This puts a strain on your thighs and helps you burn calories much faster. Nevertheless, it still acts like a treadmill. You’ll need to test your endurance if you want to see any results. You can’t expect to get on and lost weight automatically.

Similarly, you won’t be exerting yourself enough to significantly lose weight if you don’t add the weight to the pedals. So, find the right balance and spend 10 to 30 minutes on this machine. Once you’ve done both, you should lose an outstanding amount of calories.

   10. Weight Training

We aren’t done just yet. While Cardiovascular exercises will help you burn calories, relying on them solely is never a good idea. On the contrary, you have to take a step towards those weight machines on the other side of the gym.

While these don’t burn fat as much, they build muscle. They also encourage the body to metabolize easier and shape your body the way you want to develop it. The strain weight training puts on your muscles also builds up your resting metabolism.

As a result, your weight will go down faster as your body becomes a hotspot for growth and development. With that in mind, make sure you add some strength workouts to your regimen.

Such workouts include the classic dumbbell curl, bench presses, leg curls, lateral pull-downs, and so on. Instead of focusing on one part of your body, it’s wise to distribute the exercises across your body to utilize all your muscles and massively impact metabolism.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Before, we’ve have touched upon the subject of not exhausting yourself too quickly. Now, we should discuss the pros of such a notion. Of course, it can’t be a pro if you can’t physically exert yourself right after the first sprint. Then how does this work?

The trick is to alternate between high intensity and low-intensity workouts. For example, suppose you’re on a treadmill. You set it to a high-speed setting and incline the machine for 20 seconds. At that point, you’ll be running so fast, and it’ll tire you out fast.

Then you set the options back to a low-intensity jog as soon as those twenty seconds end. You won’t stop running; you will keep lightly jogging until you’ve built back enough stamina to sprint again.

However, these intervals during this exercise allow you to work out at high intensities for long periods. It is incredibly effective when it comes to weight loss, but it comes with new sets of risks.

HIIT is extremely strenuous on the body and isn’t recommended for beginners. You’ll need to improve your cardiovascular system if you want it to work properly. It’s also easy to injure yourself due to the nature of the training. So be cautious and think through before you try this out.


Weight loss is all about dedication. It takes a lot out of a person to commit to this kind of schedule. Nevertheless, now that you know what you’re supposed to do once you’re in the gym, take those steps and achieve the body of your dreams. Be patient, determined and committed, and there will be nothing you can’t accomplish.

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